‘VILE GANG’: Immigration expert issues warning about MS-13 in the US

Fox News contributor Tom Homan explains why Biden should take executive action to deter illegal immigration at the southern border on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. I said it three years ago. Dems will break it than act like they will fix it. Trump 2024

  2. But I'm sure those 160 gang bangers are peaceful tho just like the blm mob!!

  3. 🥺🙄💔😪💔😪💔😪💔😪💔

  4. Too little too late Biden

  5. Saw this coming from miles away,

  6. This is ridiculous let them illegals in also along with terrorists then after say we got a terrorists threat lol in the first place we are the ones causing our own problems for the United States

  7. Listen to me everyone olympus has fallen!
    The only way for us to take it back is to fight back! COME ON AMERICA!!!!

  8. Can’t be true , we have the department of homeland security 😂

  9. obama administration!!!!!!!!

  10. Protect our citizens and secure the boarders

  11. Trump should pick Tom Homan as his VP.

  12. Tom Homan – a true patriot!!!

  13. The CARTEL ‼️👹 gang LEADER is ‼️🇺🇲President JOE Biden 🇺🇲‼️😎BECAUSE he's ALLOWED 🇺🇲‼️ this to take PLACE ‼️🇺🇲 him N the BALD-HEADED headed GUY 😊

  14. He just pretended he didnt have the power ….. this guy your president Biden or Police State Joe is a treasonous criminal to America. A Socialism AGENDA is whats unfolding in front of your very eyes. Pandora's box has been opened

  15. Great Republicans are not going to make a deal with Democrats about the border. Now America will be more diverse sooner. God loves all humans . Obama deported more illegal immigrants in his 1st term than Trump.

  16. More criminals have come across the borders of America than the amount of criminals already in the USA over the last three years

  17. Democrats support crime, drugs and human trafficking. Violent imported by our own government.😢

  18. Thank You Tom Homan for your service and telling America the truth.


  20. Who DIDN'T see this? That's our next ADMINISTRATION

  21. So basically all trash around the world is coming to US.

  22. not migrants, criminal coming to america to cause havoc

  23. America has been betrayed by Biden. We can't afford 4 more of this insanity!!!

  24. Then they will open it again Jan. 2025 if senile Biden or laughing Kamala wins. That's the plan to dupe the voters again.

  25. Its more like 4million gotaways

  26. Close the border and stop talking about it..none of us are safe. Start deporting…enough is enough. Free handouts while the veterans and senior citizens are starving. They are letting spies drug dealers and criminals in this country but who cares in Washington, they have bodyguards to protect them. Its sad when the average citizen is afraid to go out or answer the door

  27. Handle MS 13 like China handled the Opium issue…

  28. Joke Biden his administration and the FAKE are a little little late securing the border!!! Everyone knows he F it up in the FIRST PLACE!!!

  29. Crazy fact
    MS13 began in the UNITED STATES.

  30. They certainly have American gangs running for their lives!🏃🏃🏃💨

  31. Look up all the horrible things they did in the 90s, no joke.

  32. He’s clearly a racist!!!

  33. I live in the US . Born and raised. But I’m so sick of the wimps running things like morons. Weakness and stupidity is the theme.

  34. The fake Republicans in the senate all need to be voted out of office…no foreign aid for Ukraine or Israel until the border is permanently closed forever…any Republicans in the senate that vote for a democrat bill that does not close the border should be voted out of office in the next elections

  35. All of this so-called border concern just leads to profiling and violence against Hispanic Americans.

  36. Why does Russia and Putin use mercenaries and ex convicts and ex criminals (quid pro quo; hope of clemency & exoneration even) to fight a war, not the ordinary law aboding citizens, except with draft and recruit? Are these mercenaries from other parts of the world not native Russian citizens in many cases more loyal and patriotic than their own citizens? No, we can't argue like that. What' is my point? Are these migrants coming across U.S southern border the most desperate and deserving our help and sympathy for they must be really destitute? I don't think so. They are not the most desperate hence legitimizes our empathy and sympathy, compassion whatever. They happen to be more aggressive in many cases, and gangs even, like mercenaries in Russian war. ARe they going to reward that kind of behaviors, that sort of aggressiveness? What about those who chose not to break the law in Central America? Were they less desperate?


  38. MS 13 was formed in America by illegals from El Salvador

  39. Targeted Justice vs Garland. 1.3B lawsuit. They hide under the guise of counterterrorism & use plausible deniability in their vigilante stalking, organized harassment, & direct energy weapon slowkill torture. Americans wrongfully placed in TSDB & literally murdered aka “the silent holocaust”. Every local gov worker, infragard perp, & corrupt community watch participating in this is worse than MS-13.

  40. They had 3 years to close the border and finish what Trump started now Dems are in control yet want to blame republicans ? That isn’t leadership for the people in the back.

  41. Not “migrants” (or refugees/asylum-seekers). Continued reference to “migrants” denies the invasion’s existential threat to the USA’s continued survival.

  42. 1.9 million immigrants; MS13 in 48 states; criminal cartels in out cities to take over the distribution of drugs! 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  43. 💥Did he say 160 migrants with gang affiliations since OCTOBER IS EXTRAORDINARY? 💥 Hun, MAYBE 6 MILLION