Thursday , September 24 2020
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Violence Erupts In Hong Kong After Withdrawal Of Extradition Bill | NBC News Now

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam withdrew the bill that allowed extradition to mainland China, which ignited protestors to act. NBC News’ Matt Bradley reports from central Hong Kong where the chaos broke out.
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Violence Erupts In Hong Kong After Withdrawal Of Extradition Bill | NBC News Now


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  1. Tear gas and rubber bullets is not police abuse when people are rioting & destroying and burning things & hitting civilians/cops with pipes. The rioters are stupid your destroying your own home, do that in mainland china. Oh wait they won't because china wouldn't be so kind like the hk police.

  2. Blue Clorox Toilet Cleaner. Good Stuffs for Cockroaches.

  3. I hope that a lot of reporters die.

  4. Thumbs down because you didnt highlight the evil of the Chinese Communist Party. You would be doing this to if all of a sudden China had Jurisdiction in the US.I hope and pray the CCP never takes over Hong Kong.

  5. Come My Lord it's Time When you do things n there's no more fun in this world this is the fun of the devil the Lord said it's time the time is NOW Come My Saviour Jesus Christ take your children out of this sick world the fun has been over

  6. No deaths.

    There have been NUMEROUS MYSTERIOUS deaths that have only been happening RECENTLY.>.

    Connect the dots please.

  7. This will happen in the US however we will use our rifles IEDs and everything we learned in the Middle East to bring down the liberal establishment.

  8. The size of the protests is getting smaller. Let it drag on and only the hardcore will remain. Then it'll be easier to identify who these people are. The criminal record shall be permanent and it should limit their employment opportunities.

  9. HK: 15 week protest no death
    USA: running toward police unarmed gets shot 15 times

  10. It's amazing how protesters are doing exactly what Beijing wants, destroy the economy and the city.

  11. Any "news" on Youtube is the propaganda approved by the new world order and their murderous allies in Beijing.

  12. down with communism free hong kong

  13. Wow, the only relatively neutral report from western media.



  16. 15 weeks of police enforcement and not a single death? wow

  17. Try to throw petrol bomb on US street and cry for police brutal when they shoot you with no hesitate….

  18. If you don't want China to annex Taiwan, Taiwan will have to resume the conscription system for the two-year period. Is the Taiwanese willing?

  19. Police brutality against people who are throwing petrol bombs…. really.

  20. Central government has bailed on HK. they said HK is now on their own solving this problem. Central government won't intervene or respond to HK protestors & riotors. why? ONE COUNTRY TWO SYSTEMS. good luck buddy

  21. A rear breed of none indoctrinate HK Chines.

  22. They want the extradition bill withdrawn and they got that (However, they still need away to extradite that murder to Taiwan). Now they also want more say in who can be elected and that's not going to happen, this is part of the original deal with China in the hand over and none of that is negotiable…. The protesters can burn Hong Kong to the ground & mainland China will stand firm . Hong Kong is just another city in China and this an internal issue. #notourproblem #removethepeg


    We, the People of Hong Kong, hereby DECLARE that we are a FREE and as of right, a Sovereign PEOPLE.

    We are not now, nor have we ever been a part of the Communist Party of China. China, as an unfree, undemocratic, totalitarian, surveillance State, is not recognizable to anyone living in Hong Kong.

    We must state clearly the issue facing us: Communism, the political scourge of this planet, is at our doorstep and threatening everything we hold sacred. Freedom and democracy shall die in Hong Kong or it shall live forever.

    This is the great struggle of our time: Hong Kong "shall become all the one thing or all the other".

    History will record either that Hong Kong became like China or that China became like Hong Kong – no other outcome is possible. None.

    Never in history has an elder generation of its citizens bargained for their own freedom during their own time, by condemning their future offspring to live unfree under total communist rule. Such was the Devils bargain made by the UK and the Communist Party of China, and imposed upon our generation and the next, in perpetuity, forever.

    We are Hong Kongers and we utterly rejects this and call on all right minded nations to step up and end this nightmare. This is the time. This is the place. This is it. Now. Now. Now.

    On this issue we must be clear: no future generation of Hong Kongers shall be sacrificed and given over to Communist Rule. NOT ON OUR WATCH. We NEVER voted to approve Communist rule of Hong Kong and a Free People could never agree themselves into such a state of utter despotism.




  24. lol, looks like the reporter felt disappointed about no people died.

  25. Why not give info about the 5 demands? What are they?

    Why you so focused on ppl dying?

  26. Hong Kong is committing suicide

  27. When is America going to hold police accountable for the civilian deaths?

  28. China knew this would happen.Hong Kong has had too much freedom

  29. What Hong Kong would be like if these rogues take over the power.

  30. These mobs are ISIS fighters. They are terrorists. Police should shoot them to death when attacked by them.

  31. At least these people know how to protest everybody else just sits like sheep

  32. The Hong Kong protestors are the new peoples liberators!!!

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