Violence Interrupters: U.S. Cities Using Program Face Challenges To Prevent Crime

Some U.S. cities are using so-called “violence interrupters” that employ community-based mediation to help prevent crime. NBC News’ Safia Samee Ali reports on how few understand the challenges, with at least one expert claiming these programs need just as much as a police department.

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  4. President Biden continues to appear weak on criminal justice as incidents in the nationwide crime wave become more brazen

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  9. Who runs this program? global united! I would love to know who's in charge of gangsters teaching gangsters a lesson, cause it's such a smart idea SMFH

  10. Maybe we can take domestic violence gangsters and train them on how to not be gangsters and how to treat women, then they can go out into the community and target, manipulate, abuse (other) abusers.
    Honestly people have a right to defend themselves from others who think they have a right to abuse them.
    Makes for a nice book "Gangsters for hire"
    That's exactly what it is. Pathetic!
    Probably why we have so many gangsters in positions of authority. STUPID
    Normalizing criminality

  11. These highly respected felons should be all let out of jail and form their own cartel force. Of course they will need training and equipment that would come from the dismantled police force. Great idea.

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    They will do it because they are gangsters terrorizing communities.
    This has to be joke
    Trying to Normalizing this program is a joke

  13. "Violence are demons ingrained in the hearts and minds of human beings."
    Alexander Tran

  14. 0:48 TO BE CLEAR: By "caught wind", she ACTUALLY meant:

    REPORTER: "I've never heard of them either, as is the case with most Americans. HOWEVER, … according to the talking points that were sent to me for this segment, by the city featured in this story, that obviously has skin in the game, … they say "There's no reason to suspect anything weird if you've lived your entire life in America and haven't heard anything about this until now."

    They go on to say, … and, I'm quoting here, .. QUOTE: "Programs like this are … QUOTE: 'Pretty much everywhere and are VERY, VERY normal. Yes, so normal. So popular. Not one complaint from any of the people that may be hearing about this for the first time now. Nothing to see here, move along.' END QUOTE.' END QUOTE."

    NEWS ANCHOR: "I'm sorry, Person of Color that we don't give as much airtime as the lesser experience, paler shaded reporters, did you just quote them as SAYING the words 'quote and end quote', or do you maybe not know that you don't have to say YOUR 'quotes' if YOU'RE the one reading it to the listener.?

    REPORTER: "Exactly Ann. I think. And, BY THE WAY, it's quite obvious that this city is a proponent of this program, as our team has uncovered through reliable sources, that tell us that, one way they know for sure is, that they're using it. Our reliable source also tells us that they can't believe we all get away with such a generalized label for them considering that, THAT term in particular, is SO subjective, and is quite literally a matter of opinion. Not only that, but the city put out a press release earlier, that said, in regards to this program I've said nothing about up to this point, that they are QUOTE: "Very interested in getting everyone on board with it so that it becomes a topic everyone starts hearing more about, so that they can start to associate the stimulated buzz they've created, so they could get us to have a big hand in unwittingly spreading as we're manipulated and twisted, concerning the … *hang on, I'm having trouble with this word. Apologies, it's a new word to me, maybe … I can say it and the listeners will know what it means. I think it's pronounced … 'FACTS?'. Hopefully I said that right. Anyway, there are 2 things my producer just told me in my ear, about facts that our network will need to find out about these 'FACT' things, in order to cover this story. Both the concept that they exist, AND.. that our stories sound much more exciting when we leave them completely out of our reporting. as well as our brains.

    The press release goes on to say that, they'd appreciate it if anyone that gets asked about this program , that I've yet to offer any information on, we should say … 'oh, yeah,.. that's been around for AT LEAST a decade.' and people will be more likely to think it's QUITE the norm, and then, they can not only implement this program anywhere they want, BUT… we can also make it easier to add other programs to the cities's budget, and act like those have been around a long time as well, by simply saying this to any doubters:

    'Really? You don't remember that? lol, Remember the other program you had trouble remembering too? You doing ok lately?'

    The add that if anyone has any questions, they can call the number on the screen, Mondays, between 2:34 and 2:36 am. They'll be happy to assist you, an the thing I was supposed to be talking about will be funded entirely by taxpayer money, without putting it to a vote or on a ballot.

    Back to you, Linda."

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