Monday , September 27 2021
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Virat wanted to badly score a century – Bhuvneshwar

Fresh off a four-wicket haul, Bhuvneshwar spoke of the conditions and India’s win in the second ODI
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  1. Virat sir….. Great….happy very much…………

  2. When indian team needed to score Big runs especially at world cup Virat fails at semifinals or final always. Now what's the use only for his individual record not for the team.

  3. Doesn't meant anything cup is over when it's required there is no match-winning performance

  4. Yeah he desperately needed a century to cover up all his failures in World cup….now he is proving that he is the best batsman against a weak team.
    What an irony.

  5. Shatak Veer Kohli 👑💓😍💯

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