Vivek Ramaswamy’s wife differs from his personal stance on the Covid vaccine

Surgeon Apoorva Ramaswamy, wife of GOP presidential candidate #VivekRamaswamy, discusses her differences in opinion with her husband, including on #Covid-19 vaccines. #NBCNews

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  1. Vivek 2024! America 🇺🇸 2.0

  2. She believes that everyone should have a choice. She's not dancing around anything and what she's saying is. She's a doctor and its responsible for other people's health. And she should set aside her personal beliefs and order to benefit others

  3. I got the jab and didn't rupture my Achilles…i know someone who declined and ruptured theirs easily…first day at a new job

  4. A First Lady that’s a real MD……now that would be nice

  5. Omg she is an antivaxxer

  6. My family doctor got mad at me cuz i didn’t take this BS government chemical and inject it in my body.. I nvr had COVID cuz I take care of myself with natural remedies no chemicals!! 🖕🏻

  7. I'm a fan of personal autonomy, but sometimes we take public health and public safety measures to benefit the communities we've decided to join. I comply with traffic laws, I comply with import regulations on plants and animals, and during a public health crisis I got a vaccine. no regrets.

  8. NBC fully lying again, they don't disagree. He is FOR body autonomy in this regard.

  9. She’s beautiful, smart, and articulate. How did she end up with Rampalampadingdong?

  10. No one wants to tell the truth in fear of losing everything.

  11. Keep this nutty lady out of the Whitehouse. I'll do all I can to see she isnt first lady.

  12. She doesn't know anymore than Robert Malone what the messenger is that tells the body to make fake spike proteins to spook the immune system to get ready for the real virus. Do you lady? Didn't think so.

  13. She's indoctrinated garbage. He had my vote. Keyword, HAD.

  14. How to indirectly NOT answer a question

  15. She could have done more Research about different information, than she should have realized about corruption, censorship, criminal Energy behind – Not trustworthy yet and later in…

  16. So what she’s saying is yes I’m vaccinated because I deal with people that are sick, and I don’t want to get sick by them or my dumb husband that says anything he thinks will get him the VP slot. You can tell she knows the vaccine works… here is a woman with integrity. Her man on the other hand is an effing snake

  17. Typical non-answer. Smh sounds more like a politician than a Dr.

  18. She seems she’s way too good of a person to be married to someone like him. But to each their own. But I’m routing for her to get a better man, full custody of the kids, & a cut of the money when they inevitably get divorced.

  19. Hello where's the other doctor

  20. So does she support her husband not giving that info and telling people not to get vaccinated?

  21. Don't even think about voting for this guy for president.he took over a pharmaceutical company and had his mother rework a study that Savaged the drug that they were touting so that it would seem to be a good bet. Then,after selling tons of stock,they sold off the company quickly when the truth was revealed and everyone else lost their shirts.

  22. I’m sure she and her husband have had interesting conversations….

  23. no jab is safe for covid

  24. Ask all the folks that died of Covid….

  25. She’s trying so hard to say exactly what her husband told her to say 😂😂😂 u can tell she’s pro vaccine but can’t say it openly so she does this tip toe dance around it

  26. Yeah, I’ll take whatever the airway surgeon is taking for herself.

  27. Bodily autonomy in the medical profession isn't real. It's important they talk as if it is as you hear & see

  28. BS..he is saying that to get the idiotic MAGA Qanon group closer to him.
    Con people are the worse.

  29. Vote4Vivek, Save NextGen USA from
    Financial Armageddon.
    Experienced Career politicians got us
    1. 32 Trillion plus debts, bankrupted millions of Americans , doomed next Gen into trillions of student debts.
    2. No-win wars, destroyed thousands of American lives , destroyed American families
    3. Flooded USA with Millions of undocumented illegals & refugees.. bleeding US economy, destroyed middle class Americans.
    4. Siphoned out Billions of US tax payer's money as foreign AID to Trr countries…
    Need New and young Americans in WH to focus on Next Gen Americans

  30. She was one of the lucky ones that didn't get side effects.