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VLOG : First Week as Full Time Blogger | Part 2 | Fashion Mumblr

Welcome to part 2 of my ‘First Week as a Full Time Blogger’ Vlog!

If you missed Part 1, catch up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-tbRpo4S28

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  1. You should turn the music a little bit down.. cuz .. we probably dont hear you 🙄

  2. Loving your early vlogs! Even though you have become so professional over the last two years, you haven’t lost your freshness!😉

  3. Oh Josie I just love your videos so much!!!!! espiecially your vlogs because I want to be a blogger/youtuber too :))))

  4. I only just saw this. How lovely! Especially seeing your family help you with the re-decoration of your office was really nice. x

  5. Would have loved to see how your office looked in the end. Where is your wardrobe from? X

  6. I really like your vlog, you have such a positive outlook and are so bubbly I like to have one of your videos playing while I put my makeup on. Quick question, in one of your other vidoes you mentioned a round top kabuki brush – what brand do you use (i am after a new foundation, concealer and blending brush… yours look amazing)

  7. I've just subscribed after seeing your puppy video with Becca. I'm in love with your videos already – you're such a natural at vlogging!xxx

  8. Such a cool vlog Josie – congrats on 'going pro' and being a full-time blogger. A well deserved success!! xxx

  9. Love your vlogs – what a fab life you lead 💋 What camera do you use? Xx

  10. Where's your bed from Hun? I love it 😍 loving seeing more videos xx

  11. Loving the vlogs Josie! Keep it up 🙂

  12. Your hair looked beautiful, but honestly I think it always looks on point!! xx

  13. Would love to see a shoe collection, you have so many! Xx

  14. Loved this vlog, it looked like an amazing (and quite hectic) week for you! xx

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