Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Volatility is the new norm: Mark Avallone

Potomac Wealth Advisors President Mark Avallone on the impact of the mounting trade war with China on the U.S. economy and markets and the future of the Federal Reserve.

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  1. Panty twisting pussies in the market make it hard for everyone. Chicken Little crying 'recession' once a day since 2016 hasn't worked. Bill Maher doesn't lie about his motivation for a recession like these pussies… America is winning, despite all the crying from losers.

  2. Fed are crooks and Trump knows it

  3. Without all these, do you think apple will not loose Chinese market to huawei? By the way us is the world biggest market


  5. Good bye China. Ungrateful lying snake they are. We have to make our own products. Keep our money home

  6. The market is going to crash. American is in big trouble

  7. Go Trump Keep On China Take Them Down.

  8. Yeah this guy doesn't know WHAT he's talking about … not about trade negotiations nor CLEARLY anything about good investing. BUY you dope! BUY! Note to everyone: Don't put your money with Potomac Advisors. lol

  9. The President using his computer telling us Americans how he feels and what’s really going doesn’t bother us…. Obama did it…. what difference does it make…. as long as it’s the truth….. that’s all that matters…,like Hilary said they only can tell you what they know at the time it’s happening remember?

  10. why don't we as American make all of these things, we can do it.

  11. How many watching own stocks,

  12. Massive meltdown?! Hahaha! 2008 will be a windfall compared to the future collapse. FASB 56 is nonexistant now. The Federal budget is now considered top secret

  13. The markets are not struggling to come back.
    MAGA 2020

  14. America put China this communist nation in there place they want 2 dominate the African continant with their cheap good s buy this week n break next week 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  15. Divest yourselves from China and invest in the country that has granted you the freedoms you so enjoy. YOU as professional investors, need to start acting more responsibly and less recklessly.

  16. I want to see some USA made things in my home as of now 90% is all from China and looking at clothing in the department store everything I touched was made in Indonesia, hate the material, tax the hell out of anything coming to this country. Even the Kardashian’s were starting a active wear outside the USA, I’m so sick of what the rich do they’ll never be happy ever…

  17. Time Americans read .
    The Congress shall have Power To…coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin….


    Time to send the federal reserve packing. They are not federal nor answerable to our government. They are tolerated. Time to abolish them.

  18. Screw China. They can keep thier garbage.

  19. Wasn't very long ago our forefathers told us not to deal with a communist and what did we do!

  20. Start buying second-hand! with 5G technology you'll be wishing you had second hand items because they'll be monitoring you through your smart meters collecting data through your smart appliances lectronics and your clothing. Watch" the 5G Dragnet" on YouTube! Buying second-hand you can buy the majority of the stuff at a fraction of the cost!

  21. Buy low sell high. How many idiots does the market have that so many sold out. The sell off only made the rich richer. Only the stupid have been selling off at a loss.

  22. The usual shearing of the sheep…dont sell.

  23. American companies must learn to get out of China, before they get stuck with Chinese products that Americans won't buy.

  24. Retail sees an opportunity to hike prices to increase profits. The impact at the retail level is not immediate. There are products already in the pipeline/warehouse that have not been impacted by aby pass-thru costs. Goldman is full of it.

  25. This woman is an idiot. She did not cut this guy off.

  26. Pick up good, individual stocks that are down on the "China story." International Paper, 3M, Caterpillar, Ford, GM, etc.

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