VP Harris serves up more word salads while visiting Africa

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Thru the Cycle President John Lonski and Washington Examiner commentary writer Tiana Lowe discuss V.P. Kamala Harris’ speeches during her trip to Africa.

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  2. Why won't she visit the Border??? Come on! Get real for a change!!

  3. We have an Incompetent for a vice president she should be impeached what an embarrassment.

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  5. You see why nations are joining the BRICS nations

  6. Bring down the cost of inflation that your administration created. It's like starting the fire, and then putting the fire out after it destroyed the building and claiming look what we did, we put the fire out.

  7. What she has to do???? Really Harris you haven't done anything!!!! What about your job at the border? You were supposed to be in charge of that. What a joke. Your MIA all the time down in the basement playing Mario cart with sleepy Joe. Your not fooling any of us. Your a complete JOKE!

  8. Why? She makes no difference in her jibberish.

  9. Woohoo!! Get those 5 year olds back to the mines to get those electric car batteries made.
    Who needs food, water, school, etc.
    The US needs y’all to work as slaves for our profit!! Now, get to work!! We have a Green New Deal to get more funding to pass out to friends.

  10. Idris Elba should wash his hands if he touched Kamala because she has the stupid disease and it's catchy. I really think he is a good actor, but she is contagious and Idris needs a delousing. The proof is Biden shook her hand and look how stupid he is.

  11. Blaa…. Blaa…! What point is she trying to make? Nothing but babble and dillisionall talk

  12. Everyone already seen what usa did for Africa..😂😂

  13. GOD won't let us go out like this….

  14. What an embarrassment to US having Kamala Harris as VP she is 100% incompetent and total waste of a government paycheck.

  15. How is it that she can't learn how to communicate?

  16. Why is this sqiril y nut in Africa. She's just a little girl on the back of the bus . Lie's after lie's 😊 .

  17. She done said Africa too much

  18. She lies just like her boss. Delusional.

  19. They could make what these politicians are doing for money Illegal…

  20. Kamala is on vacation, paid by taxe payers again…

  21. She's excited. (She's the only one.)

  22. She should stay there. She's done nothing here.

  23. Tell her to go to the Congo and dig up some of that green Cobalt with the kid's .

  24. Harris is an embarrassment.

  25. Another personal trip! She has visited other countries and bought things instead of facing the issues and seriousness of our ties with those countries!

  26. She must have not went to grocery store.

  27. Of course she drunk most of the time.

  28. It's hard to be a reporter or a hournalist when Kamala Harris is speaking. She's aware of that, we're sure. In the past she would cackle like a witch; now she laughs her heart out POORLY – somethings context irrelevant burst of nervous laughing. We can't blame the script writer nor the personal chef for VP, but nothing makes sense; does her husband realize that???

  29. leave it alone,,,,,,,,,she's gone be grateful the moron is there and not here.

  30. I hope she's not coming to try to force all that abomination upon us.

  31. She is the perfect duo for the corrupt puppet. They together don't say one word with a 1% of common sense.

  32. Completely and totally inept beyond belief. What a farce

  33. Which African cares if and whether or not inflation is or is not under control in the USA? Kamala is as delusional as sleepy Joe.

  34. We in Africa are decoupling our currencies from the dollar. She should hurry up and leave our continent. We do not need the USA and it's agenda.

  35. Who gives a 💩bout Africa. America is screwed 👎🏾🙏🙏🙏

  36. WTF is that stupid beotch doing down there? Ain't no mayors there for her to blow.

  37. What about the border Bimbo

  38. Veep…life immitating art😛

  39. Harris can whoopie flip Michelle any day: India is rising, China falling.

  40. It doesn't get any crazier watching this Vp try to give a speech,its sheer lunacy for her to be Biden's first pick for VP.
    It says more about Bidens nitwit lunacy.

  41. BEING A DEMOCRAT 101: In order to look good you have first create something bad.

  42. North Korea, Africa …

  43. There's a reason why Africa is called The Lost Continent.