Saturday , July 24 2021
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VP Pence delivers remarks at Merit Medical

Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks at Merit Medical, a leading manufacturer of disposable medical devices.

Live stream courtesy of KTVX.

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  1. Mike Pence the typical imbecile. Trump enjoys Ignorant people next to him.

  2. I dont trust Pence. I have a bad feeling about him. Especially note passing between him and the female sheriff from Alabama behind Trump's back.

  3. Swift. S Af vs J and . Civil defence?? 10 PT Miss, Min M Tenn and .

  4. It's you or Secretary of State Pompeo, Mr. Vice President. YOU or POMPEO. Keep our economy vibrant, keep us out of silly foreign wars, but stand firm on China and Russia. Engage our allies, forcing the EU and JAPAN to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE. ALSO, engage those who would seek to do us harm. We're guilt of overreach … 1953 Iran … kind of activities. Keep it moving, but keep it between the lines.

  5. America’s greatness is depending on all’s efforts to make it happen by America’s own established principles and recognition altogether. Let’s forgive each other this time and reunite together again by our generosity forgiveness and kindness nature toward each other’s service and mistakes this time and reunite together again and get things done quickly together again, govern by our country America’s principles afterward together again. God bless America always for a safe, prosperous and united country America to live and build America together in a peaceful in order society as our America’s patriotism and loyalty toward our country America’s greatness, principles and kindness nature altogether.

  6. Fred Lampropoulos is the man!

  7. God Bless Vice President Pence.

  8. President Trump has a dilemma as many people outwardly cheer it’s alway people who hide their despise and superstitions folly behind the look of confusion because when people don’t know truth they surrender to the distortion

  9. Mr.Vice President Pence Look better than the kids up on the stage that’s a great person

  10. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡Is this where the clowns reside?! FOX BUSINESS LOL

  11. The greatest USA bloopers – “Dense Pence” Evangelical moral equivalent to vice president to Judas.

  12. can he deliver me a large pepperoni pizza and a side order of bread sticks ? Thanks !!! And I'm kinda low on cash right now, can he let Mexico pay for it ???

  13. Bring home the manufacturing jobs MAGA !

  14. There is no hope for Republicans

  15. lol…..prop up Pence……good thing your NOT….God……Real Americans would be in a pile of poop – had it NOT for the prayer's of the righteous across the globe. Your alive ma'am….becuz of it….leader's making hard choices to move forward and find solutions NOT an ( Ape Darwin view ) . But as a human – who is "sane."

  16. Did Pence just spew a few words about Jesus and the crowd goes wild like it always does? Red or Blue they both vote for Israel and don’t care about you.!

  17. Did he have his dark money bag with him?

  18. I go to merit health and I've had 2 dr. s and 1 nurse practitioner I have alot wrong with me and am having to go to 3 specialist and I'm on medicaid and I'm still having to pay for dr. Visits that medicaid doesn't cover medicine only 6 prescriptions a month I have to take more meds than they will cover need to go to dentist but I'll have to pay for it need eye glasses they want pay for so. The re we go

  19. As i said an hours worth of LIEING……

  20. POTUS/ PENCE 2020!

  21. Does he agree with our President call himself "the chosen one"?

  22. He says 15 k a day than says 1500 a day ???

  23. Democrats are promising me free everything though.

  24. When I listen to vice president I feel I'm sitting on the Church. The way he speak is identical with my discrption

  25. I have to say….I think even Pence would be far better as president than that disgusting thing that's in there now

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