Saturday , July 24 2021
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VP Pence participates in National Space Council meeting

Vice President Mike Pence chairs the sixth meeting of the National Space Council and delivers remarks on expanding space exploration and strengthening the United States’ leadership in commercial space at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center National Air and Space Museum.

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  1. Whole lot of leadership in this room.

  2. I know one person that won't be going 📿😂

  3. Oh jesus. Here we go with the whaman on the moon bit.

    Yeah. Okay. Tell us how amazing women are already. Get it over with.

    5 minutes later——–

  4. I missed the part on why it matters if women are astronauts. I'm not aware that they found a tidy method to empty the female bladder within a space suit. I do know a wet diaper is not comfy.

  5. Oh c'mon, You wanted us to believe you flew to the moon when you cannot even yet pass through the Van Allan Belt, so you want us to believe now you got it all figured out?

  6. you can tell easily that this is all crap and fake look at how uncomfortable these people are and how they all nod there heads like please believe us

  7. What about a rail gun small control wing set enough and something to slow you or a ship with the rails set for a sling shoot? ⏪🔴⚪🔵⏩with energy control? Got the math😆.👍

  8. Never did. Never will. Moon – Mars, what a load of crap!

  9. 25 years before Trump resurrected the NSC. Clinton, Bush II, and Obamanable stood by waiting for the Chinese to pass us by. Ten years since Obamanable dsetroyed Shuttle, Mars mission, and moon mission, so that he could create the 2nd largest bureaucracy in the history of the world. That woman's body speaker should go hold hands with Hillary. I hate his environmental policies, but thank G-d that Trump stimulated R & D and all the side benefits that will accrue from the concomitant tech advances . . . including possible cancer research in 0 g's.

  10. Trump 2020……no more bull 💩

  11. China hidden Missiles and torpedoes in Indo-Pacific to attack US Carriers and buying many poor countries as Philippine, Vietnam, Camdodian to wipe out The World in that area included Air Spaces. Leftist should open their eyes before talking, OK?

  12. Leftist should go to live in North Korean, or China before talking. They really don't know whatis going on now.

  13. did anyone vomit during that chicks speech?

  14. Carbon Dioxide, CO2 is only .04% of earths atmosphere, Humans only effect 3% of the .04% CO2 on earth. "Global Warming" and "climate change" is the largest hoax ever perpetrated against man in history. It's bigger than that all of the thousands of fake Gods.

  15. So this guy is paid how much per year by the CIA?

  16. gross people. all frauds. thieves, liars, freemasons/puppets of satan. space cadets. Headline: Man Lands Rover ON Greenland

  17. 50 more states one a colonized planet

  18. By the end of the year, huh?


  19. Grim looking bunch, eh? Freemasons on the hot seat? kek

  20. Giant waste of money! Imagine if all the money on this actually went to infrastructure in the USA! There's a pothole the size of a 5 gallon bucket down the street from me……watching to see if it ever gets filled….been waiting for 3 years………

  21. They should ditch the SLS and bet on SpaceX's heavy lift system. SpaceX will deliver MUCH cheaper and a lot faster. They're a mission-driven company, they're NOT in the game to milk the 🇺🇸 taxpayers.

  22. Hello Pence, foolishness in the making, yes we certainly need to put our flag somewhere in space. And, as you speak, our water and air is being polluted and depleted here on earth. Of course this doesn't concern you, but eventually it might, when future generations have to pay, such as your children or your children's children, and so on. I can't believe the stupidity of the present political leadership, has our social world gone mad, insane?

  23. Beware the globalist exo-geologist and diversity advocate health professional. Such arguably laudable inclinations are rather compromising for exploration/discovery. Also, while future settlements might well be multi-national and otherwise of divers population, the Moon’s nearside centroid is most important to lay claim to and control, for its obvious technological and industrial advantage. There is, afterall, only one.

  24. A capable female scientist..has to accommodate her body.. her mind better be able to keep up with requirements, technology and rigures as in any other tough and challenging effort

  25. With the space shuttle, why would they eject the tank under the shuttle, once it is in space? I may be wrong but they should keep it to be added to the space station for possible future use

  26. Geez isn''t earth hostile enough for these guys? Maybe we should learn how to grow food without contaminating our food. Maybe we should learn how to actually purify our waters, and maybe we should actually be curing disease rather than maintaining people in a state of disability and their diseases. We do not have any concept into our own bodies let alone our bodies in space. I really like the real input of the woman with the long hair. Why do I keep getting looks of hate directed to this woman when she speaks? Arrogance pours out of their veins, that really is freaky. Well we know they lied about the original moon landings… what new lies are "they" going to tell us. Our nation is not protected at all from they just pretend that they are protecting the American People …. we are in fact being SLOW killed. I wonder how many of these guys are pedos or Zionists? Hah.. if we were worried about our "enemies" why do we sell them sophisticated weapons. Iiii'm sick of this farce we are playing our roles in. It's all a game for them.

  27. wow that man just gave those two women the pure hate look. He doesn't like what they are saying at all. That tells me exactly all I need to know about the agenda. Do any of these men ever question any of the consequences? There are always consequences.

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