Saturday , July 24 2021
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VP Pence speaks at Detroit Economic Club event

Vice President Mike Pence delivers remarks at the Detroit Economic Club luncheon.

Live stream courtesy of WJBK.

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  1. Pence 2024 !!! We cannot let the left turn our entire country into a giant California . Think about that for a minute . Yikes.

  2. Mike Pence is a straight shooter. Thank God for President Trump, Mike Pence and our current administration.

  3. It's about time we reign-in China! 3 decades of their mafia ways is too much, and they really do not have the currency clout to back up their tough talk!

  4. America is fortunate to have such solid leadership……….Period !

  5. I'm proud to have voted Pence and Trump into office. So on behalf of myself, may I say both "Thank you" and "Your Welcome".

  6. I would like to see the building regulations on single family home be removed so more people can build a house without all the building codes. No one can build with the cost so high.

  7. Wow bold calling out China for who they really are.

  8. 28:50 ‘Those Days Are Over’………

  9. Looks like they aren't hiring musicians.

  10. Pence is the Ying to Big Dons Yang.

  11. I’m very proud to support Trump/Pence!

  12. Great man. Life is so great when strong men and women lead. Thank God.

  13. The world needs President Trump for a 2nd Term to continue repairing govt agency / depts and instal more men and women with spine of Steel and commitment to serve the people and NOT own interests or pockets. To completely drain and disinfect the swamp and drain dry the Enemy s armies which came thru Trojan horse programs and taking over power positions in political, education, commerce arenas. AMERICA is for Americans who uphold the unique freedom created by the constitution.

  14. My guess is Pence thinks he could take Trump.

  15. American spirit and Detroit are one and the same.

  16. I am humble and proud to be an American and I know Jesus!!!

  17. It is people like Ben Carson that reinforce the "character matters" discussion. Please send more.

  18. Slowly but ever so surely , people are taking notice of this presidency and they are very impressed !

  19. Mike Pence a loyal son of Emerald Island sons of Liberty and Freedom. As a Hongkonger, I wish your administration give vilest Chinese Communists Party a combination of punches, bring them down not on their knees. Emancipation Hong Kong and China 2019.

  20. 🥰 I heart Sir Carson 😇
    “each of us is required to use our sphere of influence to tamp down any hatred that’s arisen for no good reason”

  21. I am a local Hong Kong born Hongkonger, thank you Mr Pence. Also, thank you all Americans to support Hong Kong's value, an Asian society in the East with Western value and British characteristics. Sino-British Joint Declaration is a UN registered joint agreement to be made by UK and China in 1984, guranteed Hong Kong people to run Hong Kong under the sovereignty of China, after 1997, with One-Country-Two-System framework. This officially states that Hong Kong will be treated 50 years unchanged, until 2046, after the handover of the British Colony from UK to China. After 22 years of handover of Hong Kong to China now in 2019, our democracy has not been progressed any step, and also, our personal freedom has been gotten great threat and sufferings originated by China. China did say that the Joint Declaration has be outdated without practical meaning nowadays, China Government is absolutely a lier and lie to the World with eyes opened. Never trust China!!! Hong Kong IS NOT China and Hongkongers ARE NOT Chinese! Hong Kong is Hong Kong, we are Hongkongers! Please support Hong Kong and Hongkongers fighting for our own democracy, our own freedom and keeping the life styles of our own. Thank you Mr Pence again and thank you all Americans!


  23. Pence has been a very busy vp. I think biden spent most of his time sleeping and dreamin of chinese renminbe

  24. Weapons and offense spending at an all time high. Same with suicides, murders and mass shootings. Not to mention pollution and global warming. And a massive national debt. What are the big, empty soul sucking numbers really measuring?

    Pence is one of the evangelical parasites on steroids who is sucking the joy out of life and devouring the planet like a ravenous cancer.

    The antichrist called Count(ing) Dracula (Trump) is his boss.

  25. He is a good VP. He is great to support our President Trump. Good speech.

  26. There is an amazing number of easily manipulated people here. It's really sad. You people need to wake the hell up.

  27. I'm sorry to say I think Pence would even be a far better president than that disgusting thing that's in there now

  28. Great job VP Pence. Supporting Mr. Trump and on to a great win in ' 20 !

  29. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PERSON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. There are Two types of people , no matter what Country you're in.
    Those that are Followers
    & Those that Lead !
    Trump 2020 !!


  32. I wonder how long it is before Trump alienates him too. Which portion of the population does he represent? All the claims are so vague there's little to reference.

  33. Why is this cotton ball even speaking he shouldn't be doing Don key con's job he should be silently waiting for him to be impeached, period.

    Whatever. He makes DUMP look weak carry on idiots

  34. Trump the second Amendment means everything No red flag laws. I live in IL. not by choice and it is bad enough. I would hate to live like Californa or Sanfransico. or even L. A Done with that.

  35. Many thanks to Dr. Carson, Vice President Pence for all you have done for the country and God bless!!!

  36. we do not have socializes medicine at this time and the Drs are stupid just wait till they have to deal with 100% more people HELLO ?????????????????????????????????????????

  37. Really looking forward to Mike Pence's ASMR channel. Dunno why, but he and Bob Ross put me right to sleep

  38. you can tell pence is racist just by the way he looks

  39. This was by far one of the most informative speech is in a long time with very little rehash of old information

  40. AHHahaha! After years of Trump coasting on the economy he inherited from the Obama Administration, the Dow Jones fell more than 800 points last Wednesday. Economic indicators from Germany, Trump's trade wars with China and others, Trump tax cuts for the rich and an inverted yield curve (which historically has been a warning sign of an impending recession) are combining into a bad sign for the "successful" "businessman" who's hitched his wagon so close to the economy.

  41. Paul FUN, Please pray to God to forgive you and clean your heart. Forgiveness doesn't help the forgiven but the ONE forgiving. Forgive others and perhaps your eyes will see the great opportunities ahead of you.

  42. Wow look at all the comments

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