Saturday , August 15 2020
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WA batters in the firing line on dangerous MCG pitch | Marsh Sheffield Shield 2019-20

Play was suspended on Saturday due to the state of the MCG pitch after Western Australia’s batsmen were struck several times on the body


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  1. imagine this happening on boxing day

  2. Wow what's going to happen boxing day

  3. commentators are annoying

  4. Hope Cameron green stays safe……..he is already suffering from injury 🙄

    He is the future Alrounder of Australia 😊

  5. Australia will learn after another Hughes tragedy 😟😟

  6. still virat kohli make century on this pitch if he was there.

  7. imagine bumraha is there to bowl on this pitch🤣

  8. This is dangerous. Please make playable pitches not the ones which can kill up coming talented hard working players.

  9. Good decision by Cricket Australia to stop play on first day really it's remind about Philip Hughes

  10. Barring one or two deliveries, I would say bad batsmen rather than bad pitch.

  11. It reminds me RSA vs Australia test series 2012 best test series ever seen.

  12. The pitch should behave like that on 4th or 5th day, not in thes first day,1st session.

  13. Trying make it a lively pitch has created chaos it seems.

  14. I want the test match on this pitch. Reminds of Steve Waugh v Curtley Ambrose in the West Indies in 1995.

  15. The pitch is fine. Siddle is just bowling like a demon and the West Aussies have got no ticker.

  16. Dont play match at these pitches.. Its very dangerous

  17. This pitch is not safe underprepared

  18. MCG pitch should be like this, otherwise a flat deck will prove huge runs from both sides and tired bowlers. Want the 1980's MCG pitch back.

  19. "On a pitch Tony Greig describes as an absolute motherf**ker" some reason that line from 12th Man came to mind

  20. By the time the test match comes around it will be like 10 wickets fall over 5 days

  21. Mcg pitches are widely considered as flat and batting friendly… It is a bit unsual

  22. an India-Australia match on such a pitch would be interesting!

  23. bowler is laughing like if he is doing the tricks… it's pitch mate..

  24. Bullshit drop in pitches

  25. Horrible pitch but damn good commentary.

  26. Discrace. Match should be abandoned

  27. leave the ball more please

  28. Aus vs nz coming up this boxing day … HERE???

  29. What kind of pitch … It is…

  30. its called grassy pitch

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