Monday , January 25 2021
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'Wall of moms' shields protesters saying 'leave our kids alone' | USA TODAY

‘Moms are here’: Women form wall around protesters in Portland, Oregon.
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A group of women formed a human wall around protesters in Portland, Oregon, chanting: “Moms are here. Feds stay clear.”

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  1. Behold, the source of ALL problems in the US. The bestowers of "participation trophies" .

  2. Thank God for my mom she's not crazy she's smart and raised me by herself for awhile what the hell am i doing i need to kick my ass in gear so she can live peacefully.

  3. You mean leave our "Diks" alone.

  4. Too bad they didn't use condoms!

  5. In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter protest & Walls of Moms- from France the song „8:46 at Les Combes“

  6. Leave our kids alone to burn down buildings with people inside!

  7. Don't give up. Keep faith and truth. Great speech people. Please help these very brave smart people that fight for their freedom.

  8. I'm ashamed to say this is my generation deciding not to adult.

  9. Funny how they tried to have their moms (although some of them did look awful manly) protect them against the Orange Man's Stormtroopers. It makes sense though, because the moms probably got tired of dropping off and picking up their precious little protesters every night, and then seeing them come home crying and beaten, and decided to just stay and protect them. Good job Moms!

  10. So flash bang pepper spray and gas them for what?

  11. lol the kind of parents who follow their kids into interviews.

  12. Cops r cowards. Fighting like a dictator desperate to cling to power. Everybody is a legitimate target. The police bloodlust laid bare for all to see. Protect and serve only applies to other law enforcement


  14. Your kids are very lucky buildings cannot fight back.Just sayin'.

  15. Omg….wall of cat ladies is more like it. Even BLM hates them!

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