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Walmart changes gun policy in wake of El Paso shooting l ABC News

America’s largest employer announced it will stop selling ammunition used in assault-type rifles after 22 people were killed in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart. READ MORE:

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  1. That's it for me. Mostly online shopping for me from now on. FUCK WALLY WORLD

  2. How many people have to die for rifles to be taken away

  3. Make sure if you are helpless and in one of these retailers when a shooter comes in, make sure you sue the hell out of these companies for taking the right to protect yourselves in these stores. If the are going to take this fundamental right away, and the don’t put in enough armed security guards in their stores, the are creating a fake sense of security so sue the hell out of them.

  4. Will never shop there again.

    The founder of Walmart was a gun enthusiast. Sad, what the CEO has done.

  5. I’m going to stop shopping at Walmart and I hope they all close down.

  6. The new anti gun policy Walmart, Kroger and now Albertsons are implementing is dangerous..
    All they have done is nationally painted a bullseye on all of their stores.. It's not working at schools , mall's or concerts..
    All gun free zones do is tell dangerous people looking to kill people and have no respect for your policies or laws(LOOK ! HERE'S A GREAT PLACE TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE AND POLICE ARE NOT PRESENT AND NO ONE HAS THE ABILITY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES..)
    This is Dangerous and I will (Never) shop in these killing zones again..

  7. I'll buy my socks from somewhere else. Problem solved

  8. This will have NO effect on stopping the psychos and their mass killings. And, they are considering not allowing CCP people to bring their guns into their stores??? What about psychos, will they leave their guns at home ? Fucking ridiculous.

  9. When I boycott I stick to my guns.

  10. Walmart CANNOT do a damn thing to open carriers who live in open carry states! They have to abide by state and federal law above all else!

  11. Let's not forget that cops are stationed there

  12. More liberal crap. That move will cost Walmart billions. Dollar General and Rural King are dancing in the streets!

  13. CEO is a fucking spineless piece of shit. Garbage ass hypocrite as well. You made a decision that didnt involve your employees. The good news is you made small gun businesses a lot richer. I know a lot of people who indicate they will not buy from the sporting good section

  14. Assault Type rifles? What names will they think of next?

  15. Gonna make such a BIG difference huh? Lol… not. Walmart is one of the last places people go to get ammo or guns. This changes absolutely nothing.

  16. Well…looks like I’ll be shopping elsewhere.for everything

  17. Just successfully bought up all of the white box .44 at my local Walmart. Feeling pretty good. Hard to find .44 mag ammo around here.

  18. What do you expect, these assholes are partnered with the DHS.

  19. Walmart are still Selling guns in there stock

  20. So… ban pencils for failed tests.

    How can adults be blinder than children?

    Btw. You dont have to allow concealed carry. Its called concealed for a reason and bad guys are well aware of this concept.

    We dont need walmart for guns or ammo so how much money will they lose on a useless blind venture?

    Deployed military service should be a requirement for all leadership positions instead of the weak and blind being in charge.

    There are people who's entire job is training to take down threats and you want to disarm them when we're off duty or make us hide our weapons so it takes longer to respond if you life is threatened…

    I recommend magnesium suppliments and more sleep which will help your brains function better.

  21. wal mart is a shitty place to shop everything they sell is from CHINA anyway. Hopefully they will go under and that will be the end of it.

  22. That's why Walmart is really called Martial law backwards. That's why their for taking guns away like the government wants to do and that's why all these false flag shooting are happening and lots of people are falling for this b.s.
    Think about it guns have been around like forever and now is when people are supposedly waking up and deciding to go out and commit mass shootings? Oh please give me a break! Come on it's so dam obvious that's it a joke and just a ploy to take away are guns so the government can move on with the other phase of their plans..Smh

  23. GOOD NEWS!
    It's like Wyatt Earp in Dodge City: check you guns at the bar.
    And what about the 2nd amendment?
    "A well regulated militia"? My Aunt Fanny!

  24. Walmart has made us soft targets again with their ruling. Glad at least one family will be suing them in El Paso! Such a big chain and no security guards to have stopped the coward from striking!

  25. You gonna stop selling .308 too, cuz my family could possibly starve come deer season if you do… You know that stuff that your can shoot out of an AR 10 "Short barreled rifle", or pistol…you fucking idiots dont even know what your talking about. Join the club of dumbfucks!!! I hope enough Patriots boycott your fucking store to put you pricks out of business! You know, real Americans. How much do you fuckers make on hot dogs and hamburgers, and buns, chips, pop, beer, fuck even lighters, leading up to the fourth of July, and memorial day? Fuck you you fucking traitor scum fuckers!!!!! I hope The CEO of walmart chokes on a dick shaped hot dog next 4th!!!!!

  26. Fuck you walmart you cocksuckers… giving in to the liberals false flag bullshit agenda!!!!! Its all fucking fake and so are you fucks!!!!! You know what is not fake? The fucking U.S. Constitution and the 2nd amendment… Get fucked you disgraceful degenerates!!!!! You are now on the traitors side!!!!!

  27. Well I Just Realize Something…. Religion Was Made To Make People Think They Are More Superior But Just End Up Causing Ethical Conflicts.. I’m Done With Religion.. Supremacist Don’t Go For Me… Unless Your Racist Or Just Plain Crazy Then Ok Go For Me

  28. Yeah he’s about as much of a gun owner as I am a socialist

  29. LOL WALMART SHOPPERS ARE SOFT TARGET DONT SHOP THERE UNLESS THEY HAVE SECURITY GUARDS. BUT Awesome news gun shop's will benefit increases traffic support you local gun shop

  30. No longer gonna be the largest private employer after this 😂

  31. Fill up shopping carts and leave them in the sporting good department

  32. Walmart never cared just look at there cashiers

  33. walmart wont be getting my business YOU DONT WANT THE RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELVES GO TO CHINA !!!!!!!!!

  34. Once again the law abiding gun owner is singled out and punished with policy that will do nothing to address the problem! I will do my best to buy everything I can elsewhere.

  35. Its not a big deal. No reason to not shop at Wal-Mart. Gun stores have better pistol ammo anyway. And their only asking not to open carry in the stores. Which shouldn't be a problem for anyone with a concealed carry permit. You can still carry concealed if you can legally carry concealed by state laws or permit. The CEO of Wal-Mart owns guns it's not an anti gun movement. It's just a simple policy change. Shouldn't be an issue for any law abiding citizen who can legally carry concealed and has the sense to buy better ammo from real gun stores to keep them in business. Gun stores have way better ammo than Wal-Mart anyway

  36. To anybody talking shit and pro gun laws.

    Sorry but you need to make concessions. And one of those is assualt rifles. Get over it.

  37. Just announced another target rich environment.

  38. Nra is a terrorist organization HAHAHAHAHAH

  39. there is no gun violence , omg–just violent people stop making bad crazy drunks, druggers, and racists, people 🙂

  40. None of what Walmart is doing is going to stop any mass shooting. I would rather support my local gun shops then go to Walmart.

  41. As if I ever had bought any of my ammo from them.

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