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Walmart to end sales of ammunition for handguns, assault rifles

The Odessa gunman was federally prohibited from possessing a weapon due to mental illness, but he purchased his rifle in a private sale, ABC News has learned. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2jVsqza



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  1. There is no such thing as an assault rifle

  2. 🤣 yes, let's arm these people… only in America, the land of opportunity and freaks


  4. Here is one for ya. Man with Toyota truck and Chevron gasoline in its runs over a crowd of People. Well I guess it's time to stop selling Toyota's and Chevron gas! Even though I make my own ammo I still say shame on you Walmart. Unbelievable. We live in such a wimpy society these days where everyone is offended about everything. Soon enough everything will be illegal.

  5. Walmart is going the way of so many other greedy retailers in this country. I'd bet that in five to ten years all of Walmart's business will be on line and they won't even have any retail stores. Just a bunch of ugly warehouses taking up space in our communities and employing as few productive citizens as possible. May Walmart's supervision get what the deserve, "A WARM PLACE IN HELL"!!!

  6. But they continue to sell opiods and cigarettes. More proof that income and intelligence have no correlation.

  7. I won't buy my socks or food from there anymore

  8. When I boycott I stick to my guns.

  9. Walmart has become against human rights, civil rights and has no integrity.

  10. Thank you Walmart for doimg something, when most of us can only pray and wait for the next mass shooting to happen.

  11. Now I can cross Walmart off my list along with Dick and Nike

  12. If stricter gun laws won't stop shootings, then obviously wasting money on a ridiculous wall won't stop illegal border crossings. Gop "logic" is so easy to counter.

  13. Good job Walmart. I'm proud of you you are against the terrorism in America . Sadly America have many many many ignorant racist people are supporting this monster machine gun and terrorism.

  14. Folks, walmart is anti community. Anti heath with their nasty processed food. Walmart kills people with alcohol and cigarettes. They want to be political by writing your congress on your behalf. Ban walmart, do not shop at walmart.

  15. So what…conceal carry anyway. They don't make law.

  16. Fake News…like WallyWorld is China's tentacle.

  17. The private sale was illegal, whilst the seller was unaware he’d failed a background check the buyer knew and was thusly committing a crime seeking a firearms as a prohibited person. All firearms violence is committed by criminals, and but for this one instance shootings are carried out with firearms purchased legally with background checks. Also does anyone really think a person bent on murder isn’t simply going to find a criminal to sell them a firearm or simply steal whatever they want? Yah really think this guy would have been all “ho hum I guess I’ll just have a depressing wank and go to bed.”

  18. So, Walmart will now stop selling car products to licensed car drivers because…you know…deaths from drink drivers?
    Yeah, we didn't think so. Fucken pandering hypocrites.

  19. Well done, Wal-Mart! 👏

  20. Democrats stage the attack yo😂😂😂

  21. Anyone else notice that the like vs dislike ratio doesn't line up with the comments? 🤔

  22. One illegal guy asks another illegal man. Did you hear that? Another illegal man says: No. Illegal guy laugh and says: I am happy because of the Walmart to end sales of ammunition for handguns, assault rifles. So, now I can sell and make more money.

  23. Understand…. if the now National Socialist (which is what the Third Reich was) Democratic Party takes the Presidency and Congress in 2020 (like Hitler did in Germany 1930's) there is nothing to stop them from a military coup ….IF AND ONLY IF ….. they can disarm the public of their semi-auto rifles (AR15s, AK's, etc), magazines and rifle/pistol AMMO now.

  24. That's fine, I don't buy there cheap ammo anyway.

  25. Wal Mart doesn't have to worry about me open carrying in the store. I no longer shop there. Taking business elsewhere. As if disarming those who won't commit mass murder will stop mass murder. I'm sure there is lots of hardware in other isles used to commit murder. Stop selling butcher blocks..

  26. It may be time to start looking at taxing Walmart based on the number of its employees getting public support.

  27. That punk reporter in the field has enough grease on his hair to grease a Jeep axle. He didn't ask why the perp wasn't prosecuted for filing a fraudulent form 4473 which is a federal felony. 188,000 fraudulent 4473's were filed in 2017 and only 17 prosecuted. They are lucky it didn't turn out to be one of Eric with-Holder's gun walker guns coming back to roost.

  28. So Walfart just dropped about 80% of their made in America merchandise. Dougie McMillon loves him some Chi Com junk and cull produce in the vegetable and fruit section.

  29. Buy Target stock…they are going to be doing even better real soon!!! I will drive a little further to Target…never liked Walmart anyway.

  30. I stopped shopping Target years ago cuz they started letting men into the women's bathroom and changing rooms. Now l can't shop at Walmart, make that Chinamart, anymore.

  31. Walmarts decision to do this will not make any difference whatsoever in shootings. Chicago, DC and other cities with gun restrictions have off the chart crime. Walmart executives must be feeling all warm and fuzzy right now. Too bad it will not solve the problem and will hurt their bottom line. Shame on you Walmart.

  32. THANK YOU, WALMART. It was the right thing to do.

  33. DING DING virtue bell! Walmart has been pumping urban neighborhoods full of cheap Chinese junk for so long they have altered the state of these communities for the worse. Good thing Walmart is getting our of the ammo business. Now American small businesses can open up shop again since Walmart ran them out of business. If only they would get out of every business, we might start buying American junk again.

  34. Wal-mart is actually doing this since they were not getting the sales numbers they wanted from the sporting goods department in there stores and pasted it on to look like they were concerned with the mass shooting and other fake news. I stopped buy from them many years ago and only idiots with there EBT cards and welfare go in to that store and buy sub part items for higher prices.

  35. Do NOT care how painful it might be to me as a consumer, I will NEVER SHOP AT WALMART AGAIN

  36. Another reason we never shop at China Mart.

  37. Wal-Mart bans guns and ammo but have violence in movies like the living dead kid carry a pistol it Ok for that we see

  38. Waaa waa wa…… Lmao most of us buy in bulk offline anyway. WAAAA WAAA WAA
    "Private sale" aka his mk ultra trainer. WE KNOW ABOUT YOUR PSYOPS

  39. the destroyer of millions with cheap China crap now want's to destroy you 2nd add well walfart f you

  40. Won't stopp crazy people. Just stops the honest hand gun carrier from getting cheaper ammunition. You can't stop crazy people no matter what gun law or restrictions are made evil people don't care about laws and regulations all it does is hurt the law-abiding American to have access to cheap ammunition. Pretty Dumb move Walmart just bring back the hand gun ammunition you need to provide ccw proof before buying ammunition. So the. Ccw holders aren't the problem. Bring back the handgun ammunition.

  41. Most powerfull country in the world yet cant create a constructive enviroment for mental illness

  42. Dont Buy From Walmart…Go Some Wheres Else.

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