War Games: The Battle For Taiwan

Meet the Press takes over the NBC News Washington Bureau to stage a full-day war game between the U.S. and China. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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War Games: The Battle For Taiwan


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  1. According to the United Nations, Taiwan is part of China, it is international law.

  2. Country invades and occupy another Country will always loose in the end.
    In general, Chinese are no fighters and Xi making the calls with no military back ground will not end well for him and his untested soldiers.
    When one is ruled by fear, not through earned respect, it will not last.

  3. Nothing y don't you stop this foolishness y won't this country stay outta conflicts

  4. If the Chinese watch this, it should be of great interest to them.

  5. On 300+ likes 😂 i guess ppl dont like ww3

  6. USA is SICK, infrastructure, basic Human rights decline, homeless people record highest. Drug and alcohol and guns violence problem.
    Now they fund the Russia Ukraine War. 40 billions to 50 billions dollars.
    Spend 2 trillion dollars in Afghanistan for 20 years and than cut and run in the middle of the night.
    Spend billions of dollars having 800 naval base around the world.
    Spend billions of dollars having biological laboratories around the world.
    Spend billions of dollars in support of terrorist groups like ISIS and Alqeda and Azov Battalion in Ukraine.
    Spend billions of dollars funding NED to meddle in other countries government, funding NGO to help regime change like in Pakistan and in Africa and South America and Middle East and in Asia.

    But USA in now very very sick, COVID death reach ONE MILLIONS plus. Homeless people record highest more than 500 thousands, hundreds thousands of drug abuse death, gun violence killed by the thousands.
    Economically in decline, high inflation, going to have recession. Social problems, health care problems. Basic Human rights in decline and racism problem but keep denies by deflecting it, by engaging in hundreds war's around the world to name a few like Iraq war with false claims of WMD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Afghanistan war with TALIBAN who fight with bombs and guns, yet USA with the most modern weapons have to abruptly cut and run in the middle of the night after occupied for 20 year's. Why they wanted to catch Alqeda OSAMA BIN LADEN where the USA once have trained and funded.
    Now USA is still funding terrorist groups like ISIS, Alqeda and Azov Battalion.

  7. How come Taiwan remains passive for the entire game? As if they are going to let US and China battle over its sovereignty and do nothing.

  8. These people are not military experts and no not have information regarding the US weaponry.
    They cannot predict the war between the Chinese communist government and the US.

  9. As soon as the fire war starts with China, there will be uprising in the US. The rights will fight the Antifa on the streets. Blacks vs Whites, and not to mention looting and burning. The stock market crashes and US dollar will become useless. Don’t forget China is one of our biggest lenders if not the single biggest. There will be anarchies in the US while in China because their government is authoritarian, it will be able to mobilize their citizens to contribute to the fight. Japan and South Korea will suffer tremendously because China is their number one buyer. Mr Kim Jong Un will be unleashed and do whatever he has been too eager to do: attacking South Korea and Japan. Taiwan’s economy will be dead within days.

  10. This game is freaking my 79 year old mom because she thinks its real…its on the news. Its confusing. Nix this stuff.

  11. stupid, because China have never attack another nation so she won't attack Guam first. They will focus on Taiwan just like Russia is focused on Ukraine. You don't see Russia bombing Poland do you?

  12. China invades Taiwan, USA gets involved, China backs it's currency with Gold, USA goes into bankruptcy, Game-Over China wins.

  13. If China wants Taiwan …QUAD will make sure china will lose Tibet

  14. Let me give you a better suggestion, why always give China the privilege to make the first move? G7 should start positioning now and cripple China before it can make a lot of damage as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. G7 should demilitarize China now to ensure global security.

  15. One question, why was there no Military Generals or Admiral on the Blue team??? While military commanders are best known for on the battlefield, they also advise the diplomats and leaders here in America. Why was no military leaders there? It seemed like alot of people who think they know about war, but actually are just playing war. They have no idea the amount of balls you need to order the death of your Soldiers. Obviously RED team is China and doesn't care, but Blue team should have had a General or Joint Chief on their team.

  16. the American Civil war is over(CSA VS USA). but the Chinese civil war is not(PRC vs ROC)

  17. It's a good thing they're playing and testing every possible theory because it will prepare us for when the time comes.

  18. another time in the beginning sorry to change the subject but I want to talk about abortion right now God tells us to obey our laws when in Washington is in the law it's not considered murder when it is out of the law it will be considered murder because God wants us to obey our laws which makes it legal

  19. lol! why war ? Can anybody talk about investment! I read about a man in his 50s that started investing in Gold, Silver. stocks and real estate, then retired in 2years with over $6million, that right there is my utmost goal and I'd really appreciate clues and tips on how to reach this goal within 5years.