War in Ukraine: March 9, 2022

A Russian airstrike has destroyed a maternity and children’s hospital in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Wednesday, according to Ukrainian officials.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Ok so then… where are the bodies ? If they nuked with kids and ppl inside

  3. Give over. Linda Truss went to Moscow to speak with Lavrov about the Ukraine in January, but was so ignorant of the region and its history, she could not even point to it on a map. What is babaric is the US government’s aggression that created this war where none needed to happen.

  4. 2peter2:16 but he was rebuked for his iniquity a dumb donkey speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet

  5. 2peter2:16 but he was rebuked for his iniquity a dumb donkey speaking with a man’s voice restrained the madness of the prophet

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  7. Must see video on how this could be the beginning of WWIII: https://youtu.be/K9nA5LyB0Kc 👀👀

  8. People very naive only fighting for Biden and his son company.This english woman very unfortunate she was minister for woman rights now she is push is this madness Biden started

  9. Trascendental actions are not happening. Putin will aniquilate Ukranians and the narrative will continue being the same.

    With tears in their eyes
    The brave march off
    Not knowing who shall return.
    With a proud devotion
    They brandish their flag
    Leaving loved ones to wonder and yearn.

    May we all be buried
    By all of our children
    Is an ancient tribal prayer.
    They're so easy to lose
    But so hard to forget
    Such a burden for a parent to bear.

    The trials of war
    Will never be forgotten
    And all which was lost.
    For those rows of bodies
    Babies, mothers, sisters and brothers
    Make it easy to tally the cost.

    Ukraine has survived all attempts to destroy
    Knowing the cruelty of war.
    We who remain must help keep her free
    For those who can march no more!

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  11. CNN reporter says putin wants to charge his soldiers for gasoline for their tanks and armor cars and food and water will be taken out of their checks and if your killed he's ordered Russian doctors to make vaccine out of your shot up blown up bodys

  12. Wonder how much money America and the uk have made so far

  13. Talking shite again it was never soveriegn Us Uk and Europe let the Neo Nazi stuff get out of hand Ukraine didnt do anything about it. And as usual civilians are getting killed. This could have been stopped in 2014, 15, 16 ,17 ,18 BBC Done a Documentary which is on youtube but weve been Busy with farmers in Afghanistan .

  14. Who is creating all of this chaos and destruction??? Is it Trumps** IDOL/DADDY/GOD PUTIN ?? No wonder Trump** wanted to disband NATO, he wanted to clear the way for these CRIMINAL ACTS these WAR CRIMES against the people of Ukraine. Wake up TRUMPANZEE'S when he and the REPULSIVECAN GOP tell you Democrats are Socialists by these actions they are saying PUTINS COMUNIST style of ruling is better don't be fooled (ANYMORE) !!! TRUMP** created the circumstances that allowed this INVASION to be possible…

  15. Usa and nato,the real terrorist in the world,gooo russsiaaaaaa,frommm indonesia

  16. Please don't step war start big big big mistake that's your fault

  17. Использование неуправляемых авиабомб, новобранцев и полиции в войне с другой страной – это самая сумасшедшая тактика/стратегия. Сталина хобби – убийства!!! Может, виновато биополе, но делайте вывод и действуйте!!!!

  18. Funny how US clown like propaganda condems Russia for invasion of Ukraine and killing 360 or so civilians in process while US invaded Iraq under false accusation of chemical weapon manufacture killing thousands of civilians through bombings and the use of thermobaric illegal weapons … and that not even mentioning Afghanistan, Lybia , Yemen or Syria ….

  19. Putin reminds me of Japan in the 1930s. She occupied Manchuria, then invaded China. By 1940, after the fall of France to the Germans, Japan occupied French- Indo China (Vietnam), this moved the West to slap embargoes, then halt the sale of scrap iron, and iron to Japan. The West to Japan, get out of Indo-China, and withdrawal from China. The Japanese, like Putin today, cannot end the fight in Ukraine without losing face. So, the West hit Japan the hardest, froze assets in America. And, like England, stop selling oil to Japan. Well, December 7th,1941…
    Putin must a thought Ukraine would be a cake walk. Like Japan, he has the world 🌎 against him. If, he withdrawals, he maybe over thrown. Or, or, tactical nukes.

  20. Perhaps the West would take a different view if Ukraine had vast reserves of oil and gas. Disgusting that their self interests are all the most important

  21. Русские не убивают мирное население, не бомбят города, кормят мирных жителей, мы против войны, но мы за родину, за справедливость, нацисты – для нас это слово страшнее смерти, когда видишь как твои братья-славяне учат своих детей и подростков вскидывать руки в нацистском приветствии и 10 летний ребенок кричит смерть русским, мне страшно. Не за это 20 миллионов наших дедов погибли, чтобы сейчас Украина махала свастикой и говорила валите из Украины раз не нравится. Где защита прав человека? Свобода? Кто имеет право выгнать человека из его дома?

  22. Vladimir Putin already asking Syrian president Bashar Hafez al-Assad sending Syrian troops to protect and save Russians troops in Ukraine

  23. Stealth technology should be in action. This is insane. Russia needs to be pounded hard.

  24. Why is Ukraine strictly on the defense ? They are at war. Should they not attack Russia ? Russia remains unscathed? Wtf.

  25. The American government is the same thing in Iraq that Russia's doing where were the sanctions on the US

  26. russia is bombing the hospital wHY ???