Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Warden Reassigned From Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died, Guards Placed On Leave | NBC Nightly News

The warden of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan has now been temporarily reassigned, Justice Department officials said. Additionally, two guards who were assigned to Epstein’s unit and were tasked with watching the wealthy financier, were placed on administrative leave.
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Warden Reassigned From Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died, Guards Placed On Leave | NBC Nightly News


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  1. lol how convenient. Epstein was either killed or still living it up on a Island. Americans are sheep.

  2. I'll bet nobody (especially in mainstream media) thinks to check into the bank accounts or to keep an eye on the spending habits of the director, deputy director the warden and the two guards.

  3. Cover up of epic proportions. Barr visited Epstein the day before his death in jail. This jail was under his supervision and yet Trump was one of the people who might suffer the most from exposure. So many people have reason to have Epstein killed. Then Barr removes the prison staff hoping that nobody will talk. THey have since "lawyered up". I hope somebody starts talking. What about the video outside his cell? This is outrageous. Murder by high powered people right before our eyes.

  4. Wow. Mat Lier at the end?
    Hey what’s the wardens name.
    What are the guards names. No one ever states them.

  5. All these irregularities just happened in a Democrat state like New York which is under Deep State actors. All mass shootings and high profile incidents seem to all coincidentally happen in Dem states or cities. Where the Democrat Deep State control has been institutionalized.

  6. 2 more jail guards and 1 warden will be found dead and added to Clinton's murder list

  7. Of course he resigned, he is rich and doesn't need to work anymore.

  8. Is he really dead r did they let him out of prison so he won’t drag anybody else under the bus with him

  9. When the Feds really want to prosecute you they’ll spend money doing so for the glory of it all…like el CHAPO… when their bosses are implicated, access to assassinations or so called suicide is always convenient…cmon now, the public isn’t stupid.

  10. El CHAPO Got better security..hey, call Mexico so they can install the same video system they used to tape his escap. Cmon, all these violations don’t make a difference since the conspirators probably have hefty Swiss accts. deposits for the guards and others who got involved…it’s all a smoke screen.

  11. yeah right the moon star s all came together for murder

  12. The Warden had NO EXPERIENCE? What a JOKE TRUMP IS and all his MINIONS! Shut up Barr, you’re just as Responsible

  13. This is all a diversion. He was either killed, or he's sitting on a beach in Israel.

  14. This was a pay raise for doing a great job…..bar is a CON ARTIST just like tRuMp and Moscow Mitch 😁 government is controlling what we know as to the real truth …. but fake news as always wins😉

  15. Nobody was more shocked and appalled by Epsteins suicide then Epstein

  16. try arrested, not reassigned

  17. One more cover up! Walk on people, nothing to see here.

  18. When Epstein was first charged and then released after a few months, didn't they say he was a CIA spy? How deep is this going to get?

  19. It beggars belief…the whole saga done blatantly without any regard to those responsible being caught…wtf one cover up after another.

  20. sounds in the air with Nothing to confirm them. Remember, "They" killed JFK and Oswald on live TV. "They" dropped 3 WTC's with two planes and told you Muslims did it. MLK was shot at a motel, R Kennedy in a kitchen. On TV. Are you getting used to it?

  21. Trump head Epstein moved to another facility because Epstein is too much of a liability for Trump and many other people

  22. Trump always does that projection thing…..accusing others of exactly what he's doing. He wins an election by putting fake news on facebook thx to the Russians, &the first thing he does when he takes office is call the real news….fake news. Which is why as soon as I heard him accuse the clintons of involvement in epsteins death….the first thing I thought of was OMG….he must be involved.

  23. Why are we not talking about how he managed to walk out who let him out and why

  24. The rats ate the video tape ..!

  25. Oh yea Barr is a honest reliable source. BILLION DOLLAR BACK DOOR DEAL……FAKE NEWS protecting Pedos.

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