Wednesday , January 27 2021


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  1. Wipe the phones then sell them. Depending on how old they are you can sell them for a couple hundred £ each

  2. I'm so glad you're back Josie. A Blessed New Year to you and your family.🎉
    Yes I would love to see a full wardrobe tour

  3. Actually, "meraki" that is written on the mask and the foot pampering cream, is a greek word meaning to do something with love and cherish it.
    Have a lovely day, dear!

  4. I really love your wardrobe! I would like to see a tour.

  5. I am not sure if it will help but when I store my bags I fill them with old linens or smaller bags and just stuff them so they keep their shape and I can just pull them out when I want to use them.

  6. There was something oddly cathartic about seeing you do a clear out and organize, even if I’m just here with my cabinets filled to the brim ☺️

  7. Organising and decluttering is so satisfying to watch! Did I miss the announcement of the giveaways from vlogmas? Who won the Thermomix etc please?

  8. Josie…maybe you buy too much? then again, I probably wish I had your stuff….nice videos

  9. It would take some time but you could do a photo album of the items In your closet by Polaroid or however you print or take your photos then have them in order of sweaters, dresses etc… and that way you can flip through so you don’t forget what you have. Then when you get new items only only have to photograph those.

  10. I really like the style of your countryside wardrobe🥰

  11. Hi Josie I would love to see a video tour of your dressing room and clear out.

  12. Well done with your cleaning out. It’s a wonder your head doesn’t explode with all the stuff you have. I’ve got too much (but not expensive stuff like Designer) and end up wearing the same things at the front of my wardrobe. I’ve given bags of clothes and shoes to animal rescue op-shop and I’m now trying to keep away from shops.

  13. No problem you have a lot of clothes. It is your job. No need to apologize. Love your clothes.

  14. I always ask myself, 'would Josie wear this?'

  15. I would really recommend getting bag pillows to put inside your big bags, and storing them in dustbags. You can find both on Amazon or Etsy.

  16. Could you consider doing the clothing hanger trick to see which items you have worn this year and at the end of the year you can show which items you did not wear. I

  17. You can depill the sweater and it will look new! Good video!! Loved it!

  18. Donate your old phones to a women’s shelter. They can be used as 911 phones for women that are victims of domestic violence.

  19. I am in love with your dressing room and closets maybe as much as you are. 😂

  20. @Fashion Mumblr Josie, as a cyclist, I'd wouldn't do the peloton 7 days a week. Too much cardio and to much high intensity, scale it back and mix it up with your swimming and yoga. Also, you can but Chamios cream for your girlie parts, slather it on thick, and you won't have sores. And if you're going to do it 7 days a week, up your calories so pour metabolism doesn't take a hit when you scale back in February.

  21. Who else is just like Josie, 'right, let's power through and sort out all my stuff…' 5min into it, 'oh look, nail stuff (insert favourite distraction) I better just do my nails while I'm here' 🤣☺ I do this every time I do a big clean/sort out 🤭🤗

  22. A suggestion that might help you decide on things to wear or get rid of. Put all your hangers in backwards . Every time you wear something you switch the hanger to forward position. This way you can tell at a glance which items are being worn regularly and which are not. Also, in the US we can donate old phones to women's shelters so they can have phones for emergencies.

  23. What podcasts are you listening to lately?

  24. I would love to see how your wardrobe looks and where you put all your clothes and cant wait for your bathroom to be done

  25. You should stuff the handbags so they don’t lose there shape …I have a handbag station that I empty my handbag everyday for the next bag.

  26. Sure would love the full tour of the wardrobe

  27. I love watching you organize Josie , 1) it's a dreamy space to organize 2) You are stellar at getting the job done . 3) It motivates me to get crackin in all my spaces. I do try to do a spring and fall clearout when moving seasonal clothws around. But when getting ready for work today, i said to myself, let go of want i dont reach for and get in more Josie styles. Its even more in my mind now . Thank you for motivating me. You deserve to relax at the end of the day.

  28. Josie, Your content is so refreshing and such a relief after what has happened in the US on 1/6/21. Greetings from the countryside of northwest New Jersey, AND I donated to my local thrift shop today after careful consideration of what doesn't work for me anymore.
    Feels good, as do your vlogs. Love

  29. Since you have extra bathrooms for guest and all you can put the travel minis in the guest bathrooms 😁 in case your guest forget something🤷🏽‍♀️💅

  30. Great having you back Josie. Happy 2021. You do have lots of stuff but it's your job:) but in that case dont watch Minimilism on Netflix🤭😊💕

  31. We just sold a lot of our old phones (and cameras and tablets). We just put them online and it was pretty easy.

  32. You can see if there is some way to donate your phone for the military. Another thing I saw that you can do is us the foam pool noodles to stuff into your boots so they stay standing up (cut to size). I loved this idea. I have also started stuffing my purses that aren’t being used so they keep their shape better.

  33. Happy new year Josie. Good clear out! Well done. I have been doing some organizing and clearing out as well. I bought some great inserts for socks and underwear to put in my dresser drawers and it made such a big difference. It's good to give clothes you are not using to charity. Someone will love them.

  34. Now that I’m home, I find that I need much less and had several massive clear outs. I’ve kept only things I wear NOW and they get worn regularly. I’m now trying a no-buy year for clothing & shoes bc I’ll be working from home thru 2021. Having too much just clutters up the space and in these times seems wasteful to me.

  35. Yes, would love a video of your closet now that it is finished.

  36. Hi Josie! Glad to see you back vlogging 🙂 it brightens my day. I'd be interested in an updated wardrobe tour and shopping your cast-offs.

  37. I think that's the best thing to do at the beginning of the year (or closing) — to declutter the wardrobe closet. 🙂

    Video suggestion – shopping your own wardrobe and styling them for a certain season – old clothes + new ones, classic plus trendy, etc. — those already in your collection 🙂

  38. Yes a wardrobe tour would be a delight and very helpful too. I have yet to decide what to do with wardrobe design for two rooms ,one with split level ceiling and some slopes too- your design exudes confidence – the mirror style softens the high arched ceiling I think- and makes the space look wider. Lovely choice,fun too. 🌸 I keep my old phones just as if they were old diaries..

  39. Definitely need a tour! Thank you for another lovely video ❣️

  40. Who knew that I would find myself obsessed with watching a British girl from across the pond puttering about her home? But I am positively hooked. Yes please, to more videos showing us behind the scenes, behind the cupboard walls, and every nook and cranny in this gorgeous ancient home fit for a princess.

  41. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

  42. I hear you in tidying winter jumpers 😔 they take up so much space and sooner or later they explode from ur wardrobe if you clear them out 😝 I like watching u tidying up stuffs, it kind of reminded/motivated me I have my own shits to tidy up too 😂😂😂😂 Dicky always miss u when ur not around. My little 10 weeks old Dachy won’t let me leave her sight 😅😅😅

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