Warnock wins, German raid and McConnell repulsed: World in Photos, December 7

A look at the best photos from around the world. #ABCNews #RaphaelWarnock #MitchMcConnell #WorldInPhotos

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. There is an ongoing case with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights; case #625692.

    (1) Detroit Catholic Central High School's Theology class teacher, Dr. Sinicalchi, walked in to his classroom and told all of the students in the classroom to quiet down or he'd turn the classroom in to Nazi Germany.

    *Dean of Students Mr. Hancock notified the parent via email that Dr. Sinicalchi was immediately suspended and terminated in 24hrs.

    (2) Detroit Catholic Central high school's Business and Marketing class teacher, Mrs. Lofler, walked into the classroom, looked directly at the only Black American student in the classroom as the student finished his snack before class started and asked the Black student, "Who owns you?".  The Black student informed his parent that everyone else in the all White classroom, including the White school teacher, looked at the Black student, went silent for a second and then Mrs. Lofler busted out laughing hysterically first and then the classroom full of all White students joined in and busted out laughing all together at the only Black student in the classroom. The question, "Who owns you?" is something that a slave catcher would say to a runaway slave in search of freedom.

    *Dean of Students Mr. Hancock and President Turek told parent that Detroit Catholic Central high school has a policy of not discussing staff disciplinary matters publicly.

    *The student-athlete was suspended from the varsity wrestling team after the parent reported these and other issues to Detroit Catholic Central High School via email.

    *The student athlete's online learning account was terminated by the school also after the parent expressed a preference for the student athlete to attend school using DCC's online learning capabilities after the parent became aware of the racial slurs made by DCC school teachers to students in-person at the school.

    *The Black student and his parents have NEVER been accused of any misconduct at the school.

    •The Black student and Parent are being represented by The Cochran Firm (Detroit) attorney Mr. James King

    •The Michigan Department of Civil Rights investigator is Mrs. Yvonne Sloan.

    Your help with shining the light on this matter and helping to bring it in to the national conscious is greatly appreciated.




  3. 2024. D e m s. For C.l.i.m.a.t.e. L o c k D o w.n s .

  4. 🌎 New World Order News Report: Former President Donald Trump publicly announces that he knows nothing about the Trump Organization.

  5. Georgia wins with Warnock. !
    Herschel. Did give a decent conciliation speech. and didn't whine about "stolen" or voiding the US constitution.

  6. It is not your Grandfathers Grand Old Party. It has become the MAGA coalition of White Supremacists, Hypocrites, Fascists, Conspiracy Theorists and Cowards.

  7. 🌎 New World Order News Report: Former President Donald Trump invites Herschel Walker to Mar-a-Lago for a Christmas Holiday Dinner.

  8. Yahoo. Now he can go back to abusing his wife until his next election. The man is evil. Really sad

  9. The democrat criminal regime controls all the weapons and ruthless tactics and they have the generational patience of the taliban. Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Obama, Biden, Rice…. The list of democrat criminals is never ending. The Dems have been running circles around average Americans and Republicans for decades. It is the most powerful criminal organizations the world has ever seen, raking in trillions of taxpayer dollars, yes trillions and ranking up there with the Chinese Communist Party. The dems have infiltrated every level of American society down to families and grade schools. They focused on infiltrating and brain washing entire generations while the washed-up Republicans worry about winning votes from a petty union. The Democrat criminal organization controls Americans and America. Unless Republicans and Americans figure this out, they are ultimately gonna be screwed! We feel good about sending a few immigrants to the VP's home. We are fighting the Dem criminal regime with bb gun tactics. They must be laughing in private. It may be too late for America as we have old washed-up. comfortable, geezers with no vision, and no war plan, running the Republican party. America is likely screwed as is the free world! When the USA falls to totalitarian socialism and eventual military defeat so does the free world.