Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Warren Buffett warns Robinhood encourages a 'gambling impulse'

UBS managing director and senior portfolio manager Jason Katz on his outlook for the market amid a potential capital gains tax increase and Warren Buffett’s comments to young investors. #FoxBusiness

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  1. We dont recognize usa
    Keep your derrorist within your own borders usa

  2. Hey all you gamblers out there, this prolific gambler wants to warn you of the dangers in gambling.

  3. It basically is and it's going to end badly. Watch and see.

  4. Warren losing retailer to crypto ppls know crypto are more fun

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  6. Capital gains tax is meant to get us common folk out of the market. These hedge funds and big investors will take the extra tax hit if they can control the markets again. But Ole Joe will once again say “PaY YoUR FaIr ShARe”

  7. Ole Warren here is just worried the markets aren’t going to make sense anymore with these peasants in control, meaning his investments will all tank

  8. Despite the economic crisis, this is still a good time to invest in Gold and crypto

  9. This POS just mad that poors showed the world how the elites game our economy for their own benifit.

  10. Rich people are beyond petty

  11. Setting everything thing up with capital gains to get money grubbing government hands on EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAVED!

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  13. "bitcoin is poison squared"?

  14. Why is Warren Buffet hanging around. Railroads?

  15. Obama & Biden love to gamble, but only when the outcome is "rigged" with corrupt judges, corrupt agencies and UNPRECEDENTED corporate compromise.

  16. Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

  17. That's because stupid people voted for dementia Joe.

  18. If Wall Street loses, they get bailed out, that encourages gambling as well.

  19. Warren buffet was wrong about bit coin hes a bank trader so he will never care about regular traders hes a bother wolf on wall street

  20. Warren Buffet is scared. Period.

  21. Warren don’t want us lay folk to play


  23. The Texas runoff between 2 republicans will test whether DJT helps or hurts candidates. There were 23 candidates in the special election, of those 11 were republicans. Wright (Trump endorsed) received 19% and Ellzey received 16%. This will test whether DJT helps or hurts.

  24. Well, Buffet would know… He is so deep into the Wall Street casino it's not really funny.

  25. Happy may day…📡📝📡🌏…NASRA / GASRA…. QSF…it's a green light…👳👍👍👍🔮💝

  26. That guy has a piece of paper stuck on his head

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