Warren critical on Biden’s decision to approve drilling project, but ‘glad he’s president’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says she’s “glad” Joe Biden is president, despite their disagreements on certain issues, during an interview with Meet the Press. 

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  1. So she is against the crime bill.. she wants criminals punished less. She is against drilling.. want to pay more for oil from other countries. She wants to tax the rich more.. the people that already pay the highest tax and the ones that open a business and give Americans jobs. People that vote democrat are either not smart or are brainwashed.

  2. No one makes good decisions 100% of the time, including President Biden. I'm grateful that he is our President, particularly during this period in history!

  3. "Im really glad he's president", she actually said that with a straight face , lets see – hyperinflation, high gas prices, recession, , now the banks failing. Oh yeah why shouldn't be glad? Lmao , tax the billionaires, you can take all their money every year forget tax just take it all but im sorry you still wont scratch the surface of the 40 trillion debt.

  4. This drilling is a real shame!

  5. I think Elizabeth Warren would make an excellent choice for Biden's VP in 2024. Not that l think there's anything wrong with Kamala Harris. Maybe Warren will get the presidential nomination this time around.

  6. People are delusional if they think fossil fuel use can be materially reduced without a massive investment in Nuclear. Biden caused the inflation and the high price of gasoline. The Republicans should vote to approve the President's budget in the House. Let the Democrats vote it down in the Senate. How come Biden did not suggest this budget in the last two years? he waited until the Republicans could be blamed for it's failure. They should call his bluff.

  7. Who in there right mind can support this dillusional, bumbling, incoherent FOOL of a president? Wait…I was paying considerably less for gas, food, utilities, travel, etc. My taxes were lower, my country was safer and the U.S. wasn't bullied by "China" Biden, Iran and other despot global leaders. Our military was stronger and not hurting to recruit. Trump gave Biden a strong recovering economy, oil independant, low to zero inflation and this fool ruins it all, then blames Russia, Ukraine, Mickey Mouse and even Trump.😅
    Oh..He's a real good president.😂😂

  8. Hey Warren when you live in a $$$$bubble everything looks good….blind, deaf & dumb doesn't even come close to you Ignorance. Saying Biden or anyone in his administration proves your extreme bad judgment !!! True story…No joke

  9. fake indian approves of the fake president

  10. Leaders are going to lead.

  11. 23 Keystone Pipeline leaks in 12 years is a leak every 6 months. Sound like an advanced society or a third world country to you?

    "This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet." – B.Obama.

    "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." – D.Trump

    "Stand up to the abuse of power by polluters who disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities. – J.Biden

  12. am i glad he's president as opposed to trump? yes. Am I glad he's the best the democrats could come up with? absolutely not.

  13. Biden and Trump are not the same! Biden's arctic oil drilling will be green focused. Biden's cages for kids will have tin cups so the children can clank them on the bars. Biden's classified documents weren't as classified as Trump's.

  14. Absolutely. Thank you Mr president for your excellency.

  15. I'd like to know why Warren is butting into our local mayoral election here in Chicago. She doesn't have to live here. She doesn't know who's right for this city. She should mind her own business.

  16. When will you all finally admit that this president and his party have no plan or ideas how the economy works and if you do when will you stop lying and stop stealing money by causing problems and ripping off tax payers to foot the bill?