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Was CNN's Russian spy report solely to embarrass Trump?

‘Kennedy’s’ panel, including fmr. CIA analyst Buck Sexton, associate editor Robby Soave and Independent Women’s Forum senior analyst Inez Stepman, discusses CNN’s spy controversy and John Bolton’s White House exit.

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  1. CNN's anonymous spy is Boris Badenov. Do the home-work.

  2. Trump does a fine job of displaying how horrible of a human being he is without cnn.

  3. If the president lies, why wouldn't others do? Let's remember who started with the lies? 🤔 who said? "Obama's birth certificate is fake". "Mexico will pay for the wall, they can give us a check!", "tariffs war is so easy to win" etc, etc. So, start accusing lier #1 🤷🏾

  4. CNN needed something "CATCHY" to talk about because they are constantly losing viewers……it's all downhill from here CNN.

  5. CNN lied? Just an ordinaryy day at the most trusted name in globalist news!

  6. Well our government are Mercenaries they work for both sides I still believe that right now they're working for the United Nations to undermine America while at the same time taking a paycheck from the taxpayers of America

  7. How many times did kislyak and Obama Meet

  8. Well maybe it came from Adam Schiff

  9. So that's what I'm asking what is it from McCabe he's the recently newly employed Criminal or is it from Brandon the deeply embedded Criminal

  10. And Bolton lies ???? What does that tell you about him ?

  11. I don't know did it come from Brandon or McCabe

  12. Criminal News Network, formally known as the "Clinton News Network," should have their license revoked and its Executives should be brought up on charges of slander and treason!

  13. To anyone on this planet that does not watch Fox News Trump embarrasses himself every time Trump opens his lying mouth. Trump and Fox News are fake news. Fox News is the head of US right stupidity. And now today Fox News the biggest bullshitters leading the way in the fight against fake news? Oh my!!!!US stupidity riens rule.

  14. We need to put fear back in equal justice to those who are corrupt, all the way to Obama.

  15. ya we need to listen to the cia how many thousands of americans have they gotten killed they got us in nam they got us in iran they got us in cen. America they just run around the world screwing everyone including us do away with unions for gov. workers and make it so they can be fireed or jailed on the spot

  16. CNN hates America, Communists News Network spins everything to make our country look bad in the eyes of the rest of the world. Embarrassing bunch of idiots.

  17. No diff to anybody but Bolton & Trump how Bolton's War Dance officially ended. Peace is good. Not always possible, but good.

    They should not be legally permitted to call themselves a News Outlet!

  19. I used to watch news here in Aoteroa, but I stop watching that now because they are just reporting news from CNN.

  20. CNN is bitter because the "fake news" name . They will never fully recover. When a news network loses credibility it is a anchor on their butt.

  21. @ CNN is the main fake new media being revealed each day as time is going on. CNN is trying in vain to brain wash the US citizens.

  22. "Was CNN's Russian spy report solely to embarrass Trump?" — not solely. All the "Russia", "impeachment", "collusion", "taxes", "racist" bs, and other nonsense is all a set-up in preparation for HRC's yet-to-be-announced 2020 campaign. Cheat, lie, cheat, lie, cheat — its all she knows. Since she is a power-crazed sociopath, she cannot pass up a chance at power… and its her last chance. She will run, if not in jail by then.

  23. Why do they insist on being idiots!!!!!! No matter right or wrong makes no sense except for any means necessary.

  24. No Media outlet, No Late night show, No news paper, needs to do anything to Embarrass Sharpie Trump. Only Trump can embarrass trump and America and he is Embarrassing America bigly.

  25. Nice job, keep up the good work. I've Loved Kennedy since her KROQ days.

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