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Was Dale Earnhardt a better friend or boss? | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

Michael Waltrip shares if Dale Earnhardt was a better friend or boss on “Waltrip Unfiltered”

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Was Dale Earnhardt a better friend or boss? | Waltrip Unfiltered Podcast

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  1. I really wish mikey would’ve got to celebrate his 500 win with big E, Darell and Junior. It would’ve been one of nascars great moments. Instead it’s the one we wish we could forget. You hear it in his voice. That’s hard to watch the pain in such a happy mans voice

  2. It’s not the driver it’s the car. NASCAR even honors that by referring to car # s during the race not drivers. They say things like that 4 car is coming now.
    Not Harvick is coming now.

  3. Dale would have scream MIKEY with DW if he didn't die

  4. Just think where Mikey.Dale jr.DEI,and NASCAR would be if Dale not died..ALL would be better off today..Mikey more wins..JR,prob a championship,DEI still around and NASCAR would not be facing half empty seats..This man had a knack for making average things great..Would be a great mind to pick to better our sport right now.

  5. I always wondered what the #15 Team would be like if Hornaday drove the car instead of Mikey?

  6. Michael can only thank his lucky stars he had a friend like Dale and certainly has him to thank for his success. Michael also drove Dale's #3 Busch car at Rockingham in 1994 in the fall which was one that Michael doesn't bring up. Mikey has 4 wins which is more than he ever had and most of them were at restrictor plate races.

  7. Great answers to a very tough question

  8. Well When Dale Hired Mickey Back Then Everyone Was Shocked Even My Dad,I Remember He Said To Me Why Dale Hired Michael ? He Even Can't Drive.

  9. Michael was blessed to drive for Dale. I was 6 when Dale passed away and remember the day so vividly. Cant imagine the emotions of MW and all those who had to experience this. Jimmie Johnson is my guy and I wish he could've raced Dale at least one race

  10. If dale didnt pass away then, mikey could've gotten some more wins for sure.

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