Saturday , December 5 2020
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Washington Post calls out Schiff over false whistleblower comments

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) speaks about Rep. Adam Schiff and the recent whistleblower headlines.

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  1. Pres.Trump needs to get a military Tribunal to investigate the Puppet Master ,and Shadow Govt.that is sabotaging the functions of his admin.He needs to stop playing around with these people,they are evil traitors hell bent on tearing down Democracy.

  2. Can’t believe there are actually people who believe schiff lol…. they must be the dumbest people alive

  3. Oh another whistleblower to right at the last min….. weird…. schiff is trash

  4. Great Schiff is at it again !!

  5. Well well, WaPo finally told the truth about something. But they still can''t be trusted for accurate reporting. Soo don't let these snakes suck you in America…………..

  6. Protect the President, lthey want usurp him. Its a cuop!!!!!!! Go Trump!!! 💪

  7. Serving in congress is an honor. We need new measures for performance management in the positions of congress. It is disgusting that this Schiff scumbag is living off my tax dollars.

  8. Is Schiff's fist name Peesov?

  9. WP knows when everything hits the fan….they're going down too.Them, cnn, nbc, msnbc all of them who've KNOWN THE TRUTH but have purposely colluded with the coup brewers.

  10. Pencil neck perfect for a hanging. Treason

  11. Pencil neck perfect for a hanging. Treason

  12. explains why they hid and funneled the 1.5 billion through Biden's son account….
    Those crooks are extorting money from Ukraine and China. I bet the whole Obama admin was in on it
    funneling billions through clinton foundation..they have been doing this for years…
    that is how they all become millionaire's on a 200k a year salary

  13. Wapo has ne credibility. This won't give them any. We know what they are

  14. Any one who believes anything from Faux is an idiot.

  15. More proof that fiction is stranger than truth. It used to be the other way around. Yes, the dems are screwing up old, wise sayings too.

  16. I have lost all respect for Democrats. They are nothing but a bunch of envious carpetbagger wannbes. Trump supporters should go to their rallies and laugh out loud the entire time.

  17. Politicians are vindictive cowardice little ZioNazi pawns.
    Almost all of Congressmen don't deserve to live.

  18. He has blown his credibility, Good luck Pelosi trying to keep the ship from sinking.

  19. Pelosi is tied to Ukraine too her employee is a Ukrainian and her son is on a Ukrainian oil company board!!!!

  20. Trump tried to strong arm a foreign government to get dirt while holding the funds approved by congress for military aid, we all see it – we are not surprised by it, it fits with his usual behavior, and he has admitted it.
    Bye Bye Mr Trump.

  21. Why is Schiff not being charged like any other liar to congress??? Democrats don't think they should have to obey the laws!

  22. It's because the Republicans are completely balless

  23. He's been lieing for more like the last three years.
    But he's not the only one.
    I can't think of the party right now.😂 But it will come too me.🤣

  24. … it's about time.

  25. Liar liar pants on fire. That’s Hilarious. The President of the United States commits Treason and you guys don’t even notice. 2020 is coming

    Hunter Biden got a job he wasn’t qualified for. Where did Jared and Ivanka get their qualifications to be Senior advisers. Cracker Jack box the hypocracy is amazing

  26. mainstream media must go!

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