Washington Post gives Biden nearly four pinocchios

Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist reacts to president’s false claims on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. Joe Biden is nothing but sewage, raw sewage. Every day is something new that just Destroys our way of life. F*ck Biden!! F*ck Democrats!!

  2. biden is the biggest lier that has sat in the Oval office, I think he's surpassed bill clinton…

  3. Even a 'crimocrat left wing media outlet' is calling 'The Big Guy' a liar !! Hurry Up November so we can all GO OUT IN PERSON and VOTE THESE CRIMINALS OUT of The House AND The Senate… watch out for illegal immigrants voting en masse many times !!!

  4. Weird thing is, his sycophants buy every word that comes out of his lying muzzle!

  5. Repubs do not raise taxes, they lower them

  6. Lol. By all means, let’s compare Presidential Pinocchios. Good lord, you people are dolts.

  7. Well if ANY media outlet knows prevaricators with big noses……it's certainly the WasPo. Their own cadre of employees are NO different than the rest of the "so called" mainstream media…..they're ALL riddled with such qualifying denizens.

  8. Washington Post… is there a bus coming ? because he has used up his worth to us and we want to throw him under one., just an opinion, and who up next????

  9. How many Pinocchios is biden gonna get for saying there was no covid vaccine until he got in the White House

  10. If lying were an artform Joey would be Michaelangelo and if horse plop were brains v Joey would be Einstein.

  11. Just me or is it weird that folks are holding the PRESIDENT responsible for a shortage of BABY FORMULA? A private industry product unrelated to government.

    Political strategy by Republicans.

  12. Always lying Mr Catholic

  13. We are wondering when are republicans going to call Joe Biden a meathead!

  14. ** warning ** you may not feel it right now…. but Republicans are slowly trying to get rid of public school education ….. Only the ones who can afford education will have education

  15. Aleluya.gloria.de.dios.aleluya

  16. 45 Great Maga King….46 Great Selected Liar

  17. what the hell is a pinocchios

  18. OOPS, the disinformation czar must have missed this. Biden speaks with the hope America will listen and agree with him. Hate to break it to ya Joe, I've NEVER believed anything you say. Your lies are truly transparent.

  19. They already have!!!! I paid 155% more on my federal withholdings from 2020 to 2021… I own a small business. FJB

  20. BREAKING: Two Pennsylvania Republican staffers are fired for allegedly orchestrating an illegal "ballot harvesting" scheme — once again proving that it's Republicans NOT Democrats who meddle in our elections. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THERE MUST BE A FULL INVESTIGATION!

  21. Biden should be given 4 pinocchios every time he speaks. Let's go Brandon

  22. Never heard a word of truth from the mummified, ersatz leprechaun!

  23. Biden deserves 10 pinocchios if that were possible. He's only fooling hard core libs who turn a blind eye to his failure as President.

  24. The reason for the job increase is some have to take a second job to keep up with the price increases and moms or dads have to get out of retirement. Thanks Democrats.

  25. Elon is not even a 44billionaire afterall!!! amazing!!! lol!!!

  26. after Fox does all the trench Work, they wanta come in.
    I'm good, She's Better

  27. people who make fun of Biden's speeches are the same people who enjoy 4 year old level speeches from TFG 🙂 lol!!

  28. HaHa. It's gotten to the point where it would be more newsworthy if Biden told the truth about something.

  29. Id give him a zillion for being such a freakin liar and loser with full on dementia! Putrid old man clueless BUT paid for by Satan !!!!

  30. he does'nt know he's lying because he cant remember what he's said .

  31. I witnessed the spirit that built America when I had the honour to serve alongside her patriotic warriors. When this Insanity is over I know who'll be left standing.