Watch: Biden delivers remarks at Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards

Watch live coverage as President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Phoenix Awards.

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  1. Yeah but what about the $1/gallon gas hike in the past month? And food prices doubled? What about that, Joe???

  2. Al Sharpton and joy reid and Whoopi had nothing to say on his statement about LL Cool J. Yet they say Trump is racist

  3. I hear echos more than him tf

  4. I love how in the beginning he says selfishly not selflessly

  5. Everybody always talking about everything else,we need all that's been said right now,how come nobody talk about the Healthcare system,why?

  6. Biden releases his racism, then catches himself after saying “boy.”
    Pivots to the muscle size of LL Cool J to deflect.
    What a clown.

  7. He called LL Cool J “boy”. Such a racist. ✌🏼🇺🇸

  8. Who's the biggest threat to upholding the legacy of slavery and subjugation? What he's saying is give them a Federal day off and I can say whatever I want says Pres. "Jimmy the Greek" Biden, "LL J Cool J. Btw, that 'boys' got…that man's got biceps bigger than my thighs." What??? If this gaffe doesn't outrage liberal Black America, then nothing the Democratic Party does will. Did LL Cool J call Pres. Biden a dumb "Mick" full of malarkey?

  9. Most corrupt and fraudulent president in the history of the USA- Absolute clown!

  10. A complete chode…His slave owner decendents would be so proud. Worst president in history. No debate about it..

  11. Yeah, and this SOB is coming to Phoenix to celebrate the Democratic McCain rhino martyr

  12. Close your eyes and listen to his words

  13. "Boy"? Raycist Biden strikes again.

  14. He is a pathological liar, and he'll say anything for a vote. The democrats are destroying America.

  15. 2:24 Here goes Captain Ukraine smh. What do we have to do to get away from this reverend Henry Kane. LL got called a Boy by the US president because he excepted the invitation. That’s his fault

  16. The guy who created the crime bill and caused millions of black people to be put in prison and yet these people support. They must that stupid.

  17. Joe's all about race, everything he says or does is about race and division. Stumbling, bumbling, evil , puppet

  18. America is in economic shambles with violent crime at all time highs!!
    His whole speech is condescending and a bCarter. Embarrassing!
    Our country has NEVER been so bad. Not even with carter.
    Low IQ folks don't know the difference.

  19. Divider in Chief Biden, I see your point. Now, put your hat back on.

  20. the DUMBEST potus in US history. He isn’t even duly elected

  21. It’s official and what my grandparents told my parents about African Americans…as a black man born to two Central Americans from Belize I was told to stay away from African Americans because they are mentally weak and is the whyt man lap 🐶 and even Native Americans say the same thing and I always believed they are the weakest of the blk race but this is a new low. This man has done nothing for them but put them on the back burner since he been in office. They will do anything for table scraps and wonder why blks from other countries laugh at them and don’t see them as nothing more than a burden with Stockholm syndrome. Pathetic!