Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Watch Booker Tell Biden: ‘You’re Dipping Into My Kool-Aid’ | NBC News

Watch Booker Tell Biden: ‘You’re Dipping Into My Kool-Aid’ | NBC News

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) engage in an exchange over criminal justice records during night two of the second Democratic primary debate.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Watch Booker Tell Biden: ‘You’re Dipping Into My Kool-Aid’ | NBC News


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  1. Can’t drink Newark water schools are closed because of the bad pipe system
    This guys a joke

  2. Is fhis Corey bookers way of appealing to the black vote? 5 second soundbites? Theyrenot buying that. Not long before he gets exposed for the fake he is

  3. Booker will never be president! He’s a jerk

  4. Mark Zuckerberg is blacker than cory Booker

  5. Wtf does Booger know about kool aid or being black lol. Black skin doesnt give you credibility

  6. What Cory booker actually was trying to tell Joe Biden. If you don't know how the black people think or want because you white don't run for president.very offensive for black to level them as Les than minority and racist to make them as little as possible

  7. With these clowns running for president against trump 2020 is as easy as pie. Trump 2020 God bless America

  8. Your community? Bahahahahaha mr bean your so full of it

  9. I watched the "Kool-Aid" remark, again, from Corey Booker and you can tell he was waiting to be able to say it to Joe Biden. Booker had an obnoxious smirk on his face that was disrespectful. I never saw that side of Booker before. He just couldn't wait to be disrespectful. I was leaning towards Booker as my choice for president but this debate has totally changed my mind. After talking with family and friends, Booker has lost some more possible votes. These debates are so important to watch. You learn so much about the candidates.

  10. Had Biden made any statement mentioning koolaid, and directed towards Booker, Biden would have been called a RACIST and MS media would have been all over it.

  11. Communities like mine…..what a buffoon……..he grew up more privileged than most

  12. Always trying to act like he’s from the hood

  13. Corey's prepared line didn't save him from the old man with cognitive disability from pointing out that he used Rudy Giuliani's guy to have stop and frisk in his city. If you're a white person of wealth who would never have to worry about stop and frisk you should be dead set against it. That is about the most un-American thing I can think of and on top of it, it is like 80% black men who are targeted. Shame on you Corey Booker. Save your fake accent and jive about Kool Aid for someone else chump.

  14. Cory Booker you will not be President, I will advise walk carefully, and you can get a high paying job in 2021; stop talking the same thing over and over, find a solution, you or no one can change the pass, but can bring hope, and happiness with the future……Joe Biden cannot change the pass, and why don't you admit every mistake you have made and go back and correct it, tired of seeing fighting in certain segments of the debate, experience and name makes a big difference, see the good a person has done, and less talk and more actions of what you can do for America…..

  15. I can’t stand listening to Booker speak.

  16. The title is just not true lmao

  17. Cory Booker couldn't even fix Newark– how could he be president.

  18. Savor the moment Spartacus, you just messed with the Mob, you done. 😀

  19. Biden is getting massacred.

  20. Dipping into the Koolaid, not My Koolaid. The caption writer is totally clueless to the context and meaning, let alone the accuracy of the quote.

  21. cory spartacus booker got da mojo goin' on.

  22. Has Any Single man Ever ran for President? It’s Funny that With all the Diversity There isn’t ONE person that I can Identify as Black

  23. Koolaid flavor is grape, Joe

  24. Omg he is right Newark is how we want the country to turn out…

  25. Yeah, like Newark is the standard for greatness we all strive to live in. Booker has been a failure in his only time in office.

  26. 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇫🇷🇩🇪🇦🇺🇷🇺🇰🇷🇻🇳 Vietnam's Exclusive Economic Zone is being violated by China and has taken aggressive actions, bullying Vietnam and the South China Sea countries, seriously violating International Law, creating threats. too large in the Region. Suggesting the United Nations, the United States, Allies and the International Community to strongly disclose, prevent China's attempt to expand and bully.🚨

  27. Newark is literal trash to this day, why is he acting like he made it better?

  28. Is that really a thing? I’m not really sure I’m getting the metaphor… Dipping? As in drinking? So I guess you’re drinking someone else’s koolaide without permission… Doing it without knowing the flavor makes you arrogant and ignorant?

  29. Gross, the right wing youtubers have been programmed to use the word "clowns" as many times as they can. Let's watch them tire themselves out in the comments. 😀

  30. I just cannot believe they are debating to see who run for presidency of the United States should be running for presidency of clown college

  31. Jive talkin, yeah we dont need another in the White House!

  32. tulsi gabbard is the only one that’s not 89 % crazy! screaming lunatic Bernie Sanders Pocahontas screaming out the TP!

  33. Vote Trump get dem clowns out

  34. mwhahhahahahahahahahahhahaha Bernie Sanders 2020

  35. Seriously I would give up Gilligan's island to watch these clowns having there own sitcom

  36. @ 0:03 You can tell he knew what he was going to say, lol

  37. 2 degenerates right here, one old one really old

  38. Cummings Said Baltimore is infested people are zombies!

    Baltimore heroine capital of the United States of America!

    Where was Cummings!

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