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WATCH: Cat Survives Leap From Burning Building

A dramatic leap to safety by a frightened feline was caught on camera by Chicago firefighters. After bouncing on the grass, the cat just walked away.

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  1. they are designed to do that from the creator

  2. 8 more life left so it's really true abt cat having 9life with what I just saw it ave me wondering🤔

  3. Live cat bounce 🐈‍⬛ Impressive. I love cats.

  4. Still got the other 8 lives remaining.

  5. Cat: Meeeeeooooooo-bounce

  6. The incompetent aquarius demographically scatter because disgust natively notice minus a narrow euphonium. boring, spiffy manicure

  7. The cat is like Imma gonna head out.

  8. That's nothing. Hold my beer.

  9. I want the spine of a cat!🐈❤

  10. Wow didnt twill its tail landed on feet

  11. 9 lives, it's just one of them.

  12. Cat: "Aight, Imma head out."

  13. Cat had sense enough to jump from the building

  14. This looks fake… check out that shallow comes down first at (0:03)

  15. Woooooow I just shot a music Video right where that cat jumped and at the end of the video im on fire right in that spot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTPX0-r-Kns 00:19

  16. Fire on the fifth floor, Cat: No problem hold my catnip.

  17. Not so much the height….but the length 😮😮

  18. I showed my dog this and now she wants to try it🙄

  19. The shadow had me a little confused for a second there.. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

  20. Even more amazing is how it cleared that fence and landed on the other side of it.

  21. That cat just barely cleared that fence…

  22. Cats are awesome ❤️❤️

  23. A certain pet is now down to eight lives 🙀😻

  24. Any trivial story will do, just to cover up Biden's incompetence.

  25. Imagine if he would have hit the stone wall headfirst…

  26. Sadly, the grass didn't survive.

  27. Well, there goes one life, 8 more to go.

  28. That cat has Mastered Ultra Instinct 😌

  29. I can see the memes already😆

  30. Jesus is the only way to heaven humble yourselves and ask him he will answer you

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