WATCH: Emotional scenes as Pope Francis leaves Mongolia

Pope Francis wrapped up the first-ever papal visit to Mongolia on Monday by inaugurating a new church-run homeless clinic and shelter.

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WATCH: Emotional scenes as Pope Francis leaves Mongolia

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  1. Thou shalt have no Gods before me! Thou shalt not bow down thyself before them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers them

  2. How is this not idolatry? Praying that God opens the eyes and ears of those who the god of this world has blinded.

  3. Fanatics believing in fairy tales. How embarrassing!

    All religion is contrived to manipulate you. Grow up Cultists!

  4. God bless all of you.amen

  5. The Catholic Church will not be blamed or framed for what communists do. Governments ran the residential schools not the church.

  6. Destruction of Mongolia will begin just like South America, pagans of Europe and uk and north America indigenous civilizations were destroyed, Mongolia will be killed eventually by these greedy Abrahamic soul buyers

  7. Those who are crying and singing and speaking chinese are not Mongolian! They came to Mongolia just to meet Pope from china. They will have worst problem when they go back.

  8. Mongolians would not cry even if it's the Dalai Lama. They are chinese catholics.

  9. there no mongolian people there and all of them singing in Chinese 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  10. All that over some creep in a robe.

  11. They are not Mongolians, Chinese or Korean catholic tourists.

  12. The persecuted Chinese catholics

  13. JESUS WAS ASIAN ✝️❤️‍🔥 not european not american , he was born , raised, murdered and resurected in Asia ☦️📖

  14. I heard they was singing in Mandarin. They must be from mainland China.

  15. This is only a stand-in, Pope Francis has already departed for Rome

  16. They look more passionately curious in a rare chance to see the looks of European White men in uniforms in the Mongolian landlock than who the Pope really is.

  17. A symbol of hope. God bless us all.❤

  18. Really 🤔? Do they know what this man really represents?😮 Awful how people reverence people they don't even know!

  19. To My Followers around the World and in Mongolia:
    I am the LORD Jesus Christ in tHis 2nd coming. I am better known as Michael the Archangel, today, as I make My Stand to recreate reality and civilization in order to give humanity a way to bridge Human Civilization with Extra Terrestrial Civilizations of nearby Star Systems.

  20. Those emocional manifestations were neglegted by the Pope, what a pity…

  21. Complete Joke-Can his look after his European and UK flock from self harm ? LOL

    French and other EU countries are flight back, have banned – islamic sharia Burka, hijab, headscarf, public spaces and some are working to ban sharia halal meat and products. Islamist Muslims find other Trojan horse tactics to bypass French laws.

    While our (British) appeasers have lay down to Islamic sharia ideology, doctrine in Hospitals, Schools, colleges and Universities, workplaces and offering our assimilation into Islamic ideology and doctrine…

    Our Woke effects are burning into fabric of English, ideals, values, culture. What is all good about English ideals, community cohesiveness, culture is being slowly erased – this is lead by Church of England and our Woke elements -WEF. These are few examples. Winchester cathedral had asked Muslims Imams to hold their Islamic payer's in the winchester cathedral at Eid to show inclusivity with Islam.

    This is all nuts in my book and self harm. Winchester was our OLD English capital city. Second example : Very disturbing. How could this be allowed -in Manchester cathedral – this was an act of desecrating this Manchester cathedral.

    Just watch this : Muslims organise open iftar event at Manchester Cathedral –


    With help from Church of England, Islamist-muslims organise open iftar event at Manchester Cathedral Muslims holding their Eid iftr in the Manchester cathedral.

    Its shameful for head of Manchester cathedral, inviting and allowing this act of desecrating by Islamist-muslims public taking over Manchester Cathedral for Islamic events and prayers.

    Those speaking up and voicing their dislikes, are quickly labeled and silenced by media and police often give caution to stop their voices on an issues. Politicians, Royals, clergy, – promoting this new swamp of cultural deceptions on the native English population.

    It makes me sad to seeing how English, cities has become a swamp of islamic cultural sewerage. Is there any English value, culture left in any large english cities.

    DO we continue our assimilation into Mecca doctrine and ideology or follow the French example of banning Islamic sharia practices of Burka, hijab, headscarf, in public spaces, ban sharia halal meat and products and certification process –

    which makes Islamist tens of millions annually to fund and promote MORE Islam on the English and Walish non-muslims.? DO we have the backbone to STAND up and say no More. ? or do we allow sounds of Allah Akbar in coming decades ?