Watch: FBI Director Chris Wray testifies before House Judiciary | USA TODAY

Amid Republican criticism of the FBI and Justice Department, Director Christopher Wray testifies before the House Judiciary Committee.

RELATED: FBI Director Christopher Wray responded to the threats his department received following a search of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

His appearance at the House Judiciary Committee comes two days after the department unsealed charges against the fugitive co-director of a Maryland think-tank for allegedly acting as an illegal arms broker and agent for China. Gal Luft, an adviser to Donald Trump when he was president-elect, has become a key figure in GOP investigations of President Joe Biden and his relatives.

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  6. Chris Wray temains the Director of the FBI. We thank wvery member of the FBI for your integrity. Chris Wray. I do not press charges against you for the pursuit of me, the part you have played in the destruction of the OSJ in the past. I find you a thorougjly competent and loving partner, a fine example of America and friend.

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  15. Wray is a trader to this country and his office, he needs to be fired and put in jail.

  16. Wray is tripping over his words and trying to think of what to say as he's answering. He's tripping because he's afraid of burying himself. I think he needs to be replaced with someone more honest.

  17. Wray comes on talking about how the FBI protects the American people every year. He doesn't mention how the FBI always protects and let's whoever the present president is at the time they are letting them and their families get away with anything and everything and following their orders against what the American people who are actually the ones they are actually working for. Wray never say's anything about letting Hunter Biden and Mr Biden Joe Biden get away with everything that every other American would spend years if not the rest of their lives in jail for if they did the same thing. How they are trying to arrest Trump for doing what he did while President that Biden did as Vise President which is a lower office only because Biden is afraid or knows that Trump will beat him if he isn't arrested before it's too late. The FBI will never admit to what Jim Jordan or The House Judiciary Committee know to be true until all FBI Directors are replaced until one refuses to act like the one before him.

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