Monday , January 25 2021
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Watch Full A.G. William Barr Interview | NBC News

NBC News’ Pete Williams sits down with Attorney General William Barr for a discussion on Operation Legend, protests around the country, and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha.
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Watch Full A.G. William Barr Interview | NBC News


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  2. Why don't you set Biden down ask him about the set up against General Flynn (Unmasking) and threatening action against Flynn's son?
    UKRAINE, getting people fired, letter by him threatening MSM if they ask him about UKRAINE.

  3. When is the democratic accountability

  4. History has condemned Brutus as one of the assassins of Julius Caesar,,,so shall history judge AG Barr as one of President Trumps back stabbers , ''Et tu, Brute?,''

  5. He is lying also send him to jail. Dont like his voice not telling anything we don't know the people of USA r not deaf and blind some r most not.

  6. Don't listen to a word this man says.

  7. Americas hangman.. This guy is the U.S. Attorney General who has executed most prisoners during his tenure as Attorney General in modern history.

  8. Water Boy Barr is going to have his day

  9. LOOK NBC THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HEARD YOUR PROPAGANDA FOR more than 4 years, we are NOT swallowing the leftist/Socialist kool-aide you have…so begin seeking and telling the truth…do your homework. The People don't trust you AT ALL so stop forcing propaganda down our throats.

  10. He's trumps personal lawyer. He will go in January. No recount will change the fact that the MAJORITY of Americans dumped the traitorous incompetent pos! America voted out the tiny handed dicktatortot.

  11. trump…GTFO of OUR house…😂😂

  12. Are their families proud of them? Or they just don’t give a …?

  13. Foreign influence with mail in ballots? Sounds about right. Anyone else consider what was REALLY being burned at the Chinese Consulate in Houston? They said COVID research. Ok so they were so afraid of being caught stealing industrial secrets that they burned it all. Makes no sense. Though they do try to steal technology of all kinds, I doubt they had SOOO many documents that it required a huge fire to destroy it all. I suspect that the Dems outsourced the mail in ballot fraud to China. They were about to get caught with millions of forged ballots in their possession and rushed to destroy it all. We need an investigation and call it "China Collusion"

  14. When is the AG going to indite the traitors like Hilary, Comey, Shifft, Pelosi, and the others in the FBI? The overthrow of the United States is being instituted by many more people and should be investigated.


  16. William (Sessions) Barr is a wuss…hear me Willy? Where are the indictments you said you'd wage based on preponderance of evidence/beyond reasonable doubt? Hannity, Levin, Tucker Carlson, John Solomon, O'Reilly, Ingram, Levin and Rudy Giuliani frggin handed all the evidence you need to indict!

  17. Dear  Democrats,

    Hey, this is not some unfounded conspiracy theory – there is proof The O' Admin spied on Trump; there is proof The DNC (together with The HRC campaign & The FBI) funded the infamous Steele Dossier and there is proof that FISA applications withheld exculpatory info.
    All of this was done by Democrats, RINOs & NTs – yet nobody but nobody on the Democrat side will identify the reality of Democrat culpability! Speaker Pelosi never apologized – no Democrat, that I know of, has gotten down on their knees to beg forgiveness! The Democrats don't even say it didn't happen – they just ignore culpability.
    Democrat behavior, in this respect, ostensibly & implicitly accepts the existence of the Democrat party fully culpable for charges of Treason!
    As a result, the entire Democrat Party stands before America as a Criminal Entity culpable of Treason. Anybody who knows about treasonous activity and fails to report it to CURRENT authorities, is himself in violation of the law.
    Dear POTUS, IMO, the entire Democrat Political Party is a Criminal Entity!
    I Charge the Democrats of subverting the COTUS and attempting to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.
    Shame on you, Speaker Pelossi, Rep. Nadler and Rep. Schiff !

    Citizen Jack Darby


  19. I wish this fat slob would learn to act like a man

  20. That's what I'm talking about…enforce the Law….

  21. You know how messed up our politics are when the Democrats speak harshly about a major of Barr's integrity FOR political reasons! Cheap shot after cheap shot. As Lincoln said: "You can tell a lot about a man by what makes him angry." The truth makes Nasty Nancy angry.

  22. Hes slow playing the 2016 election investigation until after election he is hoping Biden will win so he can sweep the investigation under the rug. William barr has betrayed the country! Hillary at minimum should have been charged with obstruction of Justice for destroying evidence in the face of America and she smooth gets away with it cause William Barr must be in the pocket!!

  23. To keep barr in power is complicite with police brutality. It's like he's detached from reality and is ignoring the constitution he was sworn to uphold. He calls video recorded facts as fairytales he needs to go.

  24. The mainstream media is the ENEMY of the people

  25. Nothing will ever be done to the crooked democrats. Its been almost 4 years. Nothing but talk.

  26. William Barr is blaming others for law enforcements failure

  27. Donald Trump and William Barr's resistance to denounce such unjust police actions in our country will ultimately result in GROSS SOCIAL UNREST. UNTRUMP!!!

  28. Bill always passes my "Barr" exam 🙂
    You're the best, sir.
    God bless you !!!

  29. To maintain the status quo most in power speak in general terms. Why is Bill Barr giving so much detail about the left?

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