Saturday , January 23 2021
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Watch Full Coronavirus Coverage – March 23 | NBC News Now (Live Stream Recording)

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Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage – March 23 | NBC News Now


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  1. Regulatory authorities and public must understand that this must be controlled, I see lophole in system, Why dead bodies are preserved? in morgue or on refrigerated contaniers.
    There must be a system to dispose dead bodies, which no body looks at, those dead bodies are infected, and must be creamated with fire immidiately , there must be government law, that relatives will be allowed to see through glass for last viewing and each dead body must be creamated within couple of hours.
    These bodies are not property or memento, so that it needs to be preserved. people must understand seriousness and government must take charge of control procedures.

  2. First prayer I've seen on tv

  3. Just got a message from my wife whom works at Amazon's fulfillment center here in salt lake…. 1 of her coworkers has covid-19 and has come in contact with 6 other people… they're all under quarantine…. so tell us again that your taking precautions. My wife is 34, has asthma and I'm terrified if she catches it I'll lose her. Her family needs her. Please everyone… DO AS YOUR ASKED TO STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS as much as possible.

  4. Even a vaccine won't solve the problem. Until these people learn not to eat anything that moves always there will be another virus. In my opinion it's mother's nature revenge.

  5. What about public washrooms or Apartments communal LAUNDRY ROOMS? I haven't seen anyone report on this.

  6. the facts about coronaVirus sa iba na gusto Jan let's grow together

  7. The $600 extra on unemployment would really those who lost there tips please dont change that bill!!!!!

  8. We need to start testing in all of the United States, Canada, AND Mexico…..because we have people moving back and forth from all 3 locations to all 3 locations. I have not heard a word about our heroes on active duty for the USA. They are all over the World. It is not always war that attracts our military. They have helped many people in hard times of weather, etc. Love & Peace, Deborah

  9. there are more than 8,000 deaths

  10. Pestilence is one of the major signs of the end times🗣😷🌊🌪🌩 Keep in in Prayer🙏😔

  11. If you are traveling in south america and want to change your flight follow me and watch my video

  12. prayers for all Coronavirus victims wherever they may be

  13. prayers for all Coronavirus victims wherever they may be

  14. this is a good President not like ours that only talk not act .I was proud last week for our president but now it sound like a baby music to my hears … president from Russia is helping his people Wow .

  15. We are assuming America straight into the ground.

  16. crash the economy to push vaccines with a fake disease Its all about doing away with section 13 & setting up ID 2020

  17. This is no joke and it is the worlds way of balancing itself because of the way man treats earth and animals

  18. Catholic Bishop says "Jesus is Gods son"? They give up on the trinity or this just more of the "you are to dumb to understand" bs.

  19. In Recent interview ,Bill Gates shares his experience of working with Virus and also talks about state and future of Coronavirus with Head of TED Chris Anderson

  20. One things for sure, is that Nancy Pelosi will never catch Corona. The virus would have to battle it's way through a mountain of botox! She must spend every entire dime she earns on pumping her face up. She looks absolutely ridiculous!

  21. As a trucker for America, we are doing our duty trying to get the shelves supplied accross
    American, But when you have a unpatriotic business like the Pilot at 31642 Castaic Rd, Castaic, CA 91384 charging truckers with their limited parking, is just not right, they know that truckers run out of hours and must park after driving for 10 hours according to DOT regulation. The truckers that dont pay are forced on the street in illegal parking, so if your stores are not being resupplied, and maybe the law have put a boot on the truck with your supplies needed for your store. America give this store a call, and make things right. Lets get America back on it's feet again. Call the manager 661 257 2800

  22. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From Soviet's archive information about CoronaV ; it was a common illness and it was never an epidemic; they had a cure;

  23. I saw a video and recently dreamed about this real life underground house located beneath Missouri in the middle of no where. The way how things is going I want to go there right now.

    Help stop the Coronavirus
    Elbow:Cough into it
    Space:Stay away from 3 feet apart
    Home:Stay home
    Face:Don’t touch it if your hands is not clean

  25. Corona will go away. Forgive everybody like Jesus. Please watch my new video 😀

  26. Watch YT video: “ Man dies from hantavirus in China; Resident holds Chinese regime accountable for CCP virus outbreak “

  27. Get all infected gop senators back to work – RIGHT NOW!!!

  28. Do people die from CV19 or with CV19?
    Average age is 82.

  29. i have yet to hear anything about RUSSIA IN ALL THIS

  30. The usa is in the red curve.. it takes 14 days before it hits you. It’s just begun. Love from Europe.

  31. Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi 🛑Stop holding Senate negotiations hostage for a partisan wish list that has nothing to do with Coronavirus or protecting our economy. Shame on you selfish democrats wasting time while Americans Lose jobs, suffer and die from Coronavirus.

  32. One thing the government needs to do massive CoV19 testing. In yesterdays CNN discussion why is it only private companies will do the testing? Why not tap all the health centers big pharmacies and groceries. They said the WHO has given KoRea the testing which helped trace carriers. WHO testing does not fit American standard? Is this due to money making manipulated by the bureaucratic advisers and pharmaceutical companies. Right now with pandemic US can adapt what works
    With other country. Korea has done a good job right now with WHO testing. The testings done in Korea is more than enough data to prove that the testing is working good and China testing too. Why not just give everyone tests so the carrier can be traced. Adapt what Koreans did you can help stop the virus and you can help flatten the curve. Why is the government not doing this? There will be a lot of young and elderly dies. If aggressive measure is done you will save America. So do it. Forget about bureaucracy for now. Massive testing is needed to done please do it. Mr. President do it for the Americans. If catching the carrier early you can control the spread. There are other protocols needed: hand washing with soap and water for 20 secs, self quarantine or family quarantine. Avoid traveling lockdown is mandatory for city to city, town to town, county to county, state to state, domestic and international travel. Why think of money if people will get sick the economy will suffer more.

  33. The truth is Trump did NOT react fast and now he wants everyone to go back to work because of the economy and money. Health should be more important then the economy.

  34. Why don’t they suggest regular people use n95 masks the particulates can be carried by wind further then 6 feet. Washing hands isn’t enough if it were then hospitals wouldn’t be asking for more masks.

  35. Oh good grief I can't believe some of the comments here!!! The reason the virus hasn't had a full eruption is the fact that many have taken precautions and staying home!!! If people didn't stay home and were around others we'd have a full blown outbreak just like Italy and other countries!! President Trump is taking advice from Dr's and taking action according to these Dr's suggestions. Some of you would gripe just to friggin gripe!! I commend President Trump for taking action!!! America would be much worse off than what we are!

  36. You interrupted my tv , show again at 3:00 pm again you need start broadcasting after 3:00 pm im tired of my show interrupted

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