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Watch Hurricane Dorian Creep Over The Bahamas As 'Catastrophic' Category 5 | NBC News

Hurricane Dorian has made landfall in the Bahamas after being upgraded to a Category 5 storm with estimated sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. States of emergency have been declared in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina in preparation of Hurricane Dorian» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Watch Hurricane Dorian Creep Over The Bahamas As ‘Catastrophic’ Category 5 | NBC News


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  1. Any one remember the news guy hanging onto a poll and two guys walk by no problem. Stupid lieing news to get viewer's. Belive nothing the say.

  2. I love that I really wish that come here to enjoy I live in desert

  3. Trump supporters be like: nu uh, the earth is flat!

  4. What a big lie. Fake news. That was maybe a category 1 hurricane.

  5. 0:58 man just walking outside nonchalantly, just a hurricane

  6. Praying for the Bahamas who feels it knows it 🇻🇮🇵🇷🇻🇬

  7. This info is over 20 hours old. It means nothing.

  8. They say it’s bad but I’ve seen way worse…. what’s all the hype about?

  9. My friends are battling this im crying. They are my besties

  10. Its Hurricane DORAin…

    She wants to explore the Bahamas and cause damage.

    Brain and land

  11. uh be gone hurricane!!! >:c

  12. All the praying in the world won't help these creatures. They choose to live there now deal with the consequences.

  13. Ya know I was hoping if will hit Miami because I don't want to deal with feeling middle school and looking at this changes my mind

  14. Will the people of Puerto Rico please send rolls of paper towels to Mar Lago for storm relief.

  15. It’s amazing the quality of construction exhibited in those islands. I bet anyone that if a hurricane like this one hits the USA; our houses will blow like confetti. Someone must do something about this. Finishing a house in 6 months that can’t even stand wind force of 70 miles per hour is ridiculous. And here you can see houses standing wind force over 180 miles per hour and are not losing not even a zinc piece. That’s why here , everything that hit us is a CATASTROPHE.

  16. My heart goes out to the Bahamians!!

  17. I'm sick of this. Something can be done about this .Millions of lives are effected. These storms can be detected while they are about 1/4 mile across.There is time to blow out one of the walls with explosives, or heat it with microwave technology. This will dissipate it. I've heard that some are working on it BUT nothing IS DONE.

  18. Hope Town… More like Nope Town

  19. Nobody finds it odd that only news channels now have footage of mass shootings and these hurricanes there are no uploads from people who recorded from their cell phones on YouTube? Is YouTube blocking peoples uploads so we have no choice but to watch these news channels? I'm here to see people's footage on YouTube eyewitness accounts who are in the storm not the news.

  20. Praying for those poor people


  22. One like = one Prayer for the bahamas

  23. The Bible predicts this will happen, all you atheists need to repent.

  24. For worlds thrill fly a chopper in to eye land get out have a beer save someone, the flyout !!!

  25. Start with Geo-engineering. The chem trails you see when you actually look up, contain a number of delightful ingredients, namely: Barium, Strontium, Lithium & Aluminium particles, some state is related to the early onset of Alzheimer's. No tests have been undertaken, we are the test dummies. M.I.T. Hmm yes let's remember this prestigious elitist establishment. I recall their involvement in the 'Plutonium Files', Nice people??? Stop falling for retired rhetoric, take some responsibilities for your own actions. It's like this by design, Inoculations, indoctrinations, they removed the Individual.

    The Aim of Public Education is not to Spread Enlightenment at all. It is simply, to reduce as many Individuals as possible to the same Safe Level, to Breed a Standardized Citizenry, to put down Dissent & Originality. H.L.Mencken You might want to look into the 'British Dust Bowl' too.

  26. This does not look "catastrophic", though. Fake news or bad video?

  27. Congregation Smyrna website urgent three earth age's we are now living in the second earth age go to website now

  28. Congregation Smyrna website urgent three earth age's we are now living in the second earth age go to website now

  29. call this hurricane Horus from Egypte and all Hurricanes

  30. NBC just sits at their desks and uses Youtubers video's to report the real hurricane. They are not true reporters anymore.

  31. Gods punishment to the homosexual enabling world.

  32. El coco es muy resistente, por fuerte que sean los vientos no lo puede tumbar,.

  33. More and more hurricanes and typhoons sweeping northern hemisphere year by year and trump still said global warming is natural phenomenon.

  34. Where do all the birds and native animals go during these storms?

  35. Anybody else find the opening images from 'space' strange? If this storm is, say, 300 miles wide and remember its located in the tropics not so far from the equator, then how can a video clearly showing the 'eye' be taken that also includes a curved section of the planet?

  36. The people of the Bahamas better hope and pray the Clintons aren't in charge of the aid relief program ….. ( will end up another Haiti scam )

  37. This is obviously climate change. A hurricane like this has never happened before and we must pay more taxes in order to to pay for our carbon sins.

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