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Watch: Israeli Airstrike Levels Gaza Apartment Building | NBC News

The 12-story tower, part of which was used by Hamas officials, collapsed following multiple explosions. Residents of the block had reportedly been warned to evacuate.
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  1. Remember jet fuel cant melt steel beams

  2. That's wasnt a missile it was from the world trade towers caused it to fall down

  3. If there was ever a reason to not trust or listen to the media, here it is!

    That was not an air strike.

    Never watch NBC again!

  4. These are the endtimes. Wars and rumors of wars. Jesus Christ is coming soon. The rapture will take place so soon. All Glory to Jesus Christ hallelujah! Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. Hallelujah 🙏✝️🕊❤

  5. LOL Israel's version of building 7's controlled demo, but the sheeple will beLIEve it

  6. They send an empty shell first to empty out the building then they demolish with a second round… It's as mostly peaceful as it can get…

  7. Why attack normal civilians…that’s NOT ok.

  8. Israel is a central organization for international world swindlers, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

  9. Something stupid…..no one will survive. No one at all. Its fkd up. Sorry Mother Earth. Can't we do better? We need this fixed know not later😣

  10. If its was an airstrike why is the cameraman so close trying to record? Shouldn't they be moving more actively?🤔

  11. stand with Israel………..thousands of rockets in the gaza strip supplied by Mainly, Iran, Isis, the Hezbollah from Lebanon, the weapons smuggled to the Sinai peninsula desert and than smuggled again by the local Bedouins smugglers via long tunnels to the Gaza Hamas strip regime.

  12. You know what stops airstrikes? Sanctions.

  13. Well, you shoot rockets at Israel and then get upset when they return the gift…
    Too bad, you should kick Hamas out of Gaza, but you won't because you covet Israel.
    If you spent the money wasted on waging war on making Gaza a paradise you'd be far ahead, instead you celebrate every time Hamas launches ordnance at Israel–fools, followers of a defunct cult.

  14. So sad that nobody is condemning Israel's terrorism.

  15. Shame on you Israeli solider.you are fighting with people who don't have weapons.dont forgot what Pakistani pilots did with you in 1967 and 1971 wars.come and fight with us.just wait for that day when you will not find a place to hide.curse on you .

  16. Please be advised. Fear mongers.

  17. Such a production. Lets keep everyone in fear. This is gravy. Wake up world.

  18. Wake up people, that building was taken down with controlled demolition. There are some bomb blasts outside first for show (see any rockets?) and then watch the entire ground levels taken out all at once. That's how it's done professionally, and no airstrike could make it look like that.

  19. When gods fight mortal suffer

  20. Israel is well known as a terrorist country autorized by the great powers in the world….USA stop feeding them with rockets and heavy weapons….

  21. Please MOAB the ever living F **K out of Gaza Strip.

  22. SO they chant allahuakbar even when other people are blowing up their buildings?
    😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

  23. I LOVE ISRAEL and Israelis !!!

  24. America should send Israel 7 times more money. Plus a few squadrons of F-22 RAPTOR fighter jets. the F-22 is a much more capable aircraft and much more stealthy than the F-35 fighters that Israel has. GO Israel, flatten Gaza and build more Israeli suburbs… EVERYWHERE! GOD BLESS ISRAEL !!!

  25. Oh dear …. Jews hu Akbar.

  26. Israel: "Illegal aliens, squatters, LEAVE NOW"
    Illegal aliens/squatters: "No! F you!"
    Israel: "Okay, have it your way…"

  27. dutch jesuits who sponsor rebels against ottomans. born the kingdom of saudi, including israel until now the leaders of the puppets, including Israel, depend on the British and Dutch jesuits. If they say, Israel is backing down. Israel is definitely backing down. the key is in the jesuits.

  28. What has humanity come to

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