Monday , November 30 2020
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Watch live: Cranes above collapsed Hard Rock Hotel demolished in New Orleans

Watch live coverage of the crane demolition of the Hard Rock Hotel that partially collapsed in New Orleans, La.

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Watch live: Cranes above collapsed Hard Rock Hotel demolished in New Orleans


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  1. Magnificent now they're stable for removal

  2. Use playback x0.25 and click this time 2:53:35

  3. No wonder they wanted the 5 million upfront, what they do hire a couple of republicans with some illegal dynamite to get rid of. Strictly amature, I hope they make the blasters clean up this screw up.

  4. They just made it so much more Dangerous, those Cranes could have been easily dismantled. now they did more damage .

  5. 👍🏾2:53:35🛎Save yourself ⏰ some time.

  6. I THINK THAT ERECTING ANOTHER CRANE AND TAKING IT APART PC. BY PC. WOULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER PLAN after all the work it took to place explosives they could have had a new crane in place which is what they probably have to do now anyway . not a sermon just a thought

  7. Why not just bring in the demolition crew that brought down the World Trade Center? Should be able to get their contact info from the CIA.

  8. A Majority of this stream is like watching paint dry. Do yourself a huge favor and go directly to 2:53:37.

    You're welcome

  9. The building collapsed. I think we can continue construction now. We can have coupon day during the opening week….

  10. Were any illegal immigrant workers injured at the site? THAT would be horrible, huh?

  11. How did they place explosives on the crane? WHY IS NO ONE ASKING THIS.

  12. Omg how are they gonna get it down now

  13. that really needed to be 3 hours long?

  14. They can't do anything right on this job site

  15. tune in next week for the 3 hour sequel…

  16. 50% successful, Now what are they going to do with the one on the right?

  17. You guys want a good conspiracy theory instead of those 9/11 stuff?
    These cranes didn't needed to be demolished by any means, there were way better solutions. Now start wondering why they'd do it.

  18. Wait for it…

    Keep waiting for it…

    Screw it. Go to 2:53:35. Hey, see ya the next time they try it.

  19. Bunch of morons. Instead of attaching the hook of the crane with, say, 5 ton of force, avoid the leaning for a week and dismantle at least the top of a new 280 EC-H 16 that had no damage, so the build would be safe (don't forget some of the tower sections were kinda holding a bit of the fallen structure), so, salvaging 2 cranes (one almost new), making the place way safer, what do they do? They EXPLODE! Now they have 30 ton hanging on the street on a balance, a crane hanging on the building and a worse situation. Who are these people? Is America now 3rd world? Morons.
    Liebherr was against this. Wtf was going on these people minds? 5 million $ in explosives? 1 M dollar cranes destroyed just for the sake of the spectacle? Crews could spend hours installing explosives, but then dismantling the upper part of the crane, that'd take half a day wasn't possible? How is it safer now? How is dismantling the crane that is "hugging" the building safer now?
    This will be a meme to attest to the incompetence of the people in charge of this decision.

  20. Save 2 hours, 53 minutes and 35 seconds of your life that you'll waste on this and go to 2:53:35

  21. A couple illegal Mexicans with hack saws would have done a better job, and probably for around a hundred bucks.

  22. NBC really? 3 hours of this? Just amazing

  23. The first 2:51 of the video was like a couple of still photos. Seems like NBC should have the capability t edit out the part of the video with zero activity.

  24. Just go to about 2:53:00 to finally see something of value

  25. 2:53:37 there, I saved you nearly 3 hours

  26. I just wish this video was longer.

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