Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Watch live: El Paso authorities update on mass shooting

Watch live coverage as authorities provide an update on the massacre in El Paso, Texas, that has claimed over 20 lives.
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  1. Stay away from our country and you well be okay

  2. Isn't the shootings, just like the infamous Ilhan(The Terrible)Omar, MSNBC racist & anti-sematic, would put it, "Somebody did something, to some people", nothing to see here, move along, go back to sleep sheeple, to the next mass causality drill.

  3. Congressional investigative hearingsinto DEEP STATE Mass shootings now!

  4. I’m white and I don’t understand the logic of Andrews moronic wife .. those shootings in Chicago are gang related killings .. the majority of those killings in Chicago .. but random shootings by white kids influenced by trumpedo is far worse .. I don’t understand why white peoples always bring up gang related shootings in Chicago to random mass shootings by hateful mentally competent white kids .. and plus mentally ill regarding these terrorist white kids is just an excuse to let them off easy .. I feel Andrews wife should be shot dead fir those horrible comments

  5. Y’all can get mad at me for this but this shooting isn’t bc of racism or loose gun control, it’s bc of mental illness, the average gun owner doesn’t go around shooting people, the average racist doesn’t go around killing people of other races, but a mentally ill person does and I think it’s obvious

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out only to the two white people that were shot and killed

  7. Pray For The Families ✊🏼🙏🏼 mexican’s didn’t deserve this 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 MEXICAN ARE ALLOWED TO BE IN THIS STATE 🇲🇽 🇲🇽

  8. This stuff keeps happening because you got the Democrats trying to use sadness and everything to take people's rights away Democrats do not want people to come together they want color against color they want jobs to go away high taxes and they want people to rely on them only they are nasty players they use these tactics to try to get people to be a victim to their self and they try to make people think they cannot better themselves when you have gun free zones the bad guys win when you give the rights to the people to protect themselves they will win I am sick and tired of Democrats always trying to destroy our country and trying to get color against color these gun-free zones are terrible this is not a fairytale this is the reality this is the real world you have the right to protect yourself against Keller's Keller's will get weapons of any kind they try to hurt you you have the right to protect yourself you're not a victim do not let Democrats make you a victim and make you think you're not worth anything pay taxes like everybody else work like everybody else and enjoy your life you cannot always stop a bad guy but you have the power to stop them and you should not let Democrats tell you you can't Trump 2020 do not let the Democrats win and make you a victim you are not a victim you are a somebody Republicans have fought Through The Years against Democrats even though remember Republicans in the Civil War days free the slaves they are for business and crate jobs so people can have a future people need to respect America language and America Way of life instead of being violent and hating and being treated like they are a victim when they're not a victim start respecting yourselves stop blaming others for your own personal problems

  9. Folks this one stinks to high heaven multiple Witnesses saw multiple Shooters dressed in black – How does one go on a 20-minute shooting spree doing all that damage with a single 30 round mag no blood no rush to save life in the paramedics there was one ambulance in all those videos I saw the photos of the guy they arrested the photos of the guy inside the store don't match the clothing doesn't match the location. Doesn't match this is a gun grab division false flag narrative wake up


  11. When a president starts mouthing racist remarks about immigrants and illegals, and you get a sicko taking it as gospel and going on a killing spree where once again the innocent pay. Heaven pray for those that died. Trump has a very dangerous mouth indeed and this kind of talk leads to extreme violence when taken to heart by uneducated, narrow minded racist bigots. I think the government in USA and most countries like when people are scared as it’s a great way to take advantage of people. As Bush used day “let’s give ‘em shock and awe”! Horrible really, I hate bullies like Trump that get a kick out of putting vulnerable people down and since he’s got into power the world is now a more dangerous place and closer to the mass conflict that he and his cronies want.

  12. If this doesn't show how divisive Trump is nothing does that his own citizens don't want him there. The Mayor is choking down his disgust.. It's crazy!

  13. he who started this hateful act is your president. it happened way before that gun man pulled the Triger


  15. Look at the brown men behind him as he bullsh#it about receiving.the racist and chief..

  16. Why would you possibly except the racists in Chief to visit your community…..why

  17. When Hispanics say"viva la raza " it is not from a place of racial superiority.Some people are triggered by it , so I brought it up.

  18. could this be a false flag to take our guns and free speech ff has been a strategic way to gain power to set new policies☮️💟➖

  19. El Pasco mayor is a racist like trump look at him taking up for trump.Vote him out next election the population 85 percent latino vote your racist problem out yall Mayor.

  20. Vote the Mayor out for letting trump come there he is a Republican he will do whatever criminal trump tells him.When criminal trump visit stay at home because he is coming with lies and no remorse.trump never did anything for anyone.Your community is your duty not Trump.peoples stay at home do not give trump the pleasure do not attend.And the peoples that do show up is trump supporters.know who your next door neighbor is.Trump just showing up because he feels its his duty but trump really doesn't want to come anyway because he started it and it will not stop until he is out of the Whitehouse.

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