Saturday , July 24 2021
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Watch Live: Far-Right, Extremist Groups Clash In Portland, Oregon | NBC News

Far-right, extremist groups clash in the streets after a rally turns violent Portland, Oregon.
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Watch Live: Far-Right, Extremist Groups Clash In Portland, Oregon | NBC News


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  1. Holyshit this liberal media is out of whack

  2. Only far right groups? What a Hoot. Portland city officials love the far alt-left, for some inane reason.

  3. Antifa should be a terrorist organization

  4. This video brought to you by NBC… the Nazi Broadcasting Corp.
    Lying and making excuses for ANTIFA and Leftists since day one.

  5. Dont let this distracts you from the fact that the Earth is round not flat.

  6. Extremist Groups Clash How about the left what you don't think they are radical

  7. Just curious, how much of Portland's scarce resources, which could've been used for other things, did the Proud Boys manage to waste? That being their stated intent. And did the American Guard and groups like them have a nice bund rally?!

  8. I like how the FAKe media calls people who embrace the Constitution “Far-Right”… this is why I trust NO MEDIA!

  9. And all the comments have hundreds of thumbs ups and zero thumbs down. I'm gunna share this on fb and Twitter after my suspensions are up. Lol communist swine hate when we speak…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸TRUMP 2020

  10. NBC news you lie like the commie loving dogs you are! Democrats, liberals, antifa and NBC all equal satan!

  11. Lots of butthurt proud losers here.

  12. Pretends far left is far right

  13. Should I still take my family on vacation here?

  14. Let me get this right NBC. Far right extremist groups were fighting with “nobody in particular” or a far left extremist group?

  15. I really beleive you guys don't know what an extremist group is

  16. What did anyone expect of a title from NBC Democratic Liberal News? Of course they are going to paint the picture against America, Patriots, Civil human beings and support Antifa by pretending they hardly exist. The CEO, the executives and board members of NBC and CNN should be arrested and tried for high treason against the people of the United States for misinformation that has led to violent Political and Race conflict in our country.

  17. NBC you are not honest. considering the dislikes, i am not the only one who think you are a bunch of far left haters

  18. great aerial footage NBC, BRAVE! here's a Truth injection: This is what happened inside… Not "Far-Right" but little ANTIFA TERRORISTS attacking a US Marine Vet minding his own business. Their faces hidden, violent and stupid, they look just like ISIS… All they need now is a beheading video and this was almost it. MSNBCNN and this leftist media narrative is the reason why these kids are angry and uninformed. This is the not-so-innocent result of FAKE NEWS, not Trump.

  19. Why won’t NBC call ANTIFA a “Far-Left Extremist Group?” 🤔🤔🤔 Hmmm I wonder why that is

  20. NBC is a joke fake news🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  21. For the love of god, can they come up with new chants? I've enjoyed watching Antifa make fools of themselves for a few years but their lack of creativity is starting to ruin it.

  22. So lovingAmerica and supporting the first amendment is now a far right position?

  23. How odd, Antifa and other Left Wing groups have been causing trouble, chaos for years and media ignores it. Right Wing groups finally make a showing to counter the Left wing attacks and the Media makes it seem like it's the Right wing doing all the trouble? Typical lying Media, truly sickening and very scary/DANGEROUS. WAKE UP USA.

  24. This new coverage is the extremist, clearly the left was the violent ones …. fake news

  25. Why you always lying, stop freaking lying,stop freaking lying you're making it hard for me

  26. The far left Is the 4th coming of the kay kay kay civil war my come next.

  27. They can't even admit that antifa is left wing. Or they're not allowed to.

  28. This is absolutely disgusting. Where is the extremist right wing in this video? All I see is a terrorist organization named Antifa terrorizing the city of Portland

  29. …yet another cathy-newman moment… so embarrassing…

  30. May we stand in solitary with the people of Portland as they speak out for democracy,freedom from depression,and a world they long to see.

  31. It was a end domestic terrorism even with every race of people in agreement with that.

  32. Wake up America ! Majority is supposed to rule , not minority ! We need to stick together ! Lives matter ? illegal alien lives matter ? What about the good lives that are now in the ground because of these criminals? America needs a lot of taller trees and shorter ropes ! We could have free national healthcare for what we spend keeping murderers alive in our prison systems. We suffer while they get free healthcare. Watching TV , playing basketball, free gym membership, room and board. I’m sick of the BS ! Antifa wants to play , let’s play ! They only have balls in numbers, one on one , they are cowardly little crybabies ! Kneeling for our national anthem and flag , if you don’t like it, get the fudge OUT ! Can’t have prayers in school because one little Johney atheist , then go start your own school without prayer , get home schooled !

  33. NBC = FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it. You aren't fooling anyone but those people who are already fools. Look at your dislike count and wake up!!

  34. Typical media twisting the story. I didn’t see ANYONE throwing rocks , swinging bats , throwing punches, spraying people in the face with pepper spray or mace . I didn’t hear any name calling. This so called “ Clash “ is bulls**t !

  35. NBC… Now you know why so many people are cutting the cord and just going strait Internet. You must think that we are all a bunch of blind morons if you think we can't see that this big group of spoiled cowards are simply marching in mass so they can punch-out old ladies for the thrill of it. They are are simply this generation's bunch of "I'm so left that I'm cool." When Portland is already so far left then what must you be to be considered, "I'm so left that I'm cool?" This Antifa bunch has no purpose other than to look for excuses to feel powerful and provoke normal people into becoming their targets. Portland mayor, you are the worst coward I have ever seen. Now they are carrying knives and being even more merciless. It is on your head for not simply requiring of this group basic civility to voice their message as all generations past. MLK would spit on these jackals.

  36. Disgraceful antifa terrorist run wild in the streets of Portland no police in sight. Boycotts of Oregon merchandise will be inevitable until the Governor stops this terrorist cell going by the name Antifa.

  37. Far right lol. Ppl who love America are now far right. Smfh

  38. Antifa needs a new name, terrorists.

  39. Enemy of the people, NBC lying once again. Inflaming and dividing Americans.

  40. The Proud Boys for years have helped organize street fights in Portland, Oregon ― gatherings thinly veiled as political freedom rallies in order to secure permits or police escorts from the city.

  41. Huh…. even with editing the only weapons being carried are by ANTIFA. The only hate messages are by ANTIFA. Globalists are losing this one. I love seeing the layoffs happening on the Leftist/Communist/Globalist networks. Your money is drying up and soon there will be no will to carry the message if people are not being paid to push it.

  42. The only extremists were antifa. They're fascists who want to violently enforce their agenda.

  43. Newly Biased Channel strikes again – quit ignoring ANTIFA liars.

  44. can't believe nbc is being dishonest

  45. Imagine that Trump is BOTH a "nazi" AND "King of the jews". Quite an accomplishment😁

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