Friday , January 21 2022
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Watch live: Mexican foreign minister speaks from El Paso

Watch live coverage as Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard speaks on the fatal shooting from the Mexican consulate in El Paso, Texas.
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  1. Americans are fools, they always bring to light the drug traffickers in Mexico to justify themselves.

  2. Yet the murder rate in Mexico is 3X higher than in USA!

  3. They need to give this El Paso shooter to Mexico, like Mexico gave El Chapo to United States..🤔

  4. Let's start pointing fingers at Mexico for having inhuman living conditions for their people and have to flee their home country.

  5. Screw ball president of mexico u cant get your hands on that men ..How many of your people have killed american people i can say a lot more then this men did ..and oit of all the us citizens your people have killed how many if theae Bean dogs aee atill in mexico u never lifter a hand for are people who were killed by your people

  6. The translator is not the best person to translate such a sensitive subject. He's translation was very poor, he missed many important keywords that were said on this conference. Going forward the translators has to be able to send the exact message. Very important to do so!

  7. The illiterate, brown-skin, communist, low-life indigenous-n@cos aka "PejeZombies" are not welcome in USA.

  8. Such hypocrites! Since when have Mexico cared for its citizens? What a JOKE!

  9. The translator missed the part where it’s also international law that allows Mx besides its laws to investigate and prosecute acts of Terrorism against its citizens in foreign territory.

  10. Never thought I would live to see the day… scary times

  11. Unleash the ruthless and powerful Mexican Drug Cartels in Miami, Florida ! and problem fixed.

  12. Uzi made in Israel, AK-47 made in Russia and AR-15 made in USA. The weaponry industry is pure evil.

  13. Corrupt drug money launderer Donald Trump and Fox Jews are America's public enemies.

  14. Lmao what?

    Go back and worry about your own country 😂😂😂

    Mass student graves, police cartel corruption, mass crime wave violence since 2011


    Wow you're from Mexico City and your mama safe huh? No

    Don't worry about us.
    See ya Amigo ! 👮👉🚪

  15. Never in my lifetime I thought I will see a similar Isis type of terrorist group be a threat to the USA.God bless America and all the good people in the world.

  16. This is such a tragic event . This needs to stop. As an American I’m shameful that my people are doing this . My heart goes out for all the victims and El Paso

  17. The submissive, illiterate, populist-communist-evangelical president of Mexico: "AMLO" is a C 0 w A r d‼

  18. The pale-fat Hatemongers with red hats, hate Islam, Mexicans, Blacks, Native-Americans, Indians, Muslims, Nazis, Aryans, Caucasians, Catholics….. they cry antisemitism and pretend to be victims. Hollywood is on drugs and the anti-Christ is in the White House.

  19. It’s Sad. So many hate comments & white supremacy on Mexico trying to help US. This is what fuels these kind of terrorist attacks

  20. it was a TERRORIST act against Mexicans and México.

    Donald Trump loves so so so so much the J'ews and Israel… but he hates so so so so much México and Mexicans. . . . . . . . connect the dots.


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