Watch LIVE Oscars 2023: pre-show of the 95th Academy Awards and red carpet

#oscars #oscar2023 #oscars2023 #redcarpet #oscar95 Academy Award nominees and Hollywood stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars 2023 and bring glamor to Hollywood’s biggest night. Watch the Academy Awards at 8 p.m. ws/3bzvQQn

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Bharat 💪 Proud moment 💪

  2. does anyone have a link where we can see the award ceremony? thank you!!!!


  4. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooyuhhhhhddhfhh


  6. Glad Mr James Hong gave the told his true personal stories of racism in Hollywood; HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL
    of the 2 interviewers to cut him off.

  7. Where can i watch the show?

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  9. This was a lot more watchable then the Grammys 😮

  10. Mister Austin merita din plin Oscarul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. this was AWEFUL.. SO woke and guess how many STARS they talked to? Yeah what a joke just awful.. no wonder no one watches fake news any more

  12. THIS WAS THE WORST ACADEMY AWARDS-OSCARS CEREMONY EVER! (I have attended an actual Oscar ceremony in March 1986 at Chandelier pavilion, and walked the red carpet twice: 1986 and 1987, as I was on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT in 1987). WRONG BEST ACTOR WON! WRONG BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS WON! WRONG BEST SONG WON! DEFINITELY WRONG BEST PICTURE WON, WHICH WAS THE WORST EVER! THAT MOVIE IS STUPID. I HAD SEEN ALL 7 OF 10 BEST PICTURE NOMINEES. THIS WAS THE WORST! AUSTIN BUTLER DID THE BEST PERFORMANCE. BASSETT DID THE BEST. ACADEMY IS STILL RELATIVELY RACIST. AT LEAST GOLDEN GLOBES GOT IT CORRECT! ONLY CORRECT PICKS WERE: BEST ACTRESS: YEOH, BEST FOR TOP GUN:MAVERICK, BEST COSTUME: BLACK PANTHER:WAKANDA FOREVER. THAT IT IS. ANOTHER THING WRONG: THE MEMORIUM! PAUL SORVINO, AND 3 OTHERS MISSING. OHHHH they complained about time! TIME!?! The damn show runs 3 1/2hours! THEY CANNOT ADD 1 MINUTE TO SHOWCASE THESE ONES WHO DIED! and a special oscar should go to austin butler for playing Elvis. AND WHAT HAPPENED TO A TIE! HAPPENED IN 1968 FOR BEST ACTRESS. HOLLYWOOD HAS NO TASTE FOR TALENT. I own over 22,000 movies on video, dealt with/met over 400 celebs. Saturate myself with Hollywood and awards (OSCARS, GLOBES, SAG, ETC). Been watching and recording these award show, especially Oscars since 1972 (first on audio cassette, then in 1983 on VHS videotape, and starting in year 2000 on blank dvds).51 years. I WILL NOT WATCH OSCARS EVER AGAIN. I hope the ratings for oscars diminish! SCREW OSCARS!

  13. lol nicki minajs tweet…. xDDD

  14. 8 hours of this mindless crud ?

  15. Why was Idris Elba not nominated if I may ask?

  16. Jame came movie are not the sharing of him feeling

  17. 棒棒哒!黑豹 black Panther

  18. The Oscars is a joke.I have never heard of these nominees.How dare they insult Angela like that shameful.

  19. Why havent they created a Black Panther award or Something?

  20. I stop wayching thr Oscars years ago.I dont understand why Our actors and actoress of colour keep accepting the disrespect.