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Watch live: Police update on shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola

At least three people were killed and multiple others were injured after a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.

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Watch live: Police update on shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola


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  1. Sad that the sherriff has to assure the public that his office will tell the truth about the investigation.

    So many challenges to military and law enforcement officers in Florida and Hawaii … And at such a solemn anniversary for the armed forces… 🙏🏼

  2. My brother was stationed here for two years, just graduated with his wings and shipped out to another base a few weeks ago. Seems very surreal for our family.

  3. That’ means trump gonna ask Saudi for more money 🙂

  4. How foolish can America get? The shooter, they claim, was there for cross training and was part of an allied government. Really? Since when was Saudi Arabia – a country who supplied 17 of the 19 World trade Center plane hijackers and who last year had its Prince order the assassination of a Saudi/American
    Journalist an ally? How is this oppressive regime an ally? Unreal. 🤔

  5. hey, just exercising the 2nd Amendment…

  6. How sad that people are hurt; blessings to the victims and their families.

  7. This is how I feel about you white people shooting each other click! https://youtu.be/XU7gnMSzf_c

  8. I have a question???? Why are the US Military personnel not allowed to carry weapons on a base. When I was in service we were not restricted in weapons management, unless we were going to the Generals or Admirals office structure. We never called in the local law enforcement. This should have never come about. ]

  9. The Saudis from 911 were trained to pilot in Florida also.

  10. cheryl has a pretender going to the bathroom in the early a m. this girl isnt able to control herself and locals seem to know this. y does she use internet. y bathroom. dont involve me please in cheryls game. herdaughtet amber wears the peach in size 18 and sleeps with a dirty blankie outside in the streets. ask state agents…cheryl wears ragged red coat. if i am this girl going doo dooin the road, y dont u know cheryl.

  11. Your government lies down with the headchoppers, you lose your heads.

  12. if even a navy base isnt safe how tf the schools supposed to be safe

  13. No one says terrorist…or muslim these days…I guess it was a random saudi guy….

  14. But Saudi Arabia wasn't part of the Muslim. Hmm wonder why

  15. Stop training these terrorists in OUR military

  16. I don’t support the troops so I’m glad this happened.

  17. So sorry for all victims family's we prays and prays for your family God bless you.

  18. I am arbc American please don’t let the People come from suada arbi to com to 🇺🇸 USA

  19. So sorry for your lose this saudi guy does not define us this is unfortunate

  20. "For Saudi Air Forces to do this … " a US official should be smart enough to know that an individual did the shooting Not the whole Saudi Air force, there has been hundreds of Saudi soldiers who trained on US soil before him and they did nothing …. most likely the shooter was mentally ill or something (yes non-white can be mentally ill) … a US official should calm people Not incite racism and divide between people !

  21. The sheriff is already telling us that we will not be getting details of what happened. Nice.

  22. Saudi Air Force confirmed ! Big yikes !!!

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