Monday , November 29 2021
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Watch live: SpaceX launches Israeli satellite AMOS-17

Watch live coverage as SpaceX launches an Israeli satellite, AMOS-17, from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
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  1. It's crazy how we can just toss crap into space in 10 minutes.

  2. Has anyone noticed that when looking at a diagram of the "observable universe" earth, earth just happens to be at the centre of everything, SPOOKY! Therefore there is definitely a god and moses saved all the animals and if you look carefully the t-rexes work part time in pound land

  3. What kind of insurance will I need to fly one'dem rockets 3rd party only? And has anyone got any skins

  4. The cooperation between Israel & U.S. is at an all time high!

  5. Does this mean the United States can finally stop sending aid to Israel? Since the 1970's, Israel has received more foreign aid per person than any other nation on Earth. If Israel has space program they must be doing all right. After all, foreign aid is for poor nations.

  6. Because Israel can't do it themselves.

  7. One minute on and it's supersonic. Super video coverage. Thanks! Love it!

  8. Why stage 1 wont be recovered? 🙁

  9. Why is it I never get tired of making fun of space fiction.

    As smart as the space folks think they are, why haven't you first built bases on the moon yet?

    Mars bases? Pluto?

    1969 NASA goes to moon and back WITHOUT ONCE DROPPING THE LIVE FEED, YET TODAY they STILL can't give people an 24 hour livestream of the earth from space..

    Or make a phone that loses a signal when traveling under a tunnel


  10. My dad took a video of the rocket thinking it was a UFO😂 check it out:

  11. 69 Blue Origin employees have watched this video so far!

  12. Guardians of the planet x!👽👨‍🚀👩‍🚀10987654321 arriva!!!!

  13. Watched it from Cocoa Beach, nice👍🌴

  14. looks pretty round to me…do we really need to engage in this lunacy flat earth bollux? Magellan circumnavigated the earth in the 1500s

  15. And I still don't have a car. People think that I'm a joke.

  16. Well we already give you money and weapons Israel, can we launch your satellites too? Anything else we can do?

  17. Does someone realise that in 100 years people will look at this archive same as we look at the likes of Wright Bros, Tesla, etc. Exactly the same characteristics. General public largely ignorant of this apart from the few in the industry and the space enthusiasts. Before you know it, children will take the rocket to go on a lunar summer camp, university degrees will have mandatory placements aboard space stations, mars routes will be as common as flights between London and New York, a whole new branch of traffic control will be needed, people will marry in zero gravity, space mining companies will be worth zillions and the list goes on. The next big thing will be on how we reach alpha centauri in a sensible amount of time. Don't know why but this perspective fascinates me.

  18. Arr …satellite? have you ever seen any? I fly a lot, not a single one ever to be spotted. Telescopes can see the craters on the Moon and no satellites either, hmmm, why nobody here pops any questions? Static pictures, no perspective, what a cheap toy with a timer, the worse lie ever in history of NASA. Si-Fi films are better. You actually do not show anything here! the camera did not even shake, because it is so fake! Another rocket trying to break the dome? Bang! and then the deluge comes, because there is a lot of water above…who believes these lies yet? only those who never heard of Van Allen Belt, why to waste so much money for lies? how many hungry people would have a decent meal today if that much money (the cost of stupid toy) was given to them? Shame on you NASA! you are known as Never A Straight Answer for a long time. You take us for stupid, but we now know the truth…yet the prophet from the Bible Amos – scriptures given for the last days, there are no coincidences! Illuminati in action, trying to guess how many naive people still live on the Earth.

  19. Hello there!
    I believe that it was 5 Suns that were in the background as lift off was taken place.

  20. Hello there!
    I believe that there were 3 Suns in the background as lift off was taken place.

  21. there is no israel
    free palestine

  22. "AMOS 17" Come on people…they don't choose these names for no reason…

    Amos 1:7 "And I will send fire into the wall of Gaza, and it shall consume its palaces."

    All these rockets do is go up and curve into the ocean. Satellites are a hoax. Hopefully no one is harmed when this thing falls back down after exhausting all its fuel.

  23. Do they launch Andy next? You know, Amos & Andy?


  25. what is the ring that fell off at 6:00?

  26. Congratulations!AMOS-17 launch!nice name😊I hope you put a shield to protect it from intense solar radiations especially electromagnetic strong pulses…laboratory simulation tests must have been conducted …think of putting it in the less probable zone of impact when the SHTF. Probably, a big number of these space toys will be fried soon, I hope it's a new generation one, and I hope it will be used only to benefit and advance mankind.

  27. 35:03 alien UFO appears from right bottom corner

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