Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Watch live: Trump announces state funding to combat opioid crisis

At a White House event, President Trump will announce $1.8 billion in funding to states to continue combating the opioid crisis.

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Watch live: Trump announces state funding to combat opioid crisis


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  1. Oh lord, Why does the President need to address his personal property..all the time!?! (But..but…he has gold silverware…Whnaa 😣😖😭). Omg! 😹

  2. I literally felt the sunshine on my face the day this man was elected! (Or the removal of the dismal, gloomy cloud). 🙂

  3. How about helping chronic pain patients who have been forgotten in all this?
    This whole "opioid epidemic" crap has gotten completely out of control. When will you realize it is a fentanyl heroin epidemic now. Why? Because you made it that by taking away legitimate pain medication from the people who need it most. Hello? Not everyone who takes pain medication becomes an addict. Only the ones who were addicts to begin with. And news flash, they will always find a way to get high. Always have always will.

  4. Being programmed, that's what governments do best …programming .mind CONTROL.

  5. NEW OPIOID APPROVED:The other side of the coin:The Food and Drug Administration is approving a powerful new opioid painkiller, the agency announced Friday. The drug, called Dsuvia, has been controversial: Some advocates (and even the chair of the FDA's advisory committee on painkillers) have publicly opposed its approval. "[I]f approved, Dsuvia will be abused and start killing people as soon as it hits the market," the advocacy group Public Citizen wrote to the Washington Post before the decision was announced. IT WAS APPROVED!!!
    An independent panel of scientists made rec. to the FDA in 2017. At that time, scientists argued for "opioid exceptionalism" and suggested opioid-specific regulations like tighter rules on ADVERTISING opioids and funding education for doctors on best practices for managing pain.

  6. I can't wait for this stupid country to collapse. Just like King Louis 16th and Marie Antoinette, there is no escape for everybody.

  7. yes trumps the most devoted clearly by the way he presented his school paper im no saying im not glad hes doing these thing but really

  8. my bro. nurse practitioner just increased my bro. opium after E.R. dr told him in hospital release form to stop them.

  9. These leaders have little to no capacity to comprehend America's drug problem, as evidenced by their rhetoric. These corporate prostitutes who play central roles in getting millions hooked, then bilk the taxpayers again while govt comes in to punish the addicts with violence for seeking alternatives to their addiction…this is a racket, cold stop. Those in power who sat on their thumbs and allowed this menace to evolve in the first place should be fired, swept out of office in disgrace, put in jail, and held to account for whatever part they played. As with everything else, there is no accountability. Nobody will get fired. Nobody will pay. The *&% will roll downhill and the addicted will pay the full price for it. Another load in the same old wash. Now we need more "combat" and "more money flowing". That's the essence of the very problem they're "trying" to solve. If heads were rolling, if a lot less money was flowing, we could take a bite out of this nonsense.

  10. An empty podium: largely symbolic of his entire presidency.

  11. I thought fighting drugs was to lock them up? What happened to that strategy?

  12. Anyone else notice him jerking his body around? what is with that?

  13. What happened to "just say no". That's right that failed miserably because the kids that were raised on that one are the same kids that are addicted to opioids!!! BTW I have a wonderful pain management doctor here in Louisville, Doctor Bill Haney, who would never allow me to be addicted because he gives me injections in place of high amounts of narcotics. If you live in the general area I suggest that you look them up.

  14. Most people wouldn't have known about the HIV epidemic if Trump had mentioned it two years ago???? Ummm…… WTF?!? (Trump was asleep through the whole HIV/AIDS epidemic in the '80s and '90s alone, I guess. . . My brother died from AIDS)
    Also, I hate to say this, but I blame doctors even more than drug companies. We've known opiates were addictive for over 40 years, so how did this even become a 'thing'? It's mystifying that SO many doctors seemed to throw everything they learned in medical school out the window, and started writing insane amounts of opiates, even though they knew it was addictive. I have a hard time believing that pressure from drug companies or slick ad campaigns could persuade countless doctors to forget their educations. No, I don't have a rational answer as to how this happened, but I can't put it all on the drug companies.
    And lastly, as a disabled person (I was injured severely when a drunk driver hit me)I've found that this insanity regarding the wreckless over prescribing of opiates, has now had an unfortunate effect. These drugs were designed for a reason, and there are people that DO need drugs of this type, or equal efficacy… but because of the huge 'cultural' push against such drugs, we have to jump enormous hurdles to get them. For myself, who has been taking prescription 800mg Ibuprofen for many years, there are times that I need something stronger. I've generally asked my doctor for 5 to 10 pills a MONTH, to take for severe pain days. This is NOT a quantity that would be addictive. Yet, in the last year, it's becoming almost impossible to get legitimate prescriptions for it. Why? Because of massive oversight of prescription writing, to the degree that even asking for such small quantities puts a red flag into one's medical record, regardless of legitimate need. This is not helpful.
    There has to be a point where 'medical need' is distinguished from 'chemical dependency'. As a society, we need to be able abate our knee jerk labeling of ANY person that requires opiates for legitimate reasons automatically, as 'addicts', merely because they require pain medication stronger than non-opiates.


  16. There needs to be a balance between appropriate pain management and just handing out pain pills. Right now, it's very difficult to get appropriate pain management because the doctors went from handing out pills in buckets to not prescribing pain medication at all.

  17. For the love of god he reads from a script like a child

  18. When this "president" talks I want to put screw drivers in my ears

  19. The opioid crisis/epidemic is MEDIA-HYPED HYSTERICAL BS! Relief from severe chronic incurable pain is a HUMAN RIGHT! BECAUSE OF THE HYSTERIA, doctors are putting their licenses at risk for doing the right thing, for prescribing opioids for pain!!!!! Pain KILLS people when they are denied significant relief. Opioids can provide significant relief. There is no substitute. BUT even when a doctor will prescribe an opioid, they limit the dose to a less than satisfactory level of relief, OUT OF FEAR OF THE SOCIETAL HYSTERIA. IT IS INSANE! The hysteria is promoted by sanctimonious meddlers who have never really been in pain. NO ONE WHO HAS EVER HAD INTENSE NONSTOP UNENDING 24/7 PAIN WOULD DENY ANOTHER PERSON SUFFICIENT RELIEF FROM THAT PAIN. People who suffer severe chronic incurable pain have two choices in getting significant relief: get opioids, or go for the big sleep. People who have not experienced severe chronic incurable pain 24/7 can not comprehend the appeal of suicide. The anti-opioid zealots need to be afflicted with severe incurable chronic pain……THEN they would have a right to express an opinion about opioid pain medications, the people who manufacture them, and the people who use them.

  20. When will he announce federal funding to combat his brain failure?

  21. Oh no lets have another war on drugs. Let attack White communities the way Black communities were attacked by the law.

  22. Oh wait, Mexico will pay for it.

  23. Tariffs revenue must be reaping rewards for the treasury. He seems to have plenty of taxpayers money to splash around lately .

  24. Than you very much President Trump for helping people who are on these deadly, toxic drugs. These terrible drugs get them hooked and they are very expensive to buy!! Drug dealers, are murderers and should be given the death penalty!! I lost my young beautiful daughter to heroin in 2014!! No justice has been done on this!! Drug dealers just keep getting away with this illegal criminality!! It effects families too!! Justice needs to be done!! And education should given in schools about the dangers of these terrible deadly drugs, from middle school on up!! GOD BLESS YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP for helping those that really needs it! These drug addicted people truly needs this help as they are hooked and have no money or insurance!!

  25. I dont want my tax dollars used to save these worthless junkies. Let them die!!!!

  26. CRUSH the TRUMPROACH & MAGAts in 2020, America…

  27. The opioid crisis is worse under this orange clown,.

  28. Stop pushing drugs on television, radio, at the gas station , in Walmart, magazines, internet. Outlaw prescription drug advertising.

  29. Day care generation raised on Ritalin and graduated to Opium. Did not learn to handle small problem as a child, and cannot deal with life's lessons.

  30. Oh look, after a few rounds of golf while the Bahamas were getting annihilated, our corrupt incompetent heartless lying Traitor in Chief is once again briefly pretending to do his job. 😖


  31. I hope that they impeach this moron before he destroys the earth! Reagan closed all the mental health facilities and put them on the streets, not the states or the governors.

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