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Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 15, 2019 (Day 2) | NBC News

The House Intelligence Committee holds its second public hearing in President Trump’s impeachment inquiry. Witnesses include Marie Yovanovitch, Former US Ambassador to Ukraine.
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Watch Live: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Hearings – November 15, 2019 (Day 2) | NBC News


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  1. The impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump was approved by the House of Representatives in October 2019 for going into. The inquiry related to alleged misuse of power by President Trump in relation to bringing pressure on Ukraine to investigate his potential political rival Joe Biden in coming 2020 Presidential election. It seems necessary evidence has been taken and now a stage has come when further course of action is to be decided in the House. About this , response of a White House spokesperson has appeared on 23 November saying that President Trump wants impeachment trial to go forward in the Senate because he expects to receive due process there when he will have opportunity to question witnesses including Joe Biden.

    In this context , readers may find it of interest to know this Vedic astrology writer’s prediction of early May 2019 in article – “ Mid 2019 to November 2020 for President Donald Trump – A Vedic astrology view” published on 1 June , 2019 in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine at wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/5060/. The text of the predictive alert precisely suggestive of something worrisome like impeachment inquiry for President , reads like this :-

    “ The month of October in present year 2019 looks to be particularly worrisome , calling for more care , appropriate strategy and much needed patience. Machinations or designs of those opposing him , within the US or from among global community , can gather more steam. Some friends may likely distance with him. Severe storms or earthquake or volcano eruption in vulnerable regions in the US are likely. Some worrisome concerns related to energy resources or food stuff or communal issues can be likely.”

    The likely course of planetary impacts for President Trump in November 2019 and after in 2020 was also indicated by this writer in the said article of early May published on 1 June 2019 referred to here before.

  2. Lol wtf is with Nunes and talking about nude pics of Trump, perv

  3. ambo yov hangs her head ……………..in shame …..funny how truth hurts

  4. The republicans were barely allowed to speak in this hearing

  5. You can’t impeach trump and defend Biden at the same time. All of the time they spend defending Biden ruins their credibility.

  6. Who were the two other people that was supposed to be on the phone with Morrison from the whitehouse counsel? Why we're they both not on the call? Isn't that why Morrison saved the call? So they(?) were able to hear it? Are they being held from testifying? What are their names? Was there an arrangement to have them absent?

  7. If this was about investigating a corrupt Ukrainian company with a private American citizen this wouldn’t be going on. But the democrats are scared shitless that Biden corruption will be made public.

  8. Thanks for cutting off the testimony after 5 hours of watching this for your own commentary. Disappointed in you NBC.

  9. Is Nunez alright in the head? Does he think the people can’t see what’s going on? He must believe the general public is full of idiots

  10. Republican : can I sa….


  11. So shouldn’t the chairman guy be like a moderator? You know simply telling when ppl can and can’t talk and maybe asking the witnesses some questions just to figure out the facts?

    Like I feel as the boss of the room his opening statement should be like “oh we’re here because it’s possible trump abused his power and here’s what he did that’s in question” instead of “ orange man bad, he mean and he break laws and need go” lol

  12. CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR, the new york times, all of you get on with what your supposed to be doing!!!!!! your rating are down because this is stupid !!!!!!!!

  13. She needs a new fade. Any barbers 💈?

  14. If I tell you that you are being programmed, you will probably battle with me and not believe..Not only are you being programmed on what to think, you are being programmed on when to laugh and how hard to laugh..Here is a simple test to prove this to yourself..
    On your favorite Sitcom . that you think is funny, turn the volume all the way down to where you can just barely hear the voices.
    Now, only listen to the laugh track, this will be easy because the laugh track will be louder and clear.. Count how many times you will be subject to the laugh track, some are louder and longer..This will surprise you. This is the Matrix..The Owners controlling you when to laugh at crap that's not even funny..
    These same owners are in bed with publishers of newspapers, magazines, and owners of all the major social media outlets, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MSN and others..
    Once you do this for yourself, you will see the mind control you are being subjected to everyday, especially the news.
    Take back your brain.
    Good Luck..

  15. Adam Schiff is a child brained demonic agent of chaos

  16. Abassador, is orange man bad?
    Uhhh…I'm actually here to…

    I repeat, is orange man bad?

    Okay, but is he really bad?

  17. I’m 50mins in and listening to her talk about her past like that matters in this process?

  18. How Obvious and gross, I will never vote Demoncrat again

  19. Nice Cut NBC… You kept everything open for quite some time… and then cut out a republican line of questioning for your comments on the hearing so far…

    Interesting choice. Thanks at least to CNN for covering the part you cut… I love seeing how "FAIR" the treatment is.

  20. Democrats have nothing but lies

  21. May I ask a question, please correct me if I’m wrong thank you:
    1. If trumps gets impeached would Vice President mike take over for him or a designated survivor as an acting president?
    2. Is this just delaying tactics? I mean in the next election, wouldn’t it be easier if you just not vote for trump as president? What I mean to say is that by impeaching him you’re just giving him an early vacation, he’ll be rich still after this anyway.
    3. Lastly, before the Ukraine phone call, people could have just impeached him at first sight when he told everyone Mexico was going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it? I mean that was already crazy enough to make you think you voted for the wrong guy right?

    All of this makes no sense to me at all I feel like everyone is just wasting there time doing this, while what we are really supposed to be doing is tending to real world problems, trump could be gone in November 2020, I mean what more can he do?

    After he’s presidency if you really want to sue him do it then, a lot of government projects are now pending because of this plus trade wars with other countries.

    Instead of this why don’t you guys just ignore them, they are clearly just seeking attention, I mean who posts on tweeter all the time who has time to that every second?

    Thank you for reading this, I don’t mean to offend you, it just occurred to me that this is a total waste of all of your time, this is pure good press bad press commercial and everyone who’s anyone is just milking the cow at this point who is involve in this, ignore this and focus on the things that matter to you, focus on yourself, your family and other love ones.

    This will be over soon. And I hope for all your sakes your next president will be a proper one.

  22. I think the Republican strategy from the beginning should have been to ask two questions and only two questions of each witness:

    1.) Do you have any first hand knowledge of the President being involved in bribery?

    2.) Do you have any first hand knowledge of the President breaking any law?

    After that, they should have yielded all their time back. Every time they continue to question these not-actually-witnesses they give credence to them.

  23. I'm embarrassed for the Country.. although, I understand without definitely being determined to be enlightened.. In other words, I been lied too, twisted and snatched.. As a American and knowing my resume of life, I feel to take the liberty of choosing to look pass the mud slides and focus on MAGA. I have alloted to revolt against details of disgracing any leader especially Donald Trump as being a traitor of a Country that made him great. We ask only for the Country to look pass all the impossible acts and discussions of our leader and to consider that his plan to Make America Great Again is tainted by those whom want to inform wrong instead of right.. For in God we trust..

    God placed his leaders and although many leaders are Good.. Donald Trump is Greater in the Hands of God to steer our country into it's next movement…


    Salute to Donald Trump our 45th president and remarkably striking in God's integrity…


    He stands even in humility….

    God bless The United States of America and Donald Trump…


  24. Clinton 🇺🇸was also impeached⚖ yet served full term and most dumb🤔 founded Americans🤷‍♀️ still don't even know. TRUMP🇺🇸 is part of the 💻QUANTUM NWO which has replaced the 👴👵old order. Nada will happen to him, like Epstein👶

  25. get rid of electoral college. we wouldn't have this mess to deal with in the first place..

  26. the impeachment committee should all be sent to a labor camp for treason for trying to bring down our Great Leader Trump who cares for us and loves us. (at least thats how Trump and his buddy Kim feel about it)

  27. Another win for the Democrats another loss for the Republicans!

  28. Why is shifty schiff blocking the Republicans witnesses, the People want to hear from them????

  29. It does not matter to me what they find now. You do not get to dig through the President's stuff until you find something impeachable. Talk about fruit from poison'd trees.

  30. More nonsense from the gender confused Democratic Party.

  31. OMG! trump really is a RUSSIAN SPY!!

  32. I am so suprised they didnt have a couch rolled out so they could ask more about her feelings.

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