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Watch live: Trump presents Medal of Valor to Dayton officers who stopped mass shooter

President Trump awards the Medal of Valor and Heroic Commendations to six police officers who stopped the mass shooting gunman in Dayton, Ohio, on August 4th.

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Watch live: Trump presents Medal of Valor to Dayton officers who stopped mass shooter


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  1. You think obama would have done this?

  2. Pessoal ele confessou eu sou Laive é Waif .ele é fact ect ta tudo explicado. Que todos os desastres. Cometido. Foram dele mesmo e tentado com Muslims.

  3. this is a farce. I can't believe NBC is giving the platform to pathologically falsificatory and criminal trump-pence regime i.e. those who enable the rampant assault arms trade and that way ARE COMPLICIT IN DOMESTIC TERRORISM IN AMERICA! NBC – what is wrong with you?

  4. GOD BLESS YOU TRUMP AND YOUR PRECIOUS OHANA!!!! God bless America, the lost and the hurting souls of America the nation is rebellion against GOD

  5. Trump ran from draft claiming a fake heal spike Now he is chief of armed forces and giving hero medals. Holy sheit


  7. I can say this is the best thing hes done so far as president. Gongrats trump

  8. Don’t take away anything from the Heroes no matter how you feel about Trump!

    People died! Let that sink in!

  9. Hope he will look into having background checks enforced with Red Flag laws after this ceremony because he cannot leave us out here to die by those who have no sense of bigger understanding as well as anyone insecure

  10. What a farse. Barr is the most dishonest Attorney General I can ever remember. And what about gun control? When are we going to talk about that?

  11. LMAO support until he ends up in jail

  12. Amazing president who puts American first.

  13. Imagine getting a Medal of Valor from a man who has none. No thanks. Meaningless.

  14. So we're just passing out medals now for people doing their job? I'm so sick of Forrest Trump's publicity stunts. Let me know when he passes out a purple heart to anyone opens his car door. It's a Super Saiyan bargain sale

  15. I can’t believe they shook his hand!

  16. I’m amazed he isn’t awarding a medal to some Jew or based black. Well I guess he could award one to ASAP rocky since he’s both. But I digress.

  17. We treasure you, but now I'll steal from your children's education to build my RACIST vanity wall.

  18. All the liberals trying to make this look bad is pathetic. Trump isn’t giving out these awards, our country is. These people all risked there own lives to save others. And half the people in the comments are trying to make it look like a political push. Pathetic

  19. He's looking especially Evil today.

  20. He "used to get paid to make speeches"– who would waste their money on Cheeto, the Commander and Thief?

  21. Isn't it weird that on today when congress is coming back into session to talk about guns, Impeachment, Whitehouse probe and funding he, out the blue, host a ceremony to honor ONLY Dayton Ohio police "good guy with a gun" to distract us from him using our money to fund his trips to his Sweden resort?👀🤔 All I can say is Mitch McConnell is going to "Filibuster" and waste these 45 days.😶😞

  22. 🖕💩🤣🖕💩🖕🤣💩🤣💩🖕

  23. I feel bad for those people receiving Medal of Valor from a honour-less con.
    I did not watch this video (too gross), ….. can some tell me – did the medal burned his hands? lol😂😂

  24. Shame that trump should never be anywhere near that medal, he’s undeserving of even being near it

  25. But there was a mass shooting… so they didn't 'stop' it right? They 'ended' it. Which is just as awesome. Way to go.

  26. Get a life people. Your obsessed with trump. This is about the heroes who sacrificed and saved lives . You got to make everything about trump. It's sad and you got another term to deal with it

  27. Here's the report of the CIA and how a renegade Mormon managed to get six million Jews in Europe killed — one Jew in three were killed by the psychopath Dr. John Cooley Gunnell:

    FOIA | CIA FOIA (foia.cia.gov)
      FOIA Sort by Field Direction FOIA six million jews Search found 144146 items Filter by Collection: A Life in Intelligence – The Richard Helms Collection (29) Apply A Life in Intelligence – The Richard Helms Collection filter A-12 OXCART Reconnaissance Aircraft Documentation (1) Apply A-12 OXCART …

  28. Look at the abrupt and theatrical stopping of the hand clap to which to sheep immediately stopped and sat.. Does anyone in his aura have any control of their mental faculties? Kim would be proud of this…

  29. Trump: ''I would have run into school during shooting even without a gun'' 02/26/18

  30. A man with no honor, bravery or morals handing out medals. What a Fing joke.

  31. Look at how ugly and mad he really is…

  32. Medal of Honor, Medal of Freedom, Medal of Valor. Give Donald Trump Medal of Stupidity

  33. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.All these are the beginning of sorrows. (Matthew 24:6-8) The time is at hand. Jesus loved and died for you! What will you do about it??

  34. Have you notice whatever Trump does is only to give himself praise "Look at me. Look what I just did! Everyone clap. Where are the cameras? Invite the media! Yes is always about me".

    Narcissist in its armor!

  35. Wow let's make a joke about a shooting and not pay attention to the real facts. That the new American way but not mine.

  36. so all you nath sayers are a bunch of anti American hipocrits wake up before you lose your heritage

  37. Anything to change the subject

  38. Let me guess. Trump is going to give himself one too.


  40. A gun stopped a crazy shooter.

  41. Is this Dayton Alabama? LOL

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