Saturday , November 28 2020
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Watch live: Trump speaks at Young Black Leadership Summit

Watch live coverage as President Trumps peaks at the Young Black Leadership Summit.

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Watch live: Trump speaks at Young Black Leadership Summit


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  1. Is this like National Socialist Youth? Do they wear brown shirts? He groped the young girl.with braids. Wretched.

  2. "African Americans BUILT THIS NATION"… very low amount of applause?? The moment you realize most of the crowd are black immigrants, or 1st or 2nd gens who KNOWS THEIR ancestors didnt build this nation. Hmmm, the composition of the crowd is actually a page out of the liberal agenda playbook. Seems the two sides have something in common. Hmmmm I'm willing to bet that a very good portion of the crowd are not ETHNIC African American/ADOS. Because the fact that the President just stated that 100000000% TRUE statement, that (ETHNIC) African Americans BUILT THIS NATION but, the amount of applause was minimal at best. ALL of thr black people I have known all of my life would have erupted into thunderous applause behind THAT statement alone, because for far too long, liberals have been trying to portray Ethnic African Americans the same as immigrant descendants in the US. Ethnic African Americans ancestors (who built the country) were not immigrants to America. They are only 1 of 2 populations whose ancestors didnt "come to america for a better life". This is no indictment on Trump IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM, But this is me calling out the trick bag that is the composition of those in attendance. Trump just spoke 10000% truth pushing back against the narrative that has BEEN perpetuated and the crowd did t applaud that hard for that??? I call BS most of those guys may be "black" but they are NOT ETHNIC African Americans. Kinda like Barrack Obama, Kamala Harris, Colin Powell, Candace Owens and many many others being presented as representing the "black" community but actually have more of a history, heritage, and legacy based on immigration like Obama and Kamala. Anyway, TRUMP SPOKE FACTS, and I am NOT even a Trump supporter.

  3. He speaks so much like Hitler, and people applaud him for it. It’s quite scary that his snare knows no bounds. I’m praying for us all to come out of this and be able to heal.

  4. Wonderful remarks by Ms Owens!!!

  5. Not on cnn? I didnt see this anywhere…

  6. Respectively thinking Mr Donald Trump in regards of this wonderful nation. We love you Mr President we love you

  7. who was the young lady praying to the president?

  8. People really have no problem with Trump stirring the birther drum, and the applause he got from the Republicans? How it energized them? If Candace Owens can sell people that Democrats don't deserve black votes, good luck with the Republicans. I am not even saying that he is a racist, he is worse, he doesn't care at all what happens to anybody as long as he gets cheers. He is going to run this country into the ground like he did the Taj Mahal. Then he goes back to Hollywood and Mark Burnett and the US will be burdened with Trillions of national debt.


  10. Bye bye Democrat Party.

  11. Exactly; America Is Great, Exactly It's Your Choice ; To be What You Want , African American's, Or What They What To Call YOU!!! I Choice To be [WHITE ] a Person Having Origins In Any Of The [ ORIGINAL ] People of Europe The Middle East Or North Africa. Exactly FREEDOM of Speech as Well as Writing, We Are Here To RIGHT The Wrong. Exactly [ BLACK ] Has NO Standing At Law. { BLACK ] means Civiltus Mortuus, "Civil Death".

  12. The reason the democrats dont do anything to help the black community is because they believe that they will vote for them no matter what. Well times are a changing.

  13. Stop seeing him like a celebrity!

  14. The name of the beautiful lady in the back is Kearyn Bolin. I seen a lot of people asking and I was wondering myself so to save some research for the rest of you, I found out.

  15. Perusing these comments,,,,I have a question; are all socialists racist or are all racists socialists?? Pathetic losers!!
    He's still YOUR president! KAG. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  16. If I was single I would be doing what I needed to do to meet that gorgeous woman.

  17. Who is standing behind the president? She is gorgeous

  18. Trump is a very sick and disturbed man. He should not be allowed around children

  19. Im black.
    Sometimes whenever the white man does a little in our favor, SOME black folks fall all over themselves to give him the keys to the house. Calm down dude.
    A black guy got shot in his own home eating ice cream, it's not all good yet.

  20. Trump ❤ BBC! ….FACTS ✋😳

  21. It’s hilarious to see how much the left is in denial in the comments. “yoU DraNk tHe koOl aiD!” “iMpeaCh tRuMp” Like that’s all they got in the comments. 🤣🤣🤣

  22. This was a wonderful and positive meeting! I love the enthusiasm! I love Trump, Charlie Kirk, Terrance Williams and the beautiful Candace Owens! I love all of the wonderful things Trump has done for unemployment, the economy, creating jobs, the inner cities, the wall! He just keeps doing great and winning for our country! Thank you Mr. President and Vice President Mr. Pence for all you do! And is it me or is the young lady standing right behind Trump she is gorgeous and has the most beautiful smile! I love the upbeat vibes from this… I can literally feel the positivity through my phone! #Trump2020

  23. One big Albatross false narrative Donald Trump having something to do with Jesus Christ… when put on the spot he could not recite one Bible verse. But I think that's good this is not a theocracy. nor should it try to be.. another serendipitous success. he's pandering that's acceptable ordinary Behavior of a politician. I try be poignant and I try ever so hard to be truthful.. Hopefully Donald Trump is following suit.. But can any politician ever be totally truthful??

  24. Serendipitous success if true the reason blacks are skipping their derrieres into jobs. . Fear fear of what this man might bring down on them.. in the way of circumstances.. Should this country fold like a house of cards that it already is.. it smells like Civil War chaos who knows what at the onset of this man's rain. People are simply attempting to fortify.. their resources

  25. I Can Clearly See How Easy It Will Be for Many to Take the Mark of the Beast.

    These Black People Clapping Like Trump is For Them…

  26. Total cover up. Number 45 don't mean any of what he said.

  27. They probably said lock up every room, if someone needs to go to the bathroom they must be escorted, Nobody is to leave your eyesight….. This makes me sick!!!!

  28. What about Native American Indians?

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