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  2. You still keep repeating!

  3. Amazing that people are still chanting "Hands up, Don't shoot," even though it's been proven backwards & forwards that Micheal Brown's friend lied about that quote and evidence of the side of the Police vehicle revealed a major scuffle…. but don't let the truth get in the way… And by the way, George Floyd was a mafia hit. The bar where he and Chauvin (the cop who killed him) worked, was a front for Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and COUNTERFEITING. George was arrested for passing COUNTERFEIT bills. In January 2020, the FBI made a 900,000 bust of COUNTERFEIT bills in Minneapolis.

  4. Even the NFL moves away from a Trump, “We, the National Football League, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier, and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest,” Goodell said.

  5. Please don't make America any greater.

  6. We elected Biden & Obama for 8 yr for change, and there are Black leaders with power and on huge salaries, WHY WASN'T LAW CHANGED?


  8. White lives matter!!!!

  9. Poor black people. They are always the victims, when they're actually Angels and Saints. Such a cruel world…

  10. Hey MSNBC you desire and worship communism so much here's a most wonderful idea for you, move you're worthless useless arz's to China where it already exist we the people of the US love our freedom and we would rather die on our feet and live life on our knee's which you wish for us to do, I can't wait till they day you're crimes and covering up crimes come to light and you get you're diligence, I will record all you're arrest and keep it for make NO mistake mutiny and treason are both crimes and you are guilty of both.
    PS calling beating innocent people to death, burning buildings, cars etc IS NOT peaceful protest. If this sort of rioting continues I pray its you're neighbor hood these sort of protest are held.
    Al Charpton one of the biggest raise baiters to have ever walked

  11. Your daughter loves every inch of us , so why cant u ?? (Black lives matter protester)

  12. George Floyd memorial statue must be build at the same place where he was murdered. This remarkable statue will always remember and remind about the Incident.

  13. Thank you, President Trump, for keeping the peace.

  14. I do not trust anything I see on NBC as either fact, or news.

  15. Fake news is the only ones pumping Socialist mind-set and lying 2 public!

  16. Is America crazy ? Black people what is wrong with you ? What all these black people want ? What is not correct and they're asking for change? What is it ??? !!!

  17. Even though I'm all the way in Jamaica , I do follow the protest for Justice and Black Life Matters🌍🌍🌍

  18. I'm so touch as I watch these protest day by day , I get so emotional to see a Mothers son walk armless , complying to what the police said and yet his life was taken awayyyy.😭😭😭 I'm in tears as I watch this day by day, as a mother of 4 sons , Life MATTERS( BLACK) .IM HOPING THEY CONTINUE PROTESTING
    UNTIL THEY ALL CAN UNITE AND JUSTIC MUST BE SERVE FOR GEORGE FLOYD…..M ✊✊✊✊ I stand firm with George Floyd's family and the fellow Americans in the protest fo JUSTICEEEEE.. ..

  19. I am encouraged that the times of change is coming!!! Let's Do this!!!!! #BlackLivesMatters

  20. Please, something is deeply disturbing me, Why would Trump the current American president Mock God by going to Church and caring a Bible without saying a word? Trump hates Americans and also hate The Almighty God. Please tell Trump His days are ending soon, God is All powerful.

  21. [who is the biggest hypocrite and who is the biggest liar in the world~!!!]

    People in the world often criticize China for being undemocratic, not free, and not respecting human rights. The most important example is the June 4th incident: using the army to suppress the protesting people.

    But reviewing this incident: China is still tolerant of protesters. From April 15 to June 2, 1989, it took months to occupy Tiananmen Square and fight for freedom and democracy.

    Even during the visit of the important Soviet President and General Secretary Gorbachev to China, the protesters refused to withdraw from the square.

    It finally led to the tragedy of the army's suppression.

    In contrast to the murder of George Floyd: "Great America" can tolerate protesters for only a few days, and rushed to mobilize troops. The National Guard, etc., suppress the long-term discriminators, and even the murdered and long-term victims of colored people~! !! (Of course including Chinese~!!!)

    In contrast to the recent Hong Kong fighting, burning, robbing, and fighting for up to half a year, China has also endured not dispatching its army (or the armed police equivalent to the US National Guard).

    Comparing the tolerance period of the above parties, the difference between several months, half a year and several days…

    Really "Great America": Say how much we value "Democracy. Freedom and Human Rights."

    Comparing China and the United States, Only then know who is the biggest hypocrite and who is the biggest liar in the world~!!!

  22. Janessa Webb is so eloquent. Great job!

  23. 52% unemployed black American in this country she said. You know what b/c most of them they don't like to learn. That's the truth.

  24. God Bless America 🇺🇸

  25. I guess you dont get to whitey, they're taking us out whenever they can cause if we unite where Unstoppable…

  26. The lady crying made me sick in the stomach. Please STOP THE DRAMA. There is no persecution for the black community. Why are you making it sound like you can even go on the street, because of your color. Drama, drama, drama. I’m more scare to go out now, because what everyone else is doing. Now THIS IS SCRARY! 😡😠😤

  27. Meanwhile, what is the U. N. doing about China re: germ warfare (covid-19)?

  28. I didnt see any mention of David Dorn. You know the retired black police officer that was shot trying to protect a business from looters. I guess the real heros will be forgotten.

  29. With everyone finding out the floyd thing was faked and no news company researched anything , what will you do ?