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WATCH: Police Pull Guns On Afro-Latino Army Officer In Traffic Stop | NBC News

U.S. Army Lt. Caron Nazario told Windsor City Police he was “honestly afraid to get out” of his vehicle in videos of the incident showing officers with their guns drawn during the traffic stop.

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WATCH: Police Pull Guns On Afro-Latino Army officer In Traffic Stop | NBC News


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  1. INSANE.. I see a military and pay respect. I see a police uniform I'm scare.. WTF …..

  2. This .makes me feel that white officers should not police black people only other whites.they hide their hate behind their badge.

  3. I thought President Biden and VP Harris were going to do something about these bad cops…. what happened?

  4. Just made me remember when Hongkongers had been pointed to guns by the Police in 2019…

  5. That young police man releases he's in the wrong he's just standing saying nothing in the end. Its the older police man that needs sacking

  6. When do citizens have the right to say police are acting crazy send some backups I’m. It dealing with these cops

  7. the one cop is just spewing possible covid 19 all in his face with no masks, then they coughed all over him.

  8. They are scared and terrified even though they've been trained for these scenarios

  9. Where is the rest of the story

  10. This cop is way way out of line. He needs to go , to dangerous for that job , this is why the struggle between black and white will never end in these city’s

  11. This guy is lucky he didn't respond to their commands.

  12. Glad dat cop is fired 👏👏

  13. The calmness with this lieutenant is on a higher level, God bless you and may you get justice.

  14. He refused to pull over for a traffic stop and carried on driving, so the officers told him to exist his vehicle and he refused to do that as well

  15. I neverheard the dog

  16. If policemen are afraid of black men then then find another job. Replying to a comment.

  17. That cop should lose his job he not meant to do that he's just a angry person with a badge

  18. Sry america but WHY do you call this guy "afro-latino" he is american!!!!

  19. What is wrong with American police, bunch of strokers, bit like the military police, arseholes.

  20. Military needs to show some forced against the police department.

  21. Good Job NBC… Keep race baiting with a headline like this one.

  22. These tow cowerds should be hanged in a puplic square

  23. What cop uses the “gangsta shooting style”? Lol

  24. Everything time this happens it shows how much our police forces across the entire United States need to be reformed. They are suppose to be the calm one, they are supposed to be trained on how to de escalate a situation. This should be a training video for law enforcement on what not to do. Pulling guns, yelling and screaming, not listening to his questions. Yes law enforcement needs to be careful and may need to pull their weapons but yelling and shouting is not needed and just makes the situation worse. It is on law enforcement to de escalate things it is not on the person being pulled over or approached or whatever the situation is and it doesn’t matter if the person is a criminal or not it is law enforcements JOB and they are supposed to know how to do that job with as little conflict and bodily injury as possible. This definitely should become a training video so they can discuss what the cops could have done way better.

  25. Ex-Officer Gutierrez you are bully who should never haver been enlisted. Shame.

  26. He made it really hard for himself, comply , then complain, a lot of police get shot in the USA , 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  27. This is being shown round the world, as it should be. Yet again racism shows it's ugly head in an American police force. In Europe, first of all, they wouldn't have pulled him off the road because he was in fact complying with the law. Secondly, had they not seen the sign in his window, they would greet him nicely when he pulled over, told him that he was not complying with the law and ask to see his drivers licence. Of course, by this time, they would have realised their mistake, apologised & sent the soldier on his way with a kind greeting. Pepper spray & guns for what they thought was a traffic violation is outrageous. American hang your heads in shame that this still goes on.

  28. I’m was trying to figure out if conservatives are backing the black and blue or the red white and blue. Seem to be just the white and blue….

  29. I believe it was racial profiling. I don't know why they wouldn't tell the service man why he was being stopped after all that's been happening in the George Flloyd case. Why would anyone want to get out of there car, when two officers with there guns drawn command you to do so. They should of told him why he was being stopped. They should be fired .

  30. Just get of the car. Most of the people that get shot by police run , fight , argue . Just do what they say. Get it over. Go home

  31. he didn't pull over a mile and a half.

  32. He was with uniform but civilian car, every criminal could wear uniform, he just supposed to answer to police who has jurisdiction in the city, that’s it, soldier is guilty you can not act as a hero in the civilian places!

  33. Disturbing to say the least, Really, did he just call him son at the start of that confrontation, was all going south from that comment.Shocking state of affairs.

  34. Just get out of the car…don't be a baby …and pls don't bring race into this

  35. Play the whole video, bigoted News station, selective editing

  36. Remind me to never visit America.

  37. Why is that fat cop holding his gun like he's in a Quentin Tarantino film? I've read that's where street thugs got the idea, a director had an actor hold the gun that way so the prop could be seen in a tight frame of the actor's face.

  38. These cops are done. Both fired and jailed

  39. It could have been a different story if the black dude said "I have donut inside my car enough for all of you"

  40. These cowardly idiots, without grabbing this from an army officer waiting for us civilians

  41. The fat bold police officer has anger issue, under no circumstance he should be a low officer, he should not even have a permit to carry a weapon…. What I see these two cops want a reason to shut this young man…. I am glad he drove to well lighted area otherwise the end would not be nice

  42. P.O.S. and you wonder why people detest yall

  43. If you don’t like police, move to South Africa so you can experience society without them. When you have had enough, come back home and be thankful you live in America.

  44. That officer is so out of shape he keeps coughing.

  45. I would like to see this 2 police officers go to combat and see who's the Man good greif what is going on with America , America is getting too crazy!!

  46. I guess he shoulda learned how to use the constitution that he’s sworn to uphold before he went driving in a police state.

  47. WTF is going on with the Gestapo in the USA?! Is the police department actively trying to be the new "SS"?! Here in Germany police officers doing that would be themselves in jail like 5 minutes later!

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