Friday , September 24 2021
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Watch: Terrifying Moment Bull Charges Audience In Idaho

Video captured by an audience member shows the moment a bull charged into the stands at ‘That Famous Preston Night Rodeo’ in Preston, Idaho. No one was hurt in the incident.
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  1. Deprived engaged animal go on a rampage
    Humans- =O

  2. Why we don't have a sport tying a cord to someone's and get a pig to ride them until they get rid of it.

  3. I am not gonna say I am happy if someone got hurt.
    But I am gonna say, if they did… it was well deserved.
    Stop supporting animal abuse.

  4. My favorite documentary films are Earthlings and Dominion. Highly recommend!

  5. They tried to get The Bull back in the pen and he's like….

    " Heck with this, I'm outta here " 🐂
    Glad no one got hurt🙏🇺🇲

  6. Rodeos should have already been banned. Don't these brain-stunted sadists have anything better to do with their lives than torture animals? It would be great to see the other animals take the bull's lead and start a full-on stampede of the whole arena. Cowboys gored or stomped left and right…now that's entertainment.

  7. Fun-fun. Who will eat me this time? You cowboys? Oh no, you audience! Lets make it a full minute

  8. Rodeos are cruel so it serves the audience right. I'm on the bull's side.

  9. Too bad it didn’t do what is done to it back

  10. For all you people being snowflakes, i live in idaho these rodeo bulls are given the best life possible outside the rodeo grounds. They graze in pastures and are not bothered until its time for a rodeo. So quit whining about a culture you know nothing about.

  11. Amen!!! I am proud of you Bull 🐂

  12. American Patriot bull, said enough of these clowns running this country. Fight back or we won't have the freedoms we have left.

  13. This wasnt terrifying, it was just the bull's desperate attempt at an escape. If ur were harassed by humans n had ur balls tied down by a string, ud want to escape too

  14. I have an idea for a new sport. How about you have a bull and a man in the ring and the bull rides the man and is surrounded by cheering bulls.

  15. I always cheer on the bull.

  16. Stop using animals for entertainment and these things won't happen.

  17. It's called payback!!!! KARMA!! What do you expect when you torture an animal?!!!

  18. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid 🤪 .

  19. I was rather disappointed that no one was injured or worse during the filming of this.

  20. That bull wasn't taking any BS from no one

  21. Yeah you pay to see him die it's only fair for him to give you a great show.

  22. Listen at the :45 second mark. You can hear my daughter say "I would cry if that thing jumped up here"

  23. is there a different angle? i dont like this camera person

  24. Always rooting for the bulls!

  25. Bulls need to even the score occasionally to give humans a reality check.

  26. Is the bull ok , that’s all that matters

  27. Thats about as much excitement as you get in a full year in Idaho.

  28. The last thing you hear is "the bull is very angry tonight!"

  29. Great, Next time dont sit in the front. Plus you shouldnt be tormanting animals.

  30. You wanted to see a human get gored. You got it

  31. Anytime a rodeo bull (or bull in the fighting ring) injures/kills a person/matador it should be rewarded with instant retirement to graze and stud. What other bloodsport comes with such unfair odds where one side is guaranteed death no matter how many times it "wins" while for the other death is an extremely rare workplace accident?

  32. Cool. I miss bull fighting….used to watch it on wciu or was it wicu??? Doesn't matter still a cool sport….

  33. I mean ….smh stop doing this to them. Bulls and cows go through so much. All they want to do is graze and be left alone.

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