Thursday , November 26 2020
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'We are ready to go at a moment's notice' Secretary Mnuchin on Turkey sanctions

ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl interviews Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on “This Week.”


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  1. Ready to go where , you fuckn idiot your boy the orange puppet let this happen

  2. Turkey cancelled VP and Pompeo meeting!! Deteriorated!!!! You are NOT gone, yet. What will you do? He won't even say, dork face jerk.

  3. Lie, lie, lie, deviate, deviate, deviate, distract, distract, distract, and continue putting money in those offshore accounts. That's exactly what they all do.

  4. This shit head is full for sure, trump blew that out of the water, again what the fick are you waiting for … it's no longer complicated.. fick the moment notice ,it's all bullshit

  5. Thank you President Trump for imposing sanctions, The Kurds are our closest ally in the region outside of Israel, it really broke my heart that we were just abandoning them like that, the only region where our soldiers were safe during the Iraq war was Kurdistan, abandoning our most loyal ally for Turkey a country that is always on the top ten list of countries that hate America, 70-80% hate/dislike Americans in polls taken every year. The cold war is over, our interests differ now, and our values have never been inline.

  6. Here we go the BS Rump flunkie Rump causes the problem and says he will fix it and he does not. Rump is only interested in his own business interest and the money he is making period.

  7. This motherfucker should be in jail for fucking up the citizens of the United States.

  8. Turkey sanction j ja ja j a a maybe turkey sandwich ho ho ho

  9. Stop support to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc.

  10. Fake news about Turkey you think people are stupid like your fuk your manipulated mass media shame on you !!!

  11. Yea, ready to desert our allies after they helped the United States. All that fat stupid ass Trumpo cares about is MONEY. He could care less about human lives, especially brown human lives. How he could leave them to die like that is evil. His "base" has only him and themselves to blame when we get another "9-11" type of attack. Blame YOUR PRESIDENT!!!! HE'S NOT MINE!!! YEP. I live in California and he's a cancer in my home state. Karma. It will smack him upside his empty infinite dumbass head.

  12. Corrupt and disgusting Minuchin, talking out of both sides of his mealy mouth.

  13. He is so creepy. Bet he has little boys locked in his closet.

  14. If Trump is willing to separate a young child at the border because their parent is seeking asylum without a care, what makes anyone think he cares about an ally in another country, whether its children, women or men who helped us in the fight against ISIS. The man is sick. And unless something is done to get him out things will only get worse.

  15. The Turks have killed thousands. What is your magic number Mnuchin – you FREAK!! You don't plan on placing any sanctions on Egdowan . If you did you would have done it by now or you are giving them enough time to get their money out of the banks they are in. Who are you and the Master of Disaster trying to fool — not 70% of the American people – thats for sure. We have your number and that of President Pig Face. Vote BLUE and stop this MADNESS

  16. He sounds like he's repeating lines he memorized from a playbook.

  17. ❌ Munchkin is a Money Launderer for tRump, that's why he was hired for the job the first place. He's probably collecting money from Erdogan and Laundering it at this moment.

  18. the moment happened the day turkey envaded the kurds. Dumbass do something. dont say we can its too late already

  19. Ask Trump why his Daddy didn’t fight for us during World War two! This is totally disgraceful- the liar in chief is trying to wag the tail of the dog to distract from his crimes! Mnuchin is vile – how can he lie with a straight face! Disgusting. Disgraceful. Send all of these vile swamp creatures to jail! Preferably Guantanamo!

  20. This is disgraceful- Trump gave Erdogan the green light to go to Syria – what is this clown lying about!?!

  21. How about just pack your bags and get the hell out of Washington DC? Crook! #impeachandevict #crooks #liars #immoral #hypocrites

  22. Very clear that Drumpf is a traitor to the US and anyone who trusts him. He will throw anyone he wants under the bus no matter how loyal they are to him.

  23. They will make a move after all the kurds are dead. Trump and crooks are full of shit.

  24. OMG! Sanctions. This is BS! It is Immoral! Warning the Turks is a joke! Kick Turkey outof NATO!

  25. yeah right. put a coat of lipstick on it. in ojr name. we're all spattered w kurdish blood.
    'thank you, president erdogan. and congratukations on the opening of trump tower istanbul' –ivanka trump, 2012

  26. The left is so brainwashed. Turkey is actually helping us. There taking out the the little trash left we have left. Nothing to worry about.

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